Springer Spaniel – Top 10 Facts

Today we will look at 10 interesting facts 
about Springer Spaniels you need to know!
  One dog that often appears at the top of 
people's canine wishlists is the Springer   Spaniel; they were the U.K.'s sixth most 
popular pet in 2020 and the 27th most   Popular of all purebreds in the United States.
They have a wide range of positive attributes that   Combine to make them fantastic family pets. This 
rugged and intelligent dog was bred specifically   To work closely and effectively with humans.
Springer spaniels are always people-pleasing and   Can get along well with various other animals 
in many living situations. They are incredibly   Affectionate with their human family members, 
especially children. They're also highly energetic   And have an up-for-anything sort of attitude that 
makes them ideal pets for active families.   Now onto the facts about these dogs that 
will surely leave you amazed!
  Fact number 1: They have a noble history!
Onetime bred to be adaptable hunting dogs in   The British Isles, springer spaniels 
are currently making themselves right   At home as versatile, loyal companion 
animals across the United States.   They are one of the U.K.'s oldest dog breeds, 
there's evidence that spaniel-type dogs existed   In Britain as early as 300 AD, and we have 
clear records of them dating back to 7000 BC!
  They were intended to help flush out, or 
"spring," small animals and birds so that   Hunters could easily capture their game in a 
net or shoot it out of the air. Their impressive   Sniffing power and their rugged, semi-webbed feet 
also helped make them excellent hunting partners,   Whether on the ground or in water.
Though it wouldn't become its own distinct   Breed for another 600 years, even the giant 
Scottish rebel William Wallace or Braveheart,   Owned a springer spaniel named Merlin. 
Together they strode into the Battle of   Stirling Bridge in 1297. This wouldn't be the 
last time Springer Spaniels would go to war,   As you will find out later in this video. When the wheel lock firearm started to become   More common in the 17th century, the 
Spaniel soon thrived at flushing game   For "flying shooting" hunting. By the turn of 
the 19th century, spaniel litters were prized   Across the world and recognized for their 
natural talent as gun dogs.   Fact number 2: They have confusing cousins!
What's the difference between a Welsh springer   Spaniel, an English springer 
spaniel, and a Cocker Spaniel?
  Well, as it turns out, not a whole lot 
but enough to make them separate breeds.   They were only actually recognized as distinct 
breeds by the Kennel Club in 1902. Before that,   Litters of Spaniels would just be separated 
by size: the smaller dogs were designated   As Cockers and the larger dogs as Springers.
Additionally, Welsh springer spaniels do tend   To be slightly smaller than English springer 
spaniels. They also have differently shaped   Heads with straighter muzzles and skulls 
that are more domed than other spaniels.

To add a bit more complexity when trying to tell 
these dogs apart, there is also a field type and   A show type. The field spaniel is usually 
a smaller dog with a shorter coat and ears   And was bred to be a working gundog. Meanwhile, show spaniels have a taller,   Heavier build, longer coats, and bigger ears. 
Can you tell the difference between all these   Dogs at a glance? Let us know!
Fact number 3: They can smell out trouble!
  English Springer Spaniels are brilliant 
at using their nose and are often used   By the police to search for things 
like drugs, explosives, and guns.
  It's said that their sense of smell is over 
100,000 times more acute than that of humans.   It can be hard to imagine because, as humans, our 
world is predominantly governed by what we see.
  For your Spaniel, its world is 
determined by its sense of smell,   With other senses being less important.
If we were put into visual terms,   Then a human could see something clearly that was 
about a third of a mile away. But a spaniel could   See the same thing if it were 3000 miles away! Another way to explain it is that while a human   Might notice if their coffee has a teaspoon of 
sugar in it. One of these dogs could detect that   Teaspoon of sugar in over a million gallons of 
water or two Olympic-sized swimming pools!   It's an impressive ability and can 
be utilized for a range of tasks.
  In 2015 an English Springer Spaniel called Ruby 
trained as part of the U.K. Border Force as a   Cash detection dog, and she ended up sniffing 
the Queen's handbag. It was said that because   The dog did not sit down, she confirmed that the 
Queen did not carry any wads of cash around.
  When they are not sticking their snout in the 
belongings of royalty or searching airports   For contraband, Springer Spaniels can often 
be found following trails only they can find   While on walks or, more likely, appearing 
out of nowhere when you open a snack!   Fact number 4: They have boundless energy!
The word 'springer' in their name says it   All. Springer Spaniels don't just walk; they 
sprint and jump through the air to get from   A to B. Some people get overwhelmed by all 
this energy and may wish there was a 'stop'   Button. This breed has almost endless energy 
reserves and is always ready to play! Springer   Spaniels are happy hunting in the fields 
or fetching in the park. As sporting dogs,   These spaniels need plenty of exercise and 
should not simply be apartment dwellers.   However, they are very adaptable and show 
some variation in energy between individuals.
  Most Springers will take exercise whenever they 
can get it, and they may become a bit hyperactive   Without it. This dog does love to join in on 
family activities and will become quite sad if   They feel like they're being left out! Considering 
the Springer Spaniel's history as a working dog,   It's a no-surprize that they need plenty of 
exercise. Once your pup reaches adulthood,   They'll need between 1 and 2 hours a day, 
depending on whether they are from a show  

