Solutions to Hard Questions: Illegal Dog Crate Debate, BADDEST Dogs I’ve Trained, Nonstop Barking

With us today is Veronica hey inertia We're going to be talking about unwanted Barking leash reactivity I have a Feeling today we're going to get into Some controversial politics in the dog World there is no controversy in the dog World have you guys gotten a Furbo yet Furbo's today's sponsor and it's a Product that we have genuinely I mean This we have genuinely used for years And years now verbo is a dog camera that Allows you to interact with your dog no Matter where you are you can talk to Them it's HD video you can toss treats To that the latest version of the Furbo Is the Furbo perfected it's almost Unrecognizable now it's like iPhone one Versus iPhone 14. you can turn the Camera around 360 degrees now you can Also subscribe to dog Nanny this is Really what separates Furbo sometimes Guess what you get busy and you don't Remember to check in on your dog and That's where this artificial Intelligence comes in with dog Nanny it Will actually notify you on your Smartphone that's a lot of Furbo alerts It says she's crying so I'm gonna check It Is barking if they're eating or drinking Which they may not always be supposed to Do for a book can detect a person in Your house verbal can detect emergencies There's so much that Furbo can do you're

Gonna take my job away I love the Furbo All of this is really good for training Too so she was bunking for a second but Then she resettled it can be very useful To know if your dog is making noise when You're not at home how many of you live In an apartment you guys need a Furbo Okay we've got to get into the video Here bottom line if you ever leave your Dog alone it'll really appreciate having It around we'll have a link below well If you're crazy and pretty unusual Questions have been pouring in so we're Gonna answer them what is the most Difficult Behavior case you've ever Taken on that's a hard question part of My process when working with a dog is Who is this dog that I'm working with What are their capabilities what do they Like what don't they like what do they Cut out for what are they not cut out For I can think of some tough cases that We've had on YouTube over the years so Can I remember the golden retriever Pretty hyper today but no surprise we Expected that I caught a lot of heat That was a lease training session Because he was out of control it was Like 98 Degrees and he didn't know it I Sure did because I'm drenched in sweat The whole time in the end you didn't Make that much progress that day a lot Of balance trainers have used this to Come at me online too they'll show clips

Of this dog pulling me all over the Place I think they missed the point of That video and the point of that video Is yeah sometimes it's hard sometimes You don't get instant results and when You're not willing to sacrifice the Long-term well-being of a dog in order To get results Then you know this is sometimes what Training looks like not Everyone likes To show their struggles on the internet I mean look if we're not going to show Realism what are we going to show we're Just going to show look how good a dog Trainer I am I mean dog training is one Of the most ego based professions out There it's kind of put in the category Of magicians or All-Star athletes who Are really gifted at something and dog Training is not like that sure certain People are more talented because they Put more time into it or they're more Interested in it when you look at dogs Training the way that we do it is a Scientific profession we try to remember That at all times when we're working With dogs but to name names the golden Retriever was a difficult day Oh the tree attacking dog we got there And we were like okay take us for a walk Show us your dog attacking the tree Let's see how bad this really is Whatever I was expecting It was not for that dog to just fully

Attack every tree he saw he goes right After it I mean my goodness definitely An outlier dog training appointment do You remember Chloe the rescue dog Whenever you show up to an animal rescue Place and say Hey I want to train a dog Give me a tough case they are happy to Do so what are you biting my shoe for It's my shoe I was afraid that she might Play bite you into the ER on that day You were concerned I know yeah you're Stiff arm with the leash and holding her Away from you was really good it wasn't Malicious biting but it was puppy biting That had gone unchecked with that adult Strength it made it really challenging To work with her more recently you guys Will remember chop 15 minutes ago I was ready to quit being a dog trainer Forever we did a whole series with chop He was really challenging mainly because He was extremely strong he sees dogs he Is like I've got to get to them geez he Was completely untrained when I got him And he'd been moving outside not just Outside but like on the streets with you Know very little structure or Direction In his life he had no idea how to live In a human world but in all of those Cases I was like all right what does it Take to motivate the dog to at least get Some traction do they like toys do they Like treats do they like the environment How can I reinforce events that I wish

