Review: Pet Releaf Hemp Oil & Hemp Edibles for Dogs

[Music] Thank you Thanks for tuning in for my product Review of these hemp oil and hemp edible Treats for dogs these are from a company Called pet relief and it's R-e-l-e-a-f so you can click the link Below the video just to let you know my Detailed reading review is there the Company's website is there and you can Check that stuff out for more details if You're interested but I'm just going to Go over kind of the basics of these Products and show you how much my dog Liked them you can I don't know if you Can see my chocolate lab state or not But she's right down here begging for uh The treats she gets the daily relief Every day and she definitely knows what They are and is looking forward to Having one very soon a hundred percent Of the hemp use in these products is Source in the USA no herbicides no Pesticides are used in the growing Process at all Um they're 100 human grade hemp oil so This is not something that you know is Is like second best to human food a lot Of times in the pet industry you'll see Like in pet foods and pet Treats they're Using a lot of byproducts from the human Food industry in those kinds of products And pet treats and pet food but these Are made with human grade hemp oil every

Month each of their products is sent out To third-party laboratory for a 2A third Party laboratory for testing to Guarantee the potency CBD and THC levels And to ensure that there are no toxic Solvents or chemicals used in the Extraction process all of that Information again is on the company's Website they are super transparent about That which is something that I I really Like and something that I look for in Companies especially nowadays you just Can't really trust things anymore there Are so many loopholes and ways that Things are worded to make it seem like It's really great quality when sometimes It's not always the case Um so you know Pat relief is very Transparent about that and again you can Check into that more on their website so Let's look at the products up close a Little bit so that you can get a feel For them and I'll actually show you I'll Start with the Etta bikes they're called These are hemp Edibles so um you can see That Sadie enjoys them easy good girl so This is the daily release uh there's a Hip and joint and a stress relief and Then there's also a digestive formula as Well in these ones in the CBD oils it's Just daily hip and joint and stress There's no digestive oil at this time They also have other products on their Website so if you're interested in hemp

Oil based products for your dog Definitely check that out but these are The ones that I use with my pots that I Wanted to share today These are the hip and Joint relief Adibites as I mentioned there are Different formulas daily stress and Digestive as well these are what the Little ettabytes look like just little Small dog treats they're not very big Only about an inch long and maybe half An inch wide half an inch thick they're They're fairly small and you can in some Of them get formulas made for small and Large breeds so you can check into that Depending on your dog these ones are Peanut butter and banana flavor there's Three milligrams per chew and 30 Milligrams per bag in this little trial Bag but you can buy different sizes of Bags also different milligrams depending On your dog's needs so the hip and Joint These ones they are formulated obviously For hip and joint health I also have the stress relief this is a Peanut butter and carob flavor carob um If you aren't sure is like a chocolate Flavored Um it's a healthy basically chocolate Flavored ingredient for dogs because Dogs can't eat real chocolate Um so these ones are peanut butter and Carabillar this is stress so these Support calm behavior and General

Wellness and then I have the daily Relief I don't have the digestive but I Will talk about those briefly so these Are the digestive relief and this is a Blueberry cranberry flavor as you can See these ones are a little bit bigger Six milligrams per chew and 180 Milligrams per bag Um these ones just support like General Wellness overall and long-term Health It's these are the ones I said I use With my Labrador it's just a daily kind Of supplement to add to their diet They're made with Organic full spectrum Hemp oil extract and naturally occurring CBD so it just promotes like overall Health and wellness overall calming um So this is is just kind of something That you would give as a daily Supplement these are the ones made for Medium to large dogs and you can also Get the small dog ones as well and the Digestive support is basically an Overall Wellness supplement that Supports healthy digestion and promotes You know firmer stools if your dog has Issues if your dog suffers from them Something like irritable bowel syndrome If they are you know frequently have Upset stomach issues it's something that Can help get their digestive tract back On track If you're looking for information on the Ingredients again Pat relief is super

Transparent about all of the ingredients Used the facts about the product where Their ingredients are sourced all that Information is on the website just click The link below the video and it'll take You there Um and that will give you all of those Details as well as nutritional facts and Stuff like that The price for these depending on the Type that you choose and the size of the Bag the quantity Um the milligrams that you select they Can be anywhere from 22.99 to 44.99 and I know that sounds expensive but CBD Treats hemp Edibles for dogs are quite Pricey so these actually are about Middle grade they're they're not the Cheapest available but they're also made With high quality hemp oil as well as High quality ingredients in the treats So I wouldn't expect them to be the Cheapest but they're also not the most Expensive either so definitely I think a Good value for the money if this is Something you're looking for for your Pup these are the hemp oils pretty Standard size bottle they have the Droppers the pre-measured droppers Um I it's a very lightly on there it's Like a light white color I don't know if You can see that at all the measurements On there but they're on there so you can See them and dose your dog correctly one

Thing I will say about these the only Thing I didn't like the dosing Guidelines are actually on the box that These come in Here's one of the boxes and you can see All the dosing instructions there Um And I I love that they're on the box but If you were to misplace the box or I got Thrown away on accident that's kind of Inconvenient that they're not on the um You know the the label of the bottles Themselves but obviously you could find It online if you do happen to lose the Box just one thing I thought I'd mention Was a little bit inconvenient but other Than that super easy to use super easy To dose like I said little measurement Guidelines so you can dose your dog Properly and I have this stress and hip And Joint as I mentioned there's also The daily one in these as well which is Kind of the same thing just an overall Daily Wellness there are different Milligram options depending on your Dog's needs again details in the link But this one is a 20 milligram both of Them are 20 milligrams and they are for Medium and large dogs so if you have a Small breed you may go with a smaller Dosage USDA certified organic there is Anywhere between 100 milligram and 750 Milligram options these ones are 600 Milligram per bottle not not in each

Dose but in each bottle so anywhere Between 100 and 750 milligrams and then The bottles themselves cost 23.99 to 89.99 depending on the formula that you Choose obviously more milligrams more Expensive Um and then the stress hip enjoy and Daily are all different prices as well So um check that out you can get more Information as I mentioned on the link If you guys have any other questions Feel free to reach out via email thanks For watching this video review [Music] Foreign [Music]

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