Review: Canine Naturals Hide Free Peanut Butter Rolls for Dogs

[Music] Thanks for tuning in guys today I wanted To share with you some of my dog's Favorite shoes these are from canine Natural they're hide-free peanut butter Flavor rolls you can see my dog in the Background waiting to get theirs Now that everyone has one you can see They settle right in they love chewing On these for my chocolate lab Sadie These are a little bit small this is the Smallest size so they don't last very Long for her but for my other two dogs It gives them a little something to chew On if I need to entertain them while I'm On a zoom call or a phone call or I I'm Just working and I need them uh you know To stay busy for a few minutes they do Make larger sizes but I have the smalls Here the ones that I showed you So this is what the rolls look like They're Rawhide and collagen free if you Follow pet news you know that recently Rawhide has been in the news for not Being the greatest thing for a dog to Chew on it's hard for them to digest and There's been some cases of dogs choking On it so a lot of pet parents are opting For Rawhide free treats which these are They are much easier for your dog to Digest they're also gluten free they Don't have any artificial flavors or Colors no corn wheat or soy um they are Made with real peanut butter so not only

Is it healthy but it's also really tasty For your dog These are a great option if your dog has Allergies or digestive sensitivities This is a little snack that should be Great for them And chewing on these rolls also promotes Dental Health any dog choose actually Promote dental health so that's why They're highly recommended by Veterinarians and canine nutritionists These ones are the two and a half inch Mini rolls they come in a six count pack For 8.99 you can also get four inch Rolls in a 10 pack for 8.99 uh seven Inch rolls in a two pack for 10.99 or a Five pack for 22.99 and then nine inch Rolls and a two pack for 14.99 so um as I said these ones are a little bit small For my dogs but or at least for my my Chocolate lab they're a good size for my Medium sized breeds but definitely a Little bit small for Sadie so if you uh Want to get the bigger sizes you know if Those are better suited to your pet They'll last a little bit longer if you Guys have any other questions feel free To email me thanks for watching this Video [Music] Thank you [Music]

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