To see repeated that's always what I'm Asking myself even though dog training Is a science the nuances from dog to dog Are quite different so you really have To cater to the individual dog in the Same way that you would a person when we Label a dog hard to train to me that's More of a red flag that we don't Necessarily understand where that dog's Strengths or weaknesses are yet we Haven't gotten to know the dog even in The case where a dog may have a learning Disability or even mental illness it's Logical to assume that some dogs do have That you as their teacher can calibrate To that and hold them to a standard that Is acceptable for that individual dog We'll see it all too often online Someone will slap a choke chain on a dog And be like look at that they don't pull Now because I just strangled them at the Neck for a few seconds or popped a leash Or or added pressure if we want to be Diplomatic and you know that's not Getting to know the dog and I think that Is very risky we can't just train Without quality of life in mind that's Not just you saying that there's a lot Of science to back that up so far I Don't want to be on the wrong side of Science I really don't that is not a Good place to be what is the toughest Experience you've ever had overcoming a Behavior issue or not overcoming it

Maybe you're currently struggling with It my dog barks all the time at what Seems like nothing Well dogs don't bark At nothing unwanted barking I mean yeah It's a thing virtually all dogs will go Through a barking phase at some point in Their life has your dog ever gone Through a barking face are they Currently an excessive barcode do you Like the fact that your dog barks to let You know for example when someone is at The door it's really easy to get annoyed With barking especially when it's really Excessive I think a lot of us really get In the habit of dismissing those Vocalizations as being meaningless but Remember dogs can't speak words they Have only so many ways they can express What's going on inside of them do your Best to understand that there is a Reason behind your dog's vocalizing and Address the cause of the dog sparking Rather than just trying to suppress the Symptom whatever it is they're trying to Say if you have a dog who's excessively Barking ask yourself are you Inadvertently reinforcing The Barking I Don't know maybe your dog's barking Because it's dinner time and they want Food and you're like okay okay just be Quiet here's your food that is teaching Them how to ask for their food by Barking right and so in that case you Would either want to feed them sooner

Before The Barking occurs or wait for a Significant period of Silence maybe in The beginning just a few seconds and Then feed them barking itself can be Reinforcing I think to some dog like When they have pent up energy and They're just like bark bark bark which Is why the number one way to resolve Unwanted barking you guessed it exercise Early in the day anecdotally we have Actually dealt with this ourselves Recently whenever the sun goes down My little dog seems Disturbed or barks At least it feels like she's saying What's going on the world disappeared The darkness that makes her bark or if It's Reflections in the window that Suddenly appear that weren't there Before or if it slights outside there's Something about that shift from daylight To dusk yeah that makes Veronica want to Bark even though I don't fully Understand what she's barking at I'm not Just like be quiet stop barking I try to Let her know that's okay that's normal That happens every day thanks for Letting me know notice how cautious brie Is being as to claiming why the Barking Is occurring I think that's important Whenever we're analyzing anything with Our dogs even though I don't know for Sure why she's barking I can still Validate that emotion I can still say You're barking at something it must be

Strange it's okay though don't worry That's normal it's all right Foreign Thanks for letting me know I don't want Her to feel like I don't hear her when She's trying to say something to me even Though I don't speak dog and so I think Acknowledging her barking before I just Ask her to be quiet is the way to go What does your dog bark at because some Of us don't understand what our dog is Barking at we took our dog to the vet For a bath and now he's petrified to Enter a bathroom with running water even When vets and groomers are really Careful and they really in a good faith Way try to get a dog comfortable with a Bath the fact that there's a time limit They have to get it done you're paying Them to get it done unfortunately this Is probably quite common because of that Any time that I've watched you try to Get a dog comfortable with a bath or Anything similar when they're Uncomfortable your effort is almost Completely focused on Breaking the Process down so that you can really Specifically identify the exact point Where a dog gets uncomfortable you know She's not taking treats that's a sign That she's a little anxious and maybe I Should just take a step back it sounds Like they have correlated their dog Getting really nervous service when they

Hear running water yes makes sense so Stop the running water yeah maybe fill Up the tub when your dog's not present Then it's a matter of really counter Conditioning them that is reversing Their current emotional state and trying To create a more optimistic emotional State in the presence of that water and That's great but I do understand it's Not always that simple I mean I filmed My first several baths with inertia and Even though inertia is perfect in the Bath she hears me talking about inertia Is perfect in the bath she doesn't like Them though she doesn't enjoy them I Know we're not gonna take a bath We're Not gonna take a bath sweet girl She just put herself in her crate this Is what she does when I when I say take A bath she's never had what I would Consider a bad bath experience it seems Like she's like can we just get this Over with so if your dog is super scared Break it down into smaller steps in the Meantime there are doggy wipes you can Use a sponge bath there are things you Can do to sort of keep them as hygienic As possible and be taller and understand Most dogs don't enjoy getting a bath What does your dog think about taking a Bath you know there's dogs out there That are like I can't wait for this it's Another thing we're doing yeah I love Dogs like that and tell me how you

