Schnauzer vs Poodle: Which one is the best?

The Schnauzer vs. The Poodle!
  Both these breeds come in mini, standard, and 
giant sizes, but regardless of their stature,   They've got more personality 
than a room full of comedians.
  Schnauzers have distinctive beards and eyebrows; 
they have a unique look that'll make you fall in   Love at first sight. While Poodles are the 
fancy pants of the dog world with a regal   And sophisticated style that makes them 
stand out like a diamond in the rough.
  They are also both intelligent 
dogs that make devoted companions.
  Although they are pretty similar in 
many ways, there are also quite a   Few differences between these dogs that 
you will learn about in this video.
  So let's take a look at the most important 
things to know about these breeds!
  Number 1: Their origins
Schnauzers have a long and   Storied history dating back to the 15th 
century in Germany. They were originally   Bred as ratters to help control the rodent 
population in homes and farms. They were also   Used as guard dogs to protect their owners and 
their property. With their keen sense of smell,   Sharp intelligence, and fearless attitude, they 
were the perfect medieval pest control. But unlike   Traditional pest control, these furry little 
warriors had a lot of personality and charm.
  As time went on, Schnauzers continued to evolve 
and adapt to new roles. They were used as farm   Dogs to help herd cattle and other livestock. 
They also became popular as companion dogs,   For their intelligence, loyalty, and good 
nature. With their versatility and adaptability,   Schnauzers became known as the "jack 
of all trades" of the dog world.
  Poodles, on the other hand, have a rich history 
rooted in hunting. They were originally bred in   Germany as water retrievers, to help hunt ducks 
and other waterfowl. With their unique curly   Coat and webbed feet, they were able to swim 
and retrieve game in the water with ease. They   Were like the fancy version of a duck hunter, 
with a lean athletic build and unusual coats   That set them apart from other hunting breeds.
They were also known for their intelligence and   Trainability, which made them highly sought 
after as companion dogs and for performance   Acts due to their agility. The distinctive 
coat, webbed feet, and elegant appearance   Of Poodles has made them one of the world's 
most recognizable and beloved breeds.
  Number 2: Their personality: Schnauzers are like personal   Bodyguards with a fluffy, adorable twist. They're 
intelligent, loyal, and protective, so you'll   Never have to worry about burglars or unwanted 
visitors when you've got a Schnauzer on duty.   They're like mini bouncers with beards; they'll 
keep the riff-raff out while also being great with   Children and other pets. But like most bodyguards, 
they can be a little wary of strangers at first;   Just give them some time to size up the situation 
before they give the all-clear. They have a lot  

Of energy and need regular exercise, so 
think of them as little personal trainers   That bark instead of counting reps; they'll 
make sure you get your daily dose of cardio.
  Meanwhile, Poodles are the refined and elegant 
gentlemen of the dog world. They're intelligent,   Trainable, and affectionate, so they're 
perfect for anyone looking for a pup with   A touch of class. They're more than happy to 
curl up on your lap and watch a movie with you,   Yet are also incredible athletes that will always 
enjoy a good run. Just make sure you have tall   Fences because they can jump incredibly high! 
Moreover, with the right kind of socializing,   They're also known for being good with 
children and other pets, so they'll be the   Perfect addition to any family.
Number 3: Their appearance:
  Schnauzers are a bit like walking rugs, with their 
double coat of wiry outer hair and soft undercoat,   Making them very resistant to different weather 
conditions. They come in mini, standard,   And giant sizes, so you can pick the perfect 
size for your home. They come in various colors,   Like black, salt-and-pepper, and even silver, 
so you can pick the perfect color for your   Style. Think of them like cuter versions of 
the three bears; there will always be one   That's just right for your lifestyle. When it comes to Poodles, they are more like   Walking mops or clouds, depending on how 
much you groom them. Their distinctive   Curly coat can come in a variety of colors 
including black, white, apricot, gray, silver,   And brown. They have a long, fluffy coat that 
requires regular grooming to maintain its shape,   So you'll have to be prepared to spend some time 
at the groomer. They also have long, floppy ears   And a long snout, which gives them quite a 
regal and slightly snooty appearance at times;   They're like little kings and queens. With their 
refined and elegant look, they'll make you feel   Like you're living in a palace.

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Number 4: Their trainability:
  Schnauzers are little geniuses with fur; 
they are highly trainable and respond well   To positive reinforcement. They're also eager 
to please, so they'll do just about anything   To make you happy. These surprisingly 
acrobatic dogs will perform all sorts   Of tricks and stunts to impress you. They're 
well-suited to obedience and agility training,   So they're perfect for anyone looking for a pup 
that can keep up with their active lifestyle.
  Poodles are likewise very intelligent and easy 
to train, so they'll pick up new tricks and   Commands in no time. They excel in obedience and 
agility training, so they'll be able to keep up   With even the most demanding routines. They're 
also great at performing tricks and tend to do   Well in dog shows, so they'll make you look 
like a pro trainer. It's easy to see why many  

