Review: PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

[Music] Hey guys my name is Samantha with Top Dog tips and this is going to be my Review of the PetSafe extreme weather Dog door there's our chocolate lab Sadie She weighs about 75 pounds and as you Can see she easily fits in and out of The dog door we have two smaller dogs a Beagle named Molly and a little mixed Breed named Joey they should be coming In soon and you'll see that they both Weigh about 35 to 40 pounds and they fit Fine through the door as well the key With a dog door and actually you can Check out this video If you're trying to Figure out the best size and how to Measure your pet for a dog door so the Key is to get a door that is going to Fit your largest dog and as you'll see Our largest dog just came through and The little ones go through just fine as Well now as I mentioned this is the Extreme weather pet door from pet safe And the reason that we chose this store We live in the state of Maine there is Extreme weather for a large amount of The year we have rain and wind in the Summer and we have a lot of cold wind Snow in the wintertime so this door the Difference is that it features three Flaps so you have the flap that you saw Uh my dog come through this is the the Flap that would be on the inside of your House and you can see there's a magnet

On the bottom there that catches it when It swings and then inside the door there Is this insulated flap and that's what Helps to keep out the cold and the Elements And then on the other side this is the Side that would be on the outside of Your house look similar exactly the same I'm actually as the flap on the inside Of your house that magnet enclosure on The bottom so it's that extra layer that Makes this door stand apart that you Don't get with other products so you Have the rubber classic flaps on the Outside and then the insulated flat Sandwich in between the two rubber flaps I apologize as you can tell we have Loved this dorm been using it for many Years so it's a little bit dirty uh but It works really well as you can tell oh I think Joey's out there I can see him Coming through there he is so it works Really well for our big dogs and our Little dogs the installation was similar To that of other pet doors that we've Used in the past Um it does have a strong metal frame you Can see that white around the edge is Metal it's reinforced with aluminum Corners to prevent bending or damaging My other favorite thing about this door Is that you can slide it closed this Works really well for us as I mentioned We live in Maine we live in a very rural

Area there are a lot of predators for Our smaller dogs and our cats actually Use this door as well and there are a Lot of predators around that could grab Them at night time so you know we like To keep the door locked at night so Nobody can go out and then when you're Ready to open it during the day you can Just slide it open like that PetSafe Offers this door in three sizes medium Large and extra large the medium size is For pets weighing around 40 pounds the Large is for pets weighing about 100 Pounds and the extra large is for dogs Weighing about 220 pounds the door Featured in this review is a large size You can click the link below this video And it will take you to my written guide All the sizes and dimensions of each Door are there also below this video You'll see the like and the Subscribe Button be sure to click those so that You can stay up to date with all of my Product reviews my homemade dog food Recipe these and all of the how-to's Tips and tricks that we share on the Channel thanks for watching guys be sure To email us if you have any questions [Music]

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