SpotOn Virtual Fence Review: Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Collar

spoton virtual fence

Welcome to our SpotOn Virtual Fence Review.

If you have a dog, among your most significant worries is having them run away. What takes place when your dog goes out from the fence, slips off the leash, or chases after a squirrel right out of your backyard? The thought of this taking place can send out dog owners into a total panic, however, what if you do not need to fret about losing your dog again?

The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is the answer to letting your dog wander off-leash while still giving you ideal assurance at all times. We’re going to have a look and see why this virtual fence must be the first thing you purchase to keep your dog safe.


What is SpotOn Virtual Fence?

SpotOn Virtual Fence is the first and single wireless dog containment and GPS tracking system that lets dog owners take their dogs and virtual smart fence anywhere they go. Utilizing advanced, trademarked innovation and professionally-developed training programs, SpotOn Virtual Fence allows you to program containment locations just by walking a boundary with the SpotOn collar in hand– at home, at the beach, outdoor camping or anywhere in between where dogs can securely be leash-free. The whole system is a collar and a phone application that links to 3 worldwide navigation satellite systems and various cellular networks.

How Does SpotOn Virtual Fence Work?

Continuing our SpotOn Virtual Fence Review we can say that it utilizes 3 satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) to produce a trusted containment location for your dog– these are the satellites the FAA and United States military usages for navigation, not the ones that power satellite TELEVISION and radio.

Just walk the periphery with collar in hand to make a protected containment space of almost any sizes and shape – from 1/2 acre to 1000 acres.

In the unexpected occasion your dog breaches the containment spot, the SpotOn System will automatically track his location— giving you updates every 6 seconds, his place and distance to you, also driving directions to his geographic location. If it’s a fast slip and he comes right back, he will never get a correction for getting back.

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SpotOn Virtual Fence Characteristics

Save as much as 10 unique virtual smart fences, of nearly any shape or size– or immediately create a circular boundary.

Offers 20-36 hours of containment (depending upon the dog’s activity level) or eight hours of tracking.

With your first 60 days cost-free and for only $6.95/ month afterwards, you can trigger complete connection to track your dog to within 10 feet – with updates every 6 seconds.

The SpotOn Collar has an IP67 score, so your puppy can bathe, swim, and play in the rain. Developed to last, this collar can manage your dog’s wildest experiences.

The SpotOn System works on any ground, regardless of how uneven. The collar’s convenient “Pause” function lets you swiftly set your virtual smart fence by linking points, without needing to navigate difficult surface functions such as ponds, stones, and swampy locations.

Is the SpotOn Fence right for you?

These are things you are required to be sure of prior to purchasing.

Dog Size

The SpotOn Collar fits dogs with necks between 13″ and 24″ (usually weighing between 25-135 pounds depending upon breed).


SpotOn works best for properties 1/2 acre or bigger. GPS precision can differ as much as 10 feet, so you likewise want 15 feet from the outside of your border to any hazardous environments.

It is essential to prepare your fence to be a minimum of 80 feet broad at its narrowest point. This will guarantee your puppy has a lot of space to stroll without hearing the tones!

Training Time

Your puppy will need several sessions to train on the SpotOn Virtual Fence in your own backyard. Training at extra places tends to be much shorter.

Collar Care

Though the SpotOn Collar is water-resistant and made from long-lasting components, even it can’t withstand a determined chewer! If your dog is a chewer, you’ll have to ensure that the collar is taken off and put away when not in use. If your dog roughhouses with other dogs, please monitor their activity or remove it when playing.

SpotOn Virtual Fence Price

The SpotOn Virtual Fence costs $1,495. Though you will need a personal system for each dog in your household, the price does not increase based upon the size of your home (unlike typical wireless options). An automated 15% discount rate when buying 2 or more systems at a time.

Funding alternatives are also offered through Bread with month-to-month plans for 12, 18, or 24 months.


Optional Connection expenses $6.95/ month (after a 60-day free trial) let you get escape alerts, status updates, track your dog, and manage your maps from your mobile phone. Connection utilizes AT&T and T-Mobile networks (and works with your phone on any provider).

Since the SpotOn collar is like a smartphone for your dog, both the collar and your smartphone should have a cellular connection in order to get alerts and track your dog. To use the SpotOn system as a containment option just for your dog, you do not require to have a cellular connection.

Where To Buy SpotOn Virtual Fence?

You can buy SpotOn Virtual Fence at the official site of the manufacturer.


The SpotOn Virtual Fence Collar Itself

The collar is completely self-contained, and whatever you need is inside it: no additional wires, physical parts, or virtual software application to set up. The collar is entirely rechargeable and includes sufficient power for a twenty-four-hour charge. If somebody discovers your lost dog prior to you do, the collar shows the dog’s name and your contact number.

It’s likewise totally water-resistant, so if your dog likes to swim in the water, this is the best collar for him!

The owners are responsible for making the SpotOn Collar initially made night vision safety glasses for the United States armed force. Due to their previous experience and inspiration, you can feel confident that this technology is created with durability and accuracy. Aside from that, it is developed and produced in the U.S.A.!

Because the collar is self-contained, there’s absolutely nothing stopping it from being portable. You can take it to the park, to Grandmother’s home, and even to a new house if you move. Simply create a new fence, and you are good to go!


  • Extremely well-engineered, even when you compare the system to a few of the best unseen fences on the marketplace.
  • Functions extremely well with dogs of various sizes and characters, so you do not need to fret about its effectiveness.
  • No requirement to dig up your backyard to put in underground wires or to check on physical borders.
  • Extremely simple to adjust, letting you actually set up excellent play and workouts for your dogs no matter where you are.


  • The system requires cell coverage, which makes it really tough to use if you live off the beaten path or in a location with spotty coverage.
  • The cost point is quite high compared to other invisible fences, though you do get your money’s worth here.

Thanks for reading our SpotOn Virtual Fence Review.

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