Poodles used to belong to circuses, as they would 
literally jump through hoops to make their owner   Happy. They're like little fluffy performers that 
will do anything for a round of applause.
  Number 5: The time Investment needed:-
Schnauzers are kind of like hairy Tamagotchis,   They generally only require a moderate amount of 
time and attention but it has to be consistent.   They also need regular grooming to keep their 
coats in tip-top shape and daily exercise to   Keep them physically and mentally stimulated. 
Schnauzers also benefit from regular training   And socialization to keep them well-rounded 
and happy. They're not too bad when left to   Their own devices but when you're at home 
these furry little balls of energy will   Undoubtedly keep you entertained. Poodles however, can be quite the divas   Of the dog world. They require a lot of regular 
grooming to maintain their naturally fluffy coats,   Which can be likened to keeping a lion's 
mane tamed. They also need regular exercise   To keep them mentally and physically sound.
A little more so than Schnauzers, these dogs   Need socialization from a young age to prevent 
them from getting snappy or overly nervous.   They are also a more anxious breed and dislike 
being away from their human companions for too   Long; they'll miss you as much as you miss them. 
In short, Poodles are like a fluffy, elegant and   High maintenance ball of love.
Number 6: The costs of ownership
  When it comes to owning a Schnauzer you will need 
to have some savings, they can cost you anywhere   From $600 to $3000 when bought from a reputable 
breeder and are still $300 to $400 if adopted from   A shelter. Not only that but you'll need to budget 
for the usual expenses like food, veterinary care,   And training. You will also need to factor 
in grooming costs, as they have a unique coat   That requires regular maintenance. The overall 
costs can vary depending on the size of the dog,   With larger ones requiring more food and 
potentially more grooming. All in all you'll be   Looking at around $120 per month on average. But 
let's be real, can you really put a price on this   Much cuteness? A Schnauzer's charming and loving 
personality makes it worth the investment.
  Similarly, it is easy to underestimate 
how expensive owning a poodle can be.   The initial price of buying one can vary greatly, 
with a Poodle adoption costing as little as $150,   But a purebred is more than $4,000!
Aside from the purchase of your poodle, there   Will be other fees associated with owning one. 
They will likely need training classes as well   As the usual vet bills and vaccinations, which 
along with basic things like food the costs will   Quickly add up especially in the first year. Some money can be saved if you learn the basics   Of grooming; otherwise, you can easily spend 
up to $140 every couple of months getting them   Trimmed. On average, though, the monthly poodle 
costs are generally upwards of $150.
  So what do you think so far? Do you 
prefer the Schnauzer or the Poodle?
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  Number 7: Their health:
Schnauzers are generally known to be healthy,   But like all breeds, they can be prone to certain 
health conditions. Some of the most common health   Issues to watch out for in Schnauzers include hip 
dysplasia, a genetic disorder affecting the hip   Joints and leading to arthritis and lameness. 
They are also prone to diabetes, which can be   Caused by genetics or obesity, and certain skin 
conditions such as seborrhea and allergies.   To keep a Schnauzer healthy, it is essential to 
provide them with regular veterinary check-ups   And follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen. 
With these possible issues taken into account,   Giant Schnauzers tend to live 10 to 12 years 
while the miniature and standard-sized versions   Have a lifespan of 13 to 16 years. Poodles also tend to be relatively healthy.   However, they are quite prone to bloat, 
which is a serious condition that can cause   The stomach to fill with gas and twist, and 
certain skin conditions such as seborrhea and   Allergies. To keep a Poodle in tip-top condition, 
it is vital to keep them at a healthy weight,   As obesity can increase the risk of certain 
health problems. Feeding them a balanced diet   And ensuring they get regular exercise is a must.
Additionally, regular grooming is essential for   Poodles, as it not only keeps their coat in 
good condition but can also help identify any   Potential health issues early on. Despite these 
potential problems, many poodles live a long life,   With the smaller poodles reaching as much as 17 
years of age, while the standard and giant ones   Tend to live for 12 to 14 years.
Number 8: The best home for them:
  Are you looking for a furry bundle of energy 
to join your family? Look no further than the   Schnauzer! These adorable, bearded balls of 
energy are best suited for active families   Who have a lot of time to devote to their pup. 
They crave attention and love to be around their   Human companions. They are not well-suited to 
apartment living and do best in homes with a yard,   Where they can run and play to their heart's 
content. They also do well in homes with other   Pets and children as long as they are properly 
socialized. So, if you're looking for a loyal   And energetic companion to keep you on your 
toes, a Schnauzer might be the ideal match.
  On the other hand, if you're looking for a 
refined and elegant companion, a Poodle might   Just be the dog for you. While they do require 
some maintenance for their signature curly coat,   They also hardly shed at all which is ideal 
for those who hate vacuuming up dog hair.   Their more highly-strung personalities mean 
they are best suited for individuals who have   The time and energy to devote to their needs. Yet 
they can also do well in homes with children and   Other pets, as long as they are properly 
socialized. In both cases they will need   A decent amount of space to exercise, whether 
that's a nearby dog park or a large yard.   Lastly, Poodles are known for their 
intelligence and affectionate nature;  

They will strive to be your best friend. 
So, if you're looking for an elegant and   Loving pet that will keep you entertained, a 
Poodle may just be the perfect dog for you.

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