Recipe: Pressure Cooker Homemade Dog Food

[Music] I love using my pressure cooker and slow Cooker to make homemade food for my pets It makes it really easy you just put Your ingredients in set it forget about It you can go about your business either Go to work and it'll be ready when you Come home or if you have things to do Around the house you can get those Things I'm about having to tend the Stove consistently while you're making Homemade food for your pets There's a couple of steps to this Pressure cooker dog food the first is Going to be to add one tablespoon of Extra virgin olive oil one pound of Ground turkey one cup of water And one cup of dry brown rice to your Pressure cooker you're going to put the Lid on and you're going to cook it at High pressure for about 20 minutes The food's been cooking for 20 minutes So I'm going to mix up the ground turkey And just make sure that I break that up Into chunks And then we're going to add in one cup Each of broccoli carrots and celery that I've diced into appropriate size for my Dogs Give that another little mix And then we're gonna finish just by Cooking this on high for another five Minutes this is my pressure cooker it's By a company called kasori I've actually

Done a product review on this pressure Cooker so if you want some information On this one Um it is a an eight in one cooker it is A slow cooker pressure cooker rice Cooker yogurt maker has tons of features On here so if you want more information On this particular pressure cooker click The link below the video that will take You to my review on the product itself And also in one of the links below this Video you will find my written recipe Guide and in that recipe guide is all The serving size information as well as The nutritional information for this Recipe so if you're looking for how much To feed or the nutrient content so that You can discuss this with your vat or a Canine nutritionist you will find all of That there Check out the links if you guys have any Questions feel free to email us thanks For watching this recipe guide [Music]

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