Taught that so that I can get some tips What do you do when a dog is not very Motivated by food or toys it's almost a Bad question and here's why all dogs Assuming they're healthy must eat so to Say that they're not motivated by food Is disingenuous what most people mean When they say this is my dog won't take A treat in a particular context they're In the middle of a reaction towards Another dog or the barking at something Out of the window and they won't take a Treat that's different than a dog not Being motivated by a tree they're not Motivated by a treat in that particular Instance and you're likely trying to Take a step that is too big by saying Hey just try this you should like this You don't get to determine what Motivates your dog in a given context That's why we always break things down Into smaller steps versus trying to do Damage control when they're well over Threshold and that's the thing virtually All dogs are not going to take treats When they're over threshold when they're Over stimulated and so our job is to Manage them and not put them in that Situation until they're ready for it and That's a steady progression that we take Our time on which we've demonstrated Many times on this channel when many People ask this question it means they Have not yet gotten proficient at

Identifying their dog's threshold levels Yet if your dog isn't motivated by food Then you're likely asking them to Perform a certain way when they're over That Thresh hold and that's not where Your training efforts need to go that's Your cue I put my dog in a situation Where they're not receptive so much to Learning what I want to teach them right Now and I need to find easier versions Of this now as far as toys go that's a Little bit of a different story there Are definitely a good amount of dogs out There who are not motivated by toys but More dogs are motivated by toys than one Probably realizes so often when people Try to introduce a toy to a dog they're Just like throw it at them or toss it And like hey if you like this if you Like that they're not really trying to Get their dog engaged when I introduce a Toy to a dog tug of war is what I Usually go for so I'll just jiggle that Toil move it around like a little Squirrel and you see how she perks up When I did that whereas if I was just Like hey here I see so many people They'll get their dog excited about a Toy and then they just nip that Excitement in the bud by being like now Sit before I throw it meet your dog Halfway and play some of the game they Want to play too instead of just Insisting they play the game game you

Want to play in the beginning you want That excitement even if it's sloppy and They're jumping all over you right and You got to throw it don't don't hold Them to a standard great Point can you Train two puppies in the same house with Two different people training each dog There's a couple of ways to answer this Question number one can two people focus On training their project their dog or Puppy while the other person focuses on Training theirs yeah one person per dog You mean yeah I guess you could do that Why not can two people successfully Train one dog without confusing them Though it's a good idea to be on the Same page where you run into trouble is Where you have competing philosophies of How to teach this dog you really want to Make sure that you both take agency in The dog's well-being long term and that You're really focused on long-term Results and not short-term results I Would caution anyone from getting two Dogs at one time that's not something That I think I would do though life is Long you never know but even as a Professional trainer I wouldn't welcome That because it feels like two dogs are About four times the word for those of You who have multiple dogs and multiple People in your household how do you Approach that do you have one main Trainer or is everyone supposed to train

Equally do you care about consistency or Does everyone have their own way of Working with a dog this is good data for Us we both try to work with both dogs we Try to be on the same page yep and but Even in spite of that we still have Differences from time to time you saw Recently Bree loves using the bungee Leash are you trying to be provocative Is that provocative it's provocative why I still use it yeah and it seems to be Working out okay so maybe we are on the Same page Why does the leash trigger my Dog to have an outburst towards other Dogs the reason a lot of dogs will start Barking and lunging when on leash versus Not being on leash is because it's very Restrictive it can be very frustrating This is the thoughts our dogs need to be On leash in a lot of situations so as Someone hey hi cutie okay we have dogs Now one of the things that I've done to Combat leash reactivity in my own dogs Including inertia is to really Prioritize free walks on a long lead They can behave a bit more naturally They can Pace back and forth go ahead a Few feet stop smell something on the Ground now run back it gives them a lot More freedom to interact with the world It should occur in a place where there Aren't a lot of dogs you can always Drive to a park some old ball field There's a lot of ways to let your dog

Roam and smell for those of you who are Lucky enough to live in a more rural Area yes slow traffic dirt roads or some Of my favorite places to walk reactive Dogs because it's naturally wide it's Wide enough for a car so you have all That space and visibility to really keep Your eye out for animals and other dogs So just be understanding of the fact That a leash is restrictive to a doll And that can cause frustration and it Takes time to teach them how to adjust To that I think this goes without saying But unleash greetings especially for a Dog who's reactive not a good idea I Don't do unleash greetings it seems like There's a decent percentage of people That are dealing with their dog barking And lunging while on leash specifically Is that something you guys have dealt With let me know in the comments hi from Sweden Sweden is well known as one of if Not probably the most Progressive Country when it comes to the treatment Of dogs crates are illegal here right so Are prong collars and e-collars I don't Like prawn collars or e-collars again Because they approach behavior from the Outside in rather than truly motivating A dog how to behave and the science Indicates strong only that there are Long-term welfare concerns when using Those types of training methods so what Are your thoughts on the fact that all

