Shockingly Easy Way to FIX Your Dog’s FETCH 😳 #dogtraining #dogtrainer #fetch #hyperdog #dogs

Hey do you want to improve your dog's Fetch game try this counter-intuitive Trick practice inside find a soft toy or A ball that's safe for indoor play make Sure you have enough space to avoid Accidents and a surface that's not too Slippery start with short throws much More important to get successful Repetitions than it is to get messy long Repetitions this helps you perfect the Mechanics while keeping distractions to A minimum since the throws are short as Your dog gets better gradually increase The distance focus on repetition and Consistency shorter sessions with lots Of reps are going to help you master the Right habits finally once you're doing Great inside take your game outside and Start from the beginning just like you Did inside but here you'll likely see Faster progress since you've shown your Dog the fundamentals and set them up for Success check the comments for how to Teach your dog to fetch and address all Of the common pitfalls that people Experience like in follow for more

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