Should My Dog Sleep In Bed with Me?

Should your dog sleep in bed with you I Get asked this question all the time I Actually asked myself this question Um shortly after I got together with my Now husband Um I you know it was me and him in the Bed there's sometimes a kid or two in Our bed and we have three dogs so you Know I was starting to wonder like Should our dogs be sleeping with us are We not getting enough sleep is it you Know hurting doing any harm to us and Our human family members or any harm to Them so I decided to dive into it do a Little bit of research consult with my Veterinarian see what the actual facts Are and basically what it breaks down to Is it's pretty much up to you in the end But there has been some research done on This topic our recent study was done by The Mayo Clinic where um they wanted to See whether people sleep better or worse When they have their dog in bed with Them so the team of researchers made up Of pulmonologists psychologists and Statisticians analyze the habits of 40 Healthy adults without sleep Sleep Disorders who were in the habit of Having their dogs sleep in bed with them The evaluation period lasted for five Months and in one of the weeks both the Dogs and the owners had to wear devices To monitor their sleeping habits so the Results showed that sleeping with dogs

Whether in a bed or just in the room With you worsened the people's sleep and Cause many of them to wake up several Times during the night so one of the Things that were most affected was the Posture that you sleep in and that makes Sense because you know if your dogs are On the bottom of the bed you might pull Your legs up a little bit to give them Room I know one of my dog sleeps in Between my feet so my you know legs are Kind of always been in odd directions to Work around him although the quality of Sleep turned out to be lower than that Of a person who didn't sleep with Animals in the room the daughter wasn't Really alarming or a reason to kick your Pets out of bed with you the results Explain that people who slept with dogs In their bed achieved about an 80 sleep Efficiency and those who slept with Animals in their bedroom but not in bed With them about an 83 sleep efficiency According to experts normal efficiency Is between 85 and 89 and once you hit 90 You're at like Super efficient sleep so really I mean We're not talking about a huge decline In your sleeping efficiency by having Your pets in the room or in the bed with You sleeping pets makes some people feel Safer and calmer I know for me that's The case so that could actually lead to An easier time falling asleep and

Staying asleep so there's two sides to The coin and that's why I said it really At the end of the day it's kind of up to You there are pros and cons to it and You know you just need to decide there Have been studies that found that when Dogs are allowed to sleep with their Owners they can experience increased Issues with separation anxiety because You get that Bond where you're sleeping Together that's kind of the pack Mentality of a dog is to all sleep Together and so you're getting that Super strong bond which could be really Great or it could also lead to you know Some issues with some separation anxiety In the future Animals can also be a source of conflict In a couple's relationship it can Definitely generate some intimacy Problems having an animal in your bed All the time it's certainly something That you know if you do have a partner That sleeps in the same bed as you you Guys want to be on the same page when it Comes to your dogs because you don't Want to have you know trouble in your Relationship because your dogs are Sleeping in bed with you if you want More information on how to get a dog to Sleep in his own bed if you have a dog Sleeping in your bed and you're trying To get him out I haven't done a video Guide on that topic and you can check

That out here so my final thoughts are This the research seems to agree with Common sense if you or your pet have Health problems that would make it Unsafe to close sleep don't do it if you Have impact with you is causing problems With your domestic partner don't do it But if you're happier and your dog is Safe and happy then there really isn't Any scientific research that says that You shouldn't have your dog in bed with You for one reason or another

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