Three of these things are illegal is it Equivalent interesting we use crates Yeah I use crates I frequently show People how to use crates yet I am very Much against the other things but They're all kind of put into that Illegal category so I mean what's going On here am I behind the times maybe Maybe crates are tomorrow's shock Collars I think it is easier to neglect A dog when you have a dog proof box to Put them in but are they inherently bad Or neglectful it feels like there is no Way to use a prong collar or an e-collar Except as intended except as an aversive But when a crate is used as intended It's a safe box for your dog I suspect The reason it's illegal is because of Misuse of the crate and putting dogs in There for an extended period of time and Neglecting them because dogs are very Active animals in general they need to Be able to walk and run and they can't Spend too many hours a day in a crate Without their quality of life really Being used the way that we use crates Are kind of as a bedroom for a dog I Always use an oversized crate so they Have plenty of room I mean inertia right Now the door is wide open well yeah you Saw her let herself into that crate when She wanted comfort in fact because we Let her know that she was not going to Have to take a bath and she chose to go

In there so I'd say in inertia's case Yeah that's her happy place that's where She goes when she wants to feel Comfortable yeah I mean I don't ever Have to force her into a crate or Anything like that crates are not good For all dogs or some dogs who just do Not do well in a crate and for those Dogs we shouldn't use crates the fact is That at least as I see it it's important To be able to control our dog's Environment at times if someone's at the Door for example and I don't want my dog Jumping on them I can say go to your Crate now I'm going to go answer the Door so they're controlled for a few Minutes until everything dies down and I Can let them out so I don't fully Understand the logic behind making crazy Illegal I certainly personally this is An opinion wouldn't put them in the Category of of choke chains or prong Collars or electric collars I do think That those are more harmful than not for Dogs especially since we know that Positive reinforcement training has been Shown time after time to give us Fantastic results probably quicker Results at least as fast that's what the Science says do you guys know of any Studies on crates out there I'm curious Because I'm aware of a fair amount of Science that indicates that aversive Tools like prong and e-collars are not

Advisable in pretty much any Circumstance with a dog but I'm not Aware of science around crates and it Could just be that I'm not aware of it So please let me know it seems as though The motivation behind the law is to Increase the quality of life for dogs I Can always appreciate that for those of You who live in countries where crates Aren't common do you miss them do you Agree with this idea that the crate Should be illegal and if so why is it to Make sure that the lowest common Denominator are people who misuse them Don't have that opportunity or is it Because you think they there's something Inherently wrong with using a crate to Control your dog's environment what are Your thoughts on the term owner and Parent Etc I don't like the term owner And the reason I don't like the term Owner as it relates to having a dog it Doesn't really describe the relationship Accurately I'm an owner of my car I'm an Owner of the chair that I'm sitting on I Own the computer but those aren't people Yeah you know what I mean but these days I think we're starting to settle on the Word Guardian I think that encapsulates What it means to have a dog so that's The term that I use I am my dog's Guardian how do you guys call yourselves As the caretakers of your pet do you Have a word do you say parent someone

Says hey I'm my dog's owner it's not Like I think oh gosh they're a terrible Person or whatever that because that's What we say in society I just don't Think it's the most accurate word we Could use I mean legally technically I Believe it's accurate as of now dogs are Classified as property and not as Persons although for those of you who Are interested let's talk about Personhood for dogs in the comments too Tell me what you think interesting you Don't know what I'm talking about maybe We'll make another video about it Someday ahead of your time did you guys Enjoy this video should I should I never Make a video like this again or do you Want to see more of these your feedback Means everything to us get a Furbo and I'll have a link below I think it's Going to make life a lot easier for you Dog Nanny will change your life it's Pretty awesome you can follow us on Social I think I'm giving up be real I Am still not giving up on Tick Tock even Though none of you go to my Tick Tock That's okay follow us on Tick Tock if You want dog talk is a mess let's take It back dog talkies take back dog talk Dude I am telling you this oh the most Toxic dog training I've ever seen is on Tick Tock it'd be great if we could turn The tide but I think the algorithm Really likes that controversial stuff so

What you know whatever the only thing That can change the algorithm is you Guys get a copy of both of Zach's books Also available in German Dear Miss tuned To trainer of YouTube I think it means Number one subscribe dog trainer on YouTube thumbs up if you enjoyed the Video subscribe you know it's to do tell Your friends about us take back dog talk Bye see you in the next video

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