Review: Diggs Enventur Travel Kennel

[Music] I know it doesn't look like it but this Is actually a travel dog kennel this is The brand new digs and Venture dog Kennel you actually um can't even buy These right now you have to pre-order Them so this is a super versatile really Unique dog kennel it's definitely one of A kind and I wanted to show it to you Today so it comes um like this and as You can see you know you wrap it up it Hooks there are some easy travel handles Here on the sides so it's definitely Easy to take around with you and it Actually blows up in just over a minute [Music] Thank you So this is what the kennel looks like When it's blown up this is the largest Size it's for dogs weighing up to 80 Pounds and you can see that it's the Perfect size for our 75 pound Labrador Retriever the external Dimensions it's 40 inches long by 24 inches wide by 30 Inches high and then the internal Dimensions are 38 inches long by 20 Inches wide by 26 inches high the kennel Itself carrying it around it only weighs Just over 20 pounds so it's incredibly Lightweight for a kennel this size there Are two smaller sizes a small and a Medium if you click the link below this Video that will take you to my written Guide which has the dimensions of the

Two smaller sizes as well As I mentioned this Kettle is a first of Its kind it is an inflatable kennel but It's made of puncture resistant Waterproof material that has actually Been tested to military standards it Also features two resistant mesh so you Can see on the front here if you want to Close the kennel you want to zip it it Zips close and there's this mesh Material here and then there's also mesh Material on the windows on both sides And then there's also a back panel here That unzips And you can fold that in Um when it folds flat and then it just Kind of locks in place once it's Inflated And you can zip it You can find more information about the Material that the kennel is made out of Um it's safe the the plastic material That it's made of is safe it's free of All the harmful chemicals that might Make your dog sick if he for example Likes to lick the kennel or something Like that so again click the link below This video that'll take you to my Written guide and all of that safety Information is there the sizes maximize The space for your dog but also fit Comfortably in most Vehicles which is Why this is called a travel kennel you Can see the angled wall sizes here how

Um the back is angled and then these Sides are angled So it is made to fit in the cargo space Of your vehicle without taking up too Much space if you notice the cargo space Of the vehicle is typically wider at the Bottom and kind of Narrows as it comes Up by the windows and so the kennel is Designed specifically for that that's That mesh panel on the front that I was Talking about Since the floor and the walls are air Cushioned they're really comfortable for Your pet obviously as you can tell all Our dogs enjoy this crate so you can put A little blanket or a bed in there if You want to but just by itself it's Really comfortable which you know that In itself is a unique feature of a Travel crate even soft sided crates There's nothing on the bottom to cushion Your dog so they're still laying on the Hard floor I love that the crate's Waterproof we do a lot of hiking and Camping with our dogs and this is a Really Um great thing to bring camping because It's waterproof so you can put it on the Ground and even if it rains even if the Ground is moist it's not the kennel Itself is not going to get wet or ruined Like a soft sided crate would the small Size of the crate has passed bench seats Crash safety testing because as I

Mentioned this is a brand new product There is ongoing testing for the medium And large sizes but again click the link Below and in my written review is all That information about the different Safety tests and you know how safe this Great is for your dog to be in Period And how safe it is to travel with the Crate um as I showed you it's a really Super simple to inflate it's just as Easy to deflate um and you can see here There are um next to the buckles that um You know bind it together when it's Folded there are d-rings here so that Helps to secure it to your vehicle with Tie downs or if you want to digs Actually offers tie downs as well that You can buy with the crate same thing With the pump it actually works with any Hand pump that you have that's good for Like a stand-up paddle board with that Nozzle on it it's it's this right here So if you already have a pump that does That you don't need it but dig sells one To go along with the crate if you need One and now I'm just going to go ahead And let the air out of it and show you How easy it is to deflate I knew that Was going to make Speedy a little a Little nervous I'm gonna unzip that back panel Um like I showed you and fold that in so It'll all kind of deflate and Then it sort of squashes down in on

Itself tap that in And sort of like you know deflating Um a beach something from the beach You're just gonna push all the air out Of it and then you can fold it over Foreign Buckle those belts And then as I said it's got these easy Carrying handles and that's it it's that Simple again this is the largest size And it weighs just over 20 pounds it's 20 and a half pounds so super easy to Take along with you Um folds really small so while you're Not using it it can be stored really Easily About the only drawback to this crate is The price Um it's 425 for the small 475 dollars For the medium and then it's actually Um 525 dollars for this large size like I have here so certainly you know not Going to be affordable for everyone it's Definitely a pricey kennel but if you Travel with your dog in the car a lot Um you know this is so much easier than Those heavy metal crates to one get in And out of the vehicle to take along With you like I said if you're camping If you're staying in a hotel if you're Visiting friends and family this is so Easy and lightweight um you can Literally take it anywhere with no Trouble so you know for me is it a good

Value for the money yeah if you're gonna Use it a lot it certainly is I mean if It's something that you're only going to Use once in a while you're obviously Probably going to be better off for your Budget to go with a cheaper crate but if You travel a lot with your dogs this Crate is such a a great um handy way to Keep your dog safe and comfortable while You're on the go Foreign

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