Review: PetSafe Drinking Fountains for Dogs and Cats

[Music] Today I am doing a product review for Some PetSafe drinking fountains for dogs And cats I have these ceramic fountain That my beagle Molly is currently Drinking out of I have the Drinkwell one Gallon pet Fountain here in the middle I Have the Creekside ceramic pet Fountain Over here and then we also have the Seaside stainless Fountain here on the Side closest to me I'll start with the one gallon Fountain This is the one that I prefer Um simply because it holds the most Capacity and we have uh three dogs and Multiple cats so it's better for us to Have a fountain that holds more this is Uh the one gallon option there's also a Two gallon option I like this one also Because there is Under here an adjustable Flow I had it on high and you can see the Stream is bigger And then as I turn it down the stream Gets smaller or you can turn it off Completely Um and if you have a dog that's more Timid that you don't think would like Um the trickle of the fountain or you Just have a timid dog when you're trying To get them used to or timid cat I Should say um and you're trying to get Them used to the Fountain you know

That's a great option these ones with The bubblers these both have the Bubblers on top and there's no way to Adjust that fountains actually entice Pets to drink more water the flowing Water stays cooler and it's more aerated Than stagnant water in a traditional Sitting Bowl so that's the reason why a Lot of pet parents look for fountains This can be especially helpful if you Have older pets or cats tend to drink Less water than they should so if you Have older pets or you have a cat and You're concerned about their water Intake I found is a really great way to Get your pup to drink some more water or Your cat to drink some more water All of the phones that you see here have Replaceable carbon filters that refresh The water and then a foam filter that Catches pet hair and debris to keep your Water clean so um in these two you're Gonna lift off like that middle section And you can see the filter system Underneath It's really easy to take all of these Apart as well as to put them back Together And then with this one this whole Section here comes off Oh you have to take this part And then that part kind of snaps off and You can see the filter system underneath There so that one's a little bit more of

A challenge to get apart but they all Come apart really easily Um the pieces are all dish top Dishwasher sleeve sorry that was kind of A mouthful there uh top shelf dishwasher Safe so they're easy to clean and if you Notice the designs of all three of these They're made with rounded Corners They're all open there's no tiny little Nooks and crannies for all the gunk to Build up in so these are all designed Specifically with no hard to reach Spaces to be very easy to clean it's Easy to see the size comparison you know When they're sitting next to each other Here but sometimes on the video it can Be kind of tough Um and if you're looking for specific Dimensions this is again the one gallon Not the two gallon but this is the one Gallon uh drink wild Fountain this one Measures 12.6 inches wide by 11 and a Half inches long and then it's seven and A half inches high from the floor to the Tallest point up here Um the seaside stainless Fountain is 10.6 wide and 5.1 high and then this Ceramic Fountain over there on the other Side is 10.2 wide and 5.5 inches high so There are none of them are very big they Don't take up a lot of space in your Home as you can see they're all designed To really fit in with any aesthetic Design that your house might have

Whether it's more modern or any color Scheme that you might have going on the Stainless steel Fountain holds 60 ounces Of water which is just shy of half Gallon and the same thing with the Ceramic over there those ones really Pretty much the same design almost Identical in size and you know the way That you would take them apart to clean Them and all of that they hold the same Amount of water so for me personally With these two it's more of just which One do you like the looks of better and Which one's more aesthetically pleasing To you Um also the stainless steel fountains Only 42.95 the ceramic Fountain is quite A bit more expensive at 64.95 so if You're looking Um you know for the capacity really is What matters to you and you're not so Focused on what it looks like um you may Want to go with the stainless steel Fountain where it's uh about 20 a little Over twenty dollars cheaper Um the Drinkwell Fountain here the one Gallon that I have is 54.95 I mentioned You could get the half gallon size That's 42.95 and then there's also a two Gallon size that's 74.95 so a little bit More expensive for this one by a much Larger capacity so when it comes to Choosing which Fountain you're looking For the PetSafe brand carries you know a

Name that we all know they're a very Reputable brand in the pet industry all Of these come with warranties so Comparatively you know first of all it's Size you want the bigger size or Something smaller if you have a really Small dog or I'm just you're just Looking for your cat or multiple cats You know the smaller size would be fine So really what it comes down to is the Price that you're looking to spend and Which one you find most aesthetically Pleasing if you guys have any other Questions feel free to reach out to us Through email I'd be happy to answer any Questions that way thanks for tuning in To this product review [Music]

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