Review: Life Line Pet Nutrition Supplements

[Music] Today I am going to be reviewing this Line of fish oil and ocean calp Supplements for dogs from Lifeline pet Nutrition fish oil is something if you Follow my recipes on our Channel you Know that I use it in a lot of recipes For both my dogs and my cats it's a Supplement that I would recommend for Any pet because of its benefits for skin And coat Health brain development it's Really overall a great supplement to add To your pets diet for their overall Health and well-being so I strongly Recommend fish oil I use it with my pets Daily it's something you certainly could Talk to your veterinarian about if you Have more questions for these particular Products I'll go over each one today but Fairly quickly unfortunately I wish I Could do you know a two hour review but In order to condense this time wise you Can click the link below the video and That will take you to my written guide All of the Nutritional info for each of these Products as well as detailed ingredient Lists are all on there so if you're Looking for a specific product or just Want more information on this line from Lifeline pet nutrition you can just Click the link below the video and it'll Take you there So I'll start with the Icelandic ocean

Kelp you can see that my dogs they know What this is they love all of these Products Um this one is More of a powder You're like And my dogs will eat it right off the Plates They like the flavor they like the taste It's just a powder you can either Sprinkle it over their food or feed it Like I do just as a treat my dogs will Eat it no problem this supplement is Good for dogs and cats it's made with a 100 certified organic kelp the kelp is Grown and harvested sustainably in Iceland it's dried using geothermal heat At a uniform low temperature which Preserves the nutrients and then the Kelp itself is packaged here in the USA Ocean kelp is a rich source of more than 60 vitamins and minerals as well as 21 Different amino acids so this is packed With nutrients that your dog and cat Need to be healthy and as I mentioned Just their overall health and well-being Sadie would eat it right out of the bag If I would let her it's packed with Naturally occurring phytochemicals and Omega-3 fatty acids it is in the Reduction of the buildup of plaque and Tartar for healthy teeth and gums along With helping to clean and freshen your Pet breath that's a big one for a lot of

Pet owners looking to freshen their pups Of breath this is a natural way to do That it also promotes skin and coat Health to reduce itching and shedding It's shown to help improve circulation Ease joint inflammation and the pain Associated with conditions like Arthritis it increases your dog's Metabolism to foster a healthy weight it Even aids in digestion and boosts the Immune system so you know this is just As I mentioned a product that's great For your dogs overall health and Well-being Um this package this is an eight ounce Package for dogs weighing up to 25 Pounds they get a quarter of a teaspoon A day dogs 25 to 50 pounds get half a Teaspoon dogs 50 pounds and a half get One teaspoon and cats just get an eighth Of a teaspoon so the package is going to Last you for quite a while and it Retails for 21.45 now there are a Variety of different fish oils from Lifeline pet nutrition this is the wild Alaskan salmon oil and what I love about Out these there is These on the plate too so you can see That my dogs will look them right off The plate um there's an easy squirt top On these bottles some oils are just come Here Jojo All of the oils use this silicone valve In the dispenser cap that makes

Dispensing them clean and simple with no Mess so you don't have the leaking oil Everywhere like you do with traditional Bottles Lifeline pet nutrition offers wild Alaskan salmon oil wild Alaskan fish oil Anchovy and borage oil Omega fish hemp seed oil and Alaskan Salmon Pollock oil all of the oils have Their own benefits again click the link Below this video and that will give you More information about each additional Oil so you can try to decide which one Would be best for your pet these are Eight and a half ounce bottles and they Retail depending on the kind of oil that You want anywhere from 21 to 25.99 for The eight and a half ounce bottles [Music] Thank you

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