PetSpy P620 Dog Pro Field Trainer Review: Shock Collar with Vibration

PetSpy P620 Dog Pro Field Training Shock Collar

Welcome to the PetSpy P620 Dog Pro Field Trainer review. It is a Shock Collar with Vibration, Electric Shock and Beep. It’s a great rechargeable and waterproof remote trainer E-collar.

P620 Dog Pro Field Trainer Review: What Is It?

It is an easy and efficient adjustable training collar for your dog. Training your dog will become just a snap. There 16 adjustable levels of vibration and static shock which will make it possible for you to use this collar according to your dog’s exact needs.

With this multifunctional collar, you will be able to finally keep your pet out of the rubbish bin, prevent them from going into the road or pulling too hard on their leash. Moreover, it is possible to train your dog to spot barking if you put some effort into the training.


P620 Dog Pro Field Trainer Review: Main Benefits

  1. This collar can be recharged and is water-resistant. It is suitable for all kinds of dogs of different sizes which weigh from 10-lbs to 120-lbs.
  2. It is possible to operate the buttons without looking at them by touching with working range of up to 650 yards.
  3. You can choose among three humane training modes – static shock, vibration and beeper trainer.
  4. There is a free training guide which has useful tools that can make your pet training very easy.
  5. The collar is really easy to use and it helps to stop yappy or loud dogs from barking inappropriately.

What’s Inside

  • (1) Remote Transmitter
  • (1) Dog Receiver Collar
  • (1) Neck Strap
  • (1) Test Light
  • (1) Battery Charger
  • (2) Sets of Metal Probe with Rubber Covers
  • (1) Dual USB Port
  • (1) User Guide.


It is obligatory for you to make sure that you and your dog remain safe when you learn on-leash training. You should keep your dog on a strong leash which should be long enough for him to be able to chase something, and, at the same time, short enough not to get into the road or other dangerous places.

You must also be strong to keep your dog if he makes an attempt to chase something or someone. Make sure that the collar is properly fit. If you use the collar for a long time or make it too tight on the dog’s neck, the skin around the neck can be damaged. So, it can cause redness or pressure ulcers which are usually called bed sores.

PetSpy P620 Dog Pro Field Training Shock Collar Price

If you want to buy PetSpy P620 Dog Pro Field Training Shock Collar at the best price, just go to the manufacturer’s website to find the current price and possible discounts.


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