Or working line. Also, because Springer 
Spaniels are so intelligent, their brains   Must be given as much exercise as their bodies. 
A plod around the block won't cut it for these   Active pups! Take them out to safe, open areas 
where they can be off-lead or on a long line.   As hunting dogs, the best way to keep them 
entertained is by mimicking those kinds   Of activities. So let them sniff, play 
lots of scent and hiding games, fetch,   Or even run through their training when out 
on a walk and they'll thank you for it!
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  Fact number 5: They are excellent hunting dogs!
As we mentioned earlier, the Springer Spaniel is   An old breed and a versatile hunting dog used 
in numerous hunting situations. The Springer   Has proven itself able to hunt everything 
from upland game to waterfowl while being   An excellent companion adding enjoyment 
and efficiency to each hunting trip.
  With rudimentary obedience training 
and some initial field training,   This breed can fulfill most hunters' 
desires, and there is nothing to compare to   A springer's hard-charging trailing of a bird. Moreover, the Springer can quarter efficiently   In front of a hunting party, staying within 
gun range and periodically checking back to   Confirm it maintains a proper working distance. 
This pattern allows for a quieter hunt, with the   Handler able to observe their springer companion 
methodically and carefully searching the field in   Front. With experience, they will even utilize 
the wind and learn to "cut off" fast-running   Birds and get in front of them, thus placing 
the bird between them and the hunter, allowing   For a better shooting situation. Fact number 6: They can run like the wind!
  It goes without saying that a field-bred springer 
spaniel is adept at running great distances while   Chasing and retrieving prey for hunters. Generally 
speaking, these dogs are very energetic and can   Easily accompany you on a five mile jog! They may 
not be racing dogs, but they are far from slow,   With the highest speed recorded by the AKC being 
28.49 mph! They can achieve tremendous speed with   Proper training and have the stamina to go all 
day. The Spaniel Field Trial Association organizes   Hunting and sporting games yearly where several 
dog breeds compete. Springers are among the most   Competitive breeds and have shown excellent 
caliber in springer spaniel field trials.   They are also very clever dogs, so be prepared 
to increase your activity levels to match and   Spend some time running with your Spaniel. Boredom can lead to destructiveness – this is   Not a breed that enjoys a sedentary lifestyle 
or to be left alone. They are at their happiest   When working or just being with their owners. 
If you're looking for an active dog with endless  

