Review: PetSafe Telescoping Dog Ramp

Foreign Happy ride telescoping dog ramp as you Can see it's pretty easy to get your Dogs to learn how to use it with a few High motivating treats This ramp measures 39 to 72 inches long Depending how long you extend it it is 17 inches wide and four inches high The ramp is really simple to use yep Come on You tip it on its side It slides to collapse And then here on the back you can see The safety strap Once you secure that It won't slide at all and there's a Convenient carrying handle here as well So it's easy to take around with you Setting it up takes just a second there Are some rubber feet on the back side Here and you just make sure those are Secure on your car and then you can make It as steep Foreign Incline as you need super easy to use It's also really lightweight Which I love especially if you're going To keep it in your car carried around it Only weighs 13 pounds and as I mentioned It's equipped with that easy carrying Handle as well you can see when my dogs Use it how they weren't Slip Sliding Around this is a high traction surface So it almost feels like sandpaper kind

Of but it's grippy and it holds your Dog's Paws in place when they're walking Up and down you can also see the small Little side rails here to keep your pets From stepping off the side which is Especially important if you have an Older dog I've seen your dog sometimes Have mobility issues if you have a dog That's recovering from an injury that Stuff is important the high traction Service and the side rails will prevent Accidents of your dog kind of slipping Off the side there This is the regular sized telescoping Dog ramp this one retails for 139.99 There's also an extra long option that One retails for 159.99 so not the most Affordable dog ramp but it is well made The heavy duty construction the company Claims will hold dogs weighing up to 400 Pounds so pets or people my kids climb On this if we happen to have it there You don't have to worry if you have Multiple dogs like I do and two of them Try to go up at the same time if one's You know on the top of the ramp and one Starts going up the bottom it holds up To 400 pounds this is a really sturdy Heavy duty ramp some of the plastic Options you know I would worry about Bending over time or Um you know the plastic drying out and Cracking this one with the aluminum Construction it's lightweight but it's

Also super durable so for the investment I think you're going to have it long Term which is just gonna make it Um you know worth the investment if it's Something that you're going to use all The time jumping up and down out of the Car or off of beds and furniture Actually damages your dog's joints over Time so if you take your pet for rides Quite often it's definitely something That you should look into not this one Specifically but a pet ramp this one's On the higher end but not the most Expensive pet ramp out there either and Definitely quality versus price wise I Think this is a great value for the Money

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