Review Pet Plate Fresh Cooked Food for Dogs

Thanks for tuning in today I am here to Share my review of cat play Pet plate Has been around for years now they are a Company that ships fresh dog food right To your door we're starting to see this Happen a lot more especially as pet Parents are becoming more aware of some Of the issues in the pet industry with Lower quality pet food so as pet owners We're starting to look for healthier Options but homemade foods for some of Us just aren't convenient we don't have The time we don't have the ability to Store a lot of food so the best thing to Do is to reach out to companies like Pat Plate that prepare fresh meals and they Ship them directly to you you get the Healthy food and the convenience without Having to make it yourself so companies Like that later becoming a lot more Popular and they certainly are my choice Out of the bunch there are a number of Reasons why I choose pet plate as the One that I recommend and I'll get into That in this review you can always think The link below that will take you to my Detailed written guide for a lot more In-depth information if you're really Considering this as an option for Feeding your pet I definitely recommend You do that so let's Jump Right In they Have a line of dog food and dog treats Um the treats are here they have chicken Apple sausage bites those are just a

Standard organic dog treat they have a Joint dump and Mobility cookies Obviously designed to promote joint Health and then they have tummy tickling Digestive cookies again obviously Designed for upset tummies and to soothe The digestive tract get your dog's you Know digestion back on track so if They're having loose stools if they're Having constipation issues those are Treats formulated to work on issues like That when fed on a regular diet and then We have a variety of different foods so There's beef turkey chicken pork Um Venison and lamb so there's a variety Of options with a variety of different Protein sources which is one thing I Really like about pepley there are pets Out there that can't have the more Common protein sources like beef and Chicken so they offer a wide variety of Options if you have to stay away from Some of the more common things like beef Chicken and turkey there's a few other Options for you to choose from to keep Your dog enticed and feel excited about Eating meals every day So bringing you guys a little bit closer To check out the treats um these are 100 Organic Treats they're made with only Six ingredients each and they're also Made with 100 human grade ingredients in A USDA inspected kitchen Um and that goes for pet plates food as

Well it's all made with human grade Ingredients in a USDA inspected kitchen These treats are 100 grain free and you Get about 25 to 30 treats per bag Now I love these treats because you can See that you know these are are really High quality Treats they're not made With artificial colors they're not Perfectly shaped um you know like They're made in a factory these are you Know treats that are made with real Ingredients that are going to be healthy For your pet if I get this one up close You can see the seeds in there now these Ones are made with Organic oats chai Seeds which are the seeds that you can See organic banana organic pumpkin Organic coconut oil and then they have Um a live and active culture of bacteria For digestion now here are my dog easy And I'll give everybody a treat so you Can see that they love these treats Um they retail in price from 11.94 a bag To 16.95 a bag the one thing I don't Like is that you have to buy them in a Four pack um so you can get all four of The same flavor or you know two of each I mean two of one and one of the other Two but you do have to buy them for at a Time there is so much great stuff to say About this food it's hard to pack it all Into one review Um but you know I mentioned the Different flavors that is really key

These are vet nutritionist design Recipes Um so if you jump on the company's Website one of the things I love about Pet plate again just click the link Below the video if you want to check it Out they are super transparent so There's information about the vet Nutritionist that they work with and how She creates these different recipes so Basically what happens is you share Information about your dog including sex Whether you're not your dog is spayed or Neutered breed age current weight ideal Weight activity level and whether or not Your dog has any food allergies or Sensitivities and then pet plate creates These recipes to meet your dog's needs So the food is hot filled for safety and Flash frozen to lock in the freshness Then the meals are portioned into the Correct amount and delivered right to Your door they come in a box of packed With dry ice to keep them cold on the Journey there are options to get full Meal plans or just food Toppers every Container that you get is going to be Sealed And again like I mentioned come Frozen They're packed with dry ice so you don't Have to worry about that and you can see As soon as you open these you can see The different ingredients in there these Aren't artificially colored they don't

Come in like the green and yellow colors Like you see you know the kibble coming In the dog food store you can see the Carrot mixed in there on every container You get to see the analysis Um the serving size guidelines the Ingredients just like you would on food That you would pick up at the grocery Store So you have to excuse my dogs they love Their pet plate food so they're going to Beg the whole time that I'm showing you This this one is the chicken meal you Can see the green beans in there the Sweet peas you can actually see the real Food used in these recipes I'm gonna Give that to my beagle Molly and then For my chocolate lab Sadie here I have The beef recipe and again you can see Peas in there you can see sweet potatoes In there you can see the ingredients you Can see the differences in each recipe And then for my little dog Joey I have Here Um this is the pork recipe and you can See lentils in there I can see carrots In there I can see sweet potatoes As you can clearly see my dogs love Their pet plate food When you order these you'll get an Online account that allows you to make Any changes to your dog's needs add dogs Track your orders make changes to Upcoming deliveries each meal comes in

The little microwave safe containers That I showed you those are BPA free and Completely recyclable every package Comes with a guide that includes Information on properly transitioning Your dog to Pet Place so here is the Guide that came with mine And you know it shows how you store it How you serve it There's information on feeding Guidelines and this gradual transition On how to switch your dog to pet plate So it doesn't upset their stomach tips For you know using their online portal a Word from their Veterinary nutritionist Which I mentioned you can also find on Their website so this is a really handy Guide and I love that they do that Because a lot of pet owners don't Realize that you do have to transition Your pet slowly or even though you're Feeding a really high quality diet it May end up upsetting their stomach the Other thing I love about their website Is that there's a price estimator on the Website on the very bottom to help you Budget so you put in your dog's age Breed and weight and it gives you an Estimate of the cost for a Topper plan Or a full meal plan Speaking of cost obviously with high Quality food like any other high quality Food unfortunately this one comes with a Higher price tag too they're using human

Grade ingredients they're cooking it in You know healthy safe kitchens they're Packaging it in sustainable packaging That's eco-friendly and recyclable so I Expect it to be more expensive but this Food definitely isn't going to fit into Everyone's budget um if you can't afford The whole meal plan you can always try The Toppers and then add that little bit Of nutritional value and boost your Dog's health that way so for my Seven-year-old lab Sadie who you see Here she's seven years old she weighs About 75 pounds obviously she's a Labrador Retriever I put that Information in and it gave me the Estimate of a dollar 49 per day for the Topper plan and four dollars and 26 Cents per day for the full meal plan so Not gonna fit in with every budget but You know definitely as far as value for Your money this is some of the Healthiest food that you can feed your Dog like I said click the link below the Video it'll take you there to my Detailed written review you can get a Lot more details there or you can jump On the company's website and check it Out for yourself thanks for watching Guys Foreign

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