Review: PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

[Music] This is the pet safe scoop-free Self-cleaning litter box it does come With one bag of the crystal cat litter That you see here it only works with the Crystal cat litter it won't work with Clumping cat litter so keep that in mind I'll talk a little bit about the litter And how much it costs uh in a minute but Let's check out the box first So it comes with a tray and it's Actually Magnetized to the tray so let me try to Pull that off So this is the tray that it comes with Um there's a place for you to write the Date on there and an estimated change Date if you have that Um and then there's information on here About the Disposable trades and how long They last if you have just one cat it Should last 20 to 30 days for two cats It would be 10 to 15 days and then if You have three or more cats it would be Seven to ten days you just set the Litter box on top of the tray and when You hear the click you know that those Magnets are engaged the litter is 99 Dust free it's low tracking and provides Odor Control it's also really Lightweight the tray does have a Built-in plastic liner to keep the waist From leaking through and each tray Includes a lid for easy cleanup when

It's time to throw it away so you saw my Cat Chloe in here earlier Um basically the you can see the blue Light blinking there there is a health Tracker and it monitors when your cat Gets in the litter box so every time you Change the tray um you'll know how many Times your cat used it and that can help You if you're curious as to you know how Many times your cat uses the litter box During the day if they have some health Problems going on it helps you track That it waits 20 minutes and then it Will scoop it so it allows other Crystals to soak up the urine and then It'll scoop it if you wanted to you can Push the blue button that's blinking is A manual rake button You can see the little sensor on this Side and there's also one on the Opposite side and Those sensors of your Cat were to climb back into the litter Box before it Scoops it'll reset that Timer at 20 minutes so it will never Scoop while your cat is in the Box The Rake Scoops the solid waste into the Covered waist trap which helps to keep The odors down you'll see it when it Gets to the end where it goes into the Trap And as I mentioned there is that safety Sensor it's going by it right now Um there is that safety sensor that will Reset it if your cat is in there so you

Don't ever have to worry about that you Can see the Trap lifting up and it Scoops the waste into the end there and Then closes back down The Box itself measures 16.1 inches wide By 27.6 inches long and it's six inches High as I mentioned it only works with The crystal cat litter you can get three Trays filled with litter for 66.45 and You can also purchase a reusable plastic Tray instead of just throwing out the Cardboard trays all the time the Reusable tray can be purchased for 58.99 And if you want to you can buy just a Bag of the litter itself an 8.6 pound Bag of Crystal non-clumping litter is 24.95 on Amazon right now so certainly Not the cheapest cat litter option but If you don't want to have to worry about Scooping cat litter anymore it's Definitely a good option for that Especially if you only have one cat and It would last you a month the front Entry box is 199.95 which comes with a cover I don't Have the cover but it's a covered box With the front entry the top entry box Is another cover that you're cats can Climb in from the top that one's also 109.95 and then the non-covered option Like I have here is 169.95 so definitely you know not going To be in everybody's budget but if You're sick of scooping cat litter and

You want something that's a dust free Odor free option you can certainly look Into this maybe start saving a little Aside and purchase it as a gift or Something like that if you guys have any Other questions click the link below the Video that'll take you to my detailed Written guide all of the details and Some photos are there of my cats using The Box Um personally how we felt about using it Over the last 30 days or so all of that Is there so click the link below the Video and if you have any other Questions feel free to email us anytime Thanks for watching Foreign [Music]

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