Review: Bully Max Dog Food Dry Kibble

Today I'm reviewing this dog food from Fully Max I like Bully Max for a number Of reasons they are probably best known For their high protein and fat dog foods This is their performance line which These two in the black bags are but they Also have a classic line all of their Dog foods use natural meat and they're Filler free they use high quality Ingredients the ingredients are sourced Globally but Bully Max is really Transparent about what ingredients they Use in each formula and where the each Ingredient is sourced all of that Information can easily be found on their Website there's a link below this video It'll take you to my written review and You can get all of that information There if you're a pet owner that's Concerned about the food that you're Feeding your pet and where the Ingredients are coming from each of These formulas whether it's the Performance line or the classic line They are formulated for all breeds and Sizes that is really great for me and For my fur family because we have three Dogs all different breeds all different Sizes so it's really nice to find a food That can meet all of those needs so that I'm not having to buy different types For each of my pops so let's dive in and Take a little bit closer look at each of These the Performance Foods and the

Classic These are the Performance Foods the First thing that I noticed when I open The bags this is the 2511 mix these Kibbles are quite a bit bigger and then The 30 20 mix Over here the Kibbles are quite small Um the the mixes that I'm talking about 30 20 and 25 11 that's the percent of Protein and percent of that so 30 Protein 20 fat in this one Um and then 25 Protein and 11 fat And these Kibbles are brown they're all Brown Um one thing you'll notice about cheaper Quality dog foods a lot of times is that They have colors so I'm at orange red Different colored pieces and that is all Artificial if you think about the things That dog food is made out of you're not Gonna get those bright colors like candy You're going to get the brown color when Everything's all mixed together and Created in the dog food so that's a good Sign for me that these are free of all Of those fillers and artificial Ingredients so there's the 30 20 blend The 25 11 and there's also a 3125 blend As well these are high protein foods for Working dogs the 30 20 blend has 535 Calories per cup the 25 11 brand has 415 Calories per cup so these are really Calorie dense foods for dogs that are

Going to be working hard burning a lot Of calories for a full list of Ingredients and nutrition information on All of the the high performance formulas Click the link below the video again all The detailed information is there Obviously I can't go through it all in This video but you can get all the Nutrition facts there these high Performance formulas are made for all Dogs over four weeks old so any puppy Working Um you know in high training or anything Like that these are going to be great All life stages even pregnant and Nursing dogs so these are going to be a Good choice for virtually every pet that Needs a high performance formula no corn No wheat no soy in any of the formulas Obviously with you know the higher Quality and the top quality nutrition That these provide you're expecting to Pay a little bit more they were cheaper Than I expected but still obviously not Like bottom tier on the dog food price Spectrum a five pound bag of the 30 20 Mix is twenty dollars uh the 25 11 is 18.97 and then the 3135 which I don't Show here that is 29.77 for a five pound Bag So if you watch the last clip and you Thought my dog doesn't need a high Protein food why am I watching this this Is why you're watching this is their

Fresh Catch classic formula for all Other dogs that aren't working dogs high Performance dogs this is available in a Dehydrated or kibble option as well as Freeze-dried food Toppers Um again the Kibbles are round they're a Kind of a medium sized kibble And again that that all that brown color So you can tell right away that these Are made with natural ingredients again Same with the high performance formula You know natural meat filler free made With those top quality ingredients the Link below has all the nutrition facts For this line as well so you can check That out the classic line is also wheat Corn and soy free no artificial colors Flavors no byproducts full disclosure of All the ingredients are Um as I said click the link below the Video it's on the company's website and I have all of that information in my Detailed written review so this one's a Little bit cheaper you can get a 12 Pound bag for twenty dollars instead of Five pounds like the performance blend So these are different in the facts They're not packed with as many calories Per cup but they're still made with all Of those healthy ingredients they're Slow cooked to preserve nutrients this Is basically marketed as an alternative To raw dog food it's fortified with Branched chain amino acids which are are

The building blocks of proteins so when Added to a high protein dog food like This one it helps to fortify the diet With additional amino acids which can Help maintain muscle mass and preserve Healthy skin and hair there's a lot of Benefits to this food but with all high Quality dog foods you're going to find You know your dog looks better they act Healthier they just seem like they feel Better it's the same way with people if You eat processed junk food every day For weeks on end you're not going to be Feeling as good as someone who's eating Fresh Whole Foods every day this one is Fortified with flaxseed and salmon oil Those are added so that your dog's Getting a diverse source of omega-3 Fatty acids which help to support a Healthy circulatory system and Probiotics are also included in this Recipe to promote a healthy digestion so Really just beneficial for your dog's Overall health and well-being So I will show you how my dogs like all Of these Um I'm gonna give my little beagle Molly Here a scoop of the Fresh Catch food With a classic and then Sadie will get Some of the High Performance Foods As you can tell seems kind of a little Piglet she has to have a slow feeder and Our other dog Joey who should be coming Right along uh he will get the other

High performance food and uh he's a Little piggy too so he has to have a Slow feeder Foreign [Applause] So as you can see all my dogs like the Formulas they are you know very Appetizing and enticing to your dog it's Not like a prescription food where dogs Kind of have an aversion to it this Stuff smells really good you can smell The protein sources one is made with Lamb as I mentioned one's made with Chicken and you can smell that protein When you open the bag so another great Sign for me you know when you know that A food is made with really top quality Healthy ingredients so again click the Link below if you have any questions Guys feel free to reach out via email Thanks for watching this video review Foreign [Music]

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