Review: MIRA Safety FirstBreed Collapsible SBRN Animal Arc

[Music] Foreign This is the Mira safety first breed Collapsible Cbrn animal arc now as you could see When my cat Oliver was in here it is Size four smaller pets but this is the Only enclosure system that provides Comprehensive chemical biological Radiological and nuclear Cbrn protection for a variety of Household packs it is designed to Protect pets from exposure to hazardous Chemical and biological warfare agents Radioactive particles and even the risk Of smoke inhalation basically it's the Equivalent of a gas mask for your pets Now this is the arc obviously and this Is the air purifying respirator they are Sold separately but they work together To protect your pet if you live in an Area where wildfires are a common thing And you want to worry and you worry About smoke inhalation for your pet if You want to have a way to protect Protect your pet obviously we live in a World where it's just you never know What's going to happen anymore so if you Are concerned about that and you want a Way to keep your pet safe this is Designed for pets weighing up to 22 Pounds so it's not going to work for All Pets large animals but cats and small Dogs if you have a rabbits or rodents or

You know smaller pets this is going to Work well so the collapsible design Allows for easy storage and it collapses In on itself like that So it's easy to set up and take down it Also has This convenient carrying bag that it all Folds up and fits right in there there Is a shoulder strap as well as carrying Handles so if you want to have this like In your emergency preparedness kit if You want to have it um you know in your Vehicle or um stashed in a closet it's Easy to collapse it folds into the bag And then you you can take it with you Anywhere if you're going to a shelter or You have to evacuate in the event of Like a wildfire or something like that It's really easy to take along with you When it is Unfolded see the zipper is easy To use here and just seal the enclosure There is uh the fake graph on the inside There's also this window on the top and On that side there's a window on this Side there's a window so you have access To visually Keep an eye on your pet at all times the Fake grass on the inside here definitely Is Something that most cats probably will Enjoy but you could also throw a blanket Or something in here if you have like For example a dog that has some anxiety

Having a blanket their their own blanket That smells like home in there may Benefit as well but there's definitely Plenty of room in there you can put a Food bowl a water bowl Um any you know blanket or a toy a bone Something like that to entertain your Pet while they're in there it is Reusable The Arc itself has a 15-year Shelf life and the construction it's Made with reinforced seams for Durability it provides more than six Hours of resistance to blister agents This Frame it's a lightweight a military Grade plastic frame so when you carry it Around it doesn't weigh a lot when it's All folded up and in the bag together It's really easy to transport and move Around in the duffel bag it measures 42 Inches long 16 and a half inches wide And eight inches high When the arc is fully assembled it Measures 53 inches long 33 inches wide And 26 inches high the weight of the Complete kit is 19 pounds The Arc itself Retails for 399.95 and then as I mentioned in order To purify the air You'll also need this is the mb90 Powered air purifying respirator or papr Also this system here retails for 399.95 so it's going to be about 800 for This entire kit this system uses an Integrated blower instead of long power

So the best airflow possible Um is what your pet is getting it's Based on an enhanced design from the Israeli Defense Force and it's modified To just use standard double a batteries So In this compartment here [Music] You have four double a batteries and it Runs up to 12 hours on just eight double A batteries The respirator weighs just a couple of Pounds as well so again it's easy to Take along with you Um it does however use to 40 millimeter Cbrm filters and that's how it purifies The air Those just screw on it does not come With any filters so that's going to be Another expense that you'll have to use But the filters themselves they retail For eighty dollars each and they have a 20-year shelf life they come all wrapped In vacuum sealed packaging and you can Just leave them until you need them so Once you purchase them you know you're Going to have those for quite a while This is the power switch here so it's Really easy to operate very quick to set Up the unit itself the respirator has a 10-year shelf life so you could buy this And store it um this up to 10 years 15 Years and 20 years on the filters so it Does cost a lot of money but you're

Gonna be able to have it in the event of An emergency for a very long time Clearly this system from Mira is not a Necessity and it's certainly an expense To Originally set up I definitely wouldn't Recommend it for every pet owner if You're on a budget it's it's not a Necessity but if it's something that You're concerned with if you're looking For something to have like I said in Your emergency prepared kit for your pet Or you live in an area where threats Like that are really Um you know a strong possibility if you Live somewhere where wildfires happen Often and smoke inhalation is a Possibility this is definitely something That would be a good value for the money If it can save your pet to life Obviously you know our pets lives are Priceless so investing 900 in this whole System with the filters and the arc and The air purifier is going to be worth it For you it would also be cheaper if your Dog does say suffer from smoke Inhalation they're gonna have to go to The vet and there's going to be a lot Lot of vet bills that come with that so You know in the long run if this is Something that you think that you're Going to be able to use it's definitely Going to be a good value for the money But not a necessity

Um and and something that you know if You're thinking that you would like to Have it maybe something you scroll a Little bit of money away for over time If you have any questions feel free to Email me thanks for watching this video Review [Music]

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