Recipe: Satin Balls for Dogs

[Music] Today I'll be sharing this recipe for Satin balls satin balls are recommended Quite frequently by veterinarians Canine Nutritionists dog trainers four dogs who Need to gain some weight in a healthy Way so you don't want to just increase Your dog's food intake add unnecessary Nutrients with those extra calories you Don't want to just increase his fat Intake because you don't want him only Gaining weight from fat you want to make Sure that he's gaining healthy weight Also getting some extra protein and Carbohydrates to help build muscles and Really make sure that he is gaining Weight in a way that's not doing any Detriment to his health so whether your Dog needs to gain weight because they're A little underweight and they need to Come up a little bit or because you know You have a muscular dog breed and they Need to bulk up a little bit there's a Healthy way to do it and it's not just By increasing the amount of food that That you're feeding every day so satin Balls are recommended quite often as I Mentioned this recipe is packed with Protein it also has some healthy fats And some carbohydrates and is balanced To be able to be added to your dog's Current food so you aren't going to just Switch him to eating these fat balls all The time you're going to add these to

His diet as in addition to his meals or As treats throughout the day keep Watching I'll teach you how to make the Video and I'll also talk about the Nutritional facts as well as the serving Size recommendations for how many of These to feed your dog per day Satin balls are meant to be served raw When you're making raw food for humans Or dogs and it includes any kind of meat You want to be sure that you're really Strictly falling Safe Handling practices Because there is the possibility of Contamination and you or your pet Getting sick so I recommend wearing some Disposable gloves while you're making This because you are going to be mixing This with your hands so the first thing That I have here is one pound of ground Beef you want it to be 75 to 80 percent Lean at the most and just keep in mind As I said with raw meat I'm not touching It with my hands you want to make sure It doesn't touch any surfaces in your Home that's why I had it on the plate Any surface that it does touch you're Going to want to make sure to sanitize Very well you can click the link below And that will take you to my written Guide where I have all the safe meat Handling instructions there just in case There's any problems or you have any Questions about how to handle all raw Meat safely for you and your pet so

There's one pound of ground beef I'm Gonna add one and a third cups of Total Cereal yes it has to be Total cereal no It can't be Corn Flakes or anything Similar that looks similar it has to be Total cereal so 1 3 cups of Total cereal One and a half cups of uncooked oatmeal One egg Six tablespoons of wheat germ One package of unflavored gelatin Two tablespoons of coconut oil and I Melted mine in the microwave for about 30 seconds just you know to make it a Lot easier to mix in with everything and Then finally and I'm just going to take My glove off for this one Um because molasses are really sticky Two tablespoons of molasses Once I have all my ingredients in the Bowl I'm gonna go ahead and use my hands To just mix everything all together Now I am going to take a baking pan Lined with parchment paper and I'm going To make small balls about the size of a Golf ball And we're just gonna set them in here [Music] I am going to refrigerate these because I will feed them to my dogs within the Next three days they will keep in the Refrigerator you can just cover this Sheet with Saran Wrap or plastic wrap And they'll be good in the refrigerator For up to three days if you're not going

To use them within three days or you Want to make an extra large batch so That you don't have to make them very Often you can do that as well and you Can freeze them what you're going to do Is uh line a baking pan or a cookie Sheet with parchment paper you'll put Your balls on there and make sure that They don't touch each other because they Will freeze together so you just put Your satin balls on there and stick them In the freezer on the sheet wait until They're frozen completely so it should Take a few hours wait until they're Completely Frozen take them out and once They're completely Frozen you can stack Them in any kind of airtight container Throw them in Ziploc bags that would Work and then just store them in your Freezer and they should be in the Freezer for up to three months if you Guys want more information on and this Recipe if you want to print the recipe Easily if you want the nutritional facts And the serving size guidelines click The link below the video that will take You to our website and I've written out All the details there again there's an Easy print button for the recipe so if You want to chat with your veterinarian About it first before feeding you can do That and print it out really easily if You have any other questions feel free To email us thanks for watching this

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