Review: Cooking with Cats by Sheri Lynch

Today I'm reviewing this book called Cooking with cats if you've ever heard The Bob and Sherry Morning Show on the Radio this uh is by Sherry she got Pictures from listeners all around the United States uh of their cats in the Kitchen some of them are silly some of Them are adorable and they're nice Beautiful colored photographs so the Recipes are actually for humans there Are a couple of cat treat recipes in the Back of the book but the recipes are Mostly for humans who just love to cook With their cats this book is only Available in paperback but you can see Um you know beautiful artwork on the Cover and the pictures are wonderful Color photos as I mentioned the recipes All come with easy to follow Instructions all of the ingredients are Listed out really Um simply for anybody who if you're not Like a professional chef you can Definitely follow the recipes in this Book I wanted to share this book with You guys today Um because I've had a lot of people Reaching out asking for unique gift Ideas or gift ideas for the cat owner The dog owner that has everything This book is a great really affordable Gift for any cat owner on your list it's Only 23.95 on Amazon so you can pick it Up really cheap it would make a great

Hostess gift or um like I said just a Gift for any cat lover or cook cooking Lover on your list you can click the Link below um it'll take you to my Detailed written review there's some More information and some some photos There to share with you guys if you're Looking for more information on the book There's also a link to purchase the book If you're interested in that and some Information on Sherry and and why she Started the book and how it all kind of Came to be in the first place so um if You're looking for that just click the Link below and it'll take you to my Detailed written review if you guys have Any other questions feel free to email Me thanks for watching [Music]

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