Recipe: Turkey Jerky Dog Treats

[Music] Foreign [Applause] Looking for delicious healthy treats for My dogs if you follow news in the pet Food industry you may have heard of the Common recalls over the past few years On some poor quality dog treats as well As dog food I like to make homemade Treats for my dogs this one is a super Simple easy recipe this is turkey jerky For dogs and it doesn't take hardly any Time to prepare and then you just bake It in your oven at a low temperature it Does take two hours to cook so be Prepared for that you could also use a Dehydrator if you happen to have one I Don't so I just use my oven The first step to making this homemade Turkey jerky is to preheat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit so mine's Preheating right now and I'm going to Prepare the turkey jerky while I wait For that to heat up in a mixing bowl I Am going to add half a pound of cooked Turkey I've sliced it into these thin Strips I'm going to put that in there and then I'm going to cover it with about a Quarter of a cup of olive oil And then I have two tablespoons of Parsley and I'm just gonna sort of Sprinkle that in there and then I want To mix it all together so that your

Turkey is coated in the vegetable oil And parsley you can see that my turkey Is evenly coated now and I'm going to Take a cookie sheet I've lined mine with Tin foil just for easy cleaning you Don't have to do that but it's Definitely a lot easier to pull the Jerky off and then just crinkle up your Aluminum foil and put it in the trash so Now I'm going to spread the turkey out So that it is just a thin single layer And we're going to bake it in the oven Like I said 250 degrees Fahrenheit and You're going to cook it for two hours And this is going to dehydrate the Turkey and so you're just going to have These nice dehydrated like turkey chip Snacks for your pet and this is a super Healthy treat for your dog if you want The nutrition information just click the Link below this video it'll also talk About how much to feed your dog how Often to give them to your dog and some Tips and tricks for cooking them as well If you guys have any other questions Feel free to email me thanks for Watching this recipe video [Applause] Foreign [Music]

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