Enthusiasm and a genuine desire to please, the 
springer spaniel may tick many boxes for you.   All in all, this busy and jovial breed 
makes for an outstanding running buddy!
  Fact number 7: They've lived in the Whitehouse!
Perhaps the most famous dog in White House   History, Millie, was George H.W. Bush's springer 
spaniel that stayed with him throughout his term   As President of the United States. This Springer 
became part of pop culture and was even portrayed   In episodes of Murphy Brown and The Simpsons.
She was also mentioned by name in Bush's   Presidential stump speeches.
Moreover, she actually became a New   York Times bestselling author with her adventures 
as First Canine in a tour of her famous residence.   This was, of course, alongside her equally 
famous owners and dictated by Barber Bush.
  What's more, one of Millie's 
offspring, Spot Fetcher, would   Go on to serve as another president's First Pet. George W. Bush brought this Springer with him for   The first four years of his administration, making 
her the only pet so far to live in the White   House for two non-consecutive terms.
Fact number 8: They are easy to train!
  Springer spaniels are exceptionally easy to train 
because they are friendly, obedient, and eager   To please. They are highly receptive to training 
that requires agility, flexibility, and of course,   A high energy level. Oftentimes these dog breeds 
are trained as show dogs or even to win dog   Championships. Naturally an active, extroverted 
type, the Springer Spaniel is friendly, quick to   Learn, and eager to please. Show varieties can be 
less active and appear calmer than working types;   However, all retain the desire to find 
items and carry objects in their mouths.   They make great companion dogs for 
the active outdoor family if their   Needs are understood and met. It's their natural instincts and   Ability to follow directions that gets 
them the job as drug and bomb-sniffing   Dogs and ensure they excel in dog sports. This breed does have a slightly crazy streak   Though, and is best suited to an active household 
where they'll get plenty of exercise; otherwise,   Their obedience could come into question.
  What's your favorite fact 
about Springer Spaniels?   Let us know in the comments and share 
your thoughts with other enthusiasts!
Fact number 9: They love water!
  Springer Spaniels are well known for their LOVE of 
water. They will always enjoy a trip to a beach,   River, or lake and can be a little obsessed 
with it to the point where they will also   Relish leaping into puddles and even water 
bowls just as much. With Springers, you   Should be ready for mud and water to be tracked 
through the house and for tons of doggy baths!
  This is not a particularly dainty breed, nor one 
for very proud housekeepers. They naturally take   To water activity due to their heritage and 
hunting background. Whether their owner wants  

To swim in a pool or pond or wants to splash their 
feet in a creek, the Springer Spaniel will make a   Perfect companion for this type of activity. Highly intelligent, they will learn to swim   Quickly alongside a dedicated companion 
who teaches them the ropes of what is   Safe and not safe water play. This breed is a natural choice for   Potential dog owners looking for a versatile 
dog breed that loves to be active and swim or   Play in the water. They will enjoy the fun 
had in the water and the physical activity   And companionship it can bring.
Fact number 10: They are war heroes!
  Over the years, several Springer Spaniels 
have been awarded The Dickin Medal,   Which is often referred to as the animal 
equivalent of the Victoria Cross in the   U.K. or the Purple Heart in the U.S.
One of these was a Springer named Theo,   Who served as a bomb detection dog for the 
British Army while stationed in Afghanistan.   He was one of the most successful working dogs 
during the Afghanistan war, having made more   Bomb finds than any other during his five months 
stationed there for a total of fourteen finds.   In fact, he had proved so successful that Theo's 
stay in the country was extended by a month. Theo   Saved many lives but, unfortunately, was himself 
killed in the line of duty after coming under fire   From Taliban insurgents while on patrol.
Another brave Springer named Buster later   Took up the mantle as a military 
detection dog during the Iraq War.   Buster and his handler were assigned to the 
Duke of Wellington's Regiment at a time where   British troops were experiencing random 
rocket attacks. Buster was called in after   Three failed searches of a property suspected 
to be an extremist group's headquarters.   The Spaniel quickly found a concealed cache of 
weapons hidden in a wall cavity. It had been   Covered with a sheet of tin and then 
had a wardrobe pushed in front of it,   Yet he still sniffed it out!
Items in the cache included an AK-47,   Grenades, and bomb-making equipment. Thanks to 
his actions in discovering these hidden weapons,   The dog was credited with saving 
service personnel from terrorists.
  Buster was considered so valuable to the 
military that he had his own protective   Gear in case of a chemical or biological attack. After his tour Buster was awarded a Dickin Medal   For his efforts and became the 60th animal to be 
awarded the medal since its introduction in 1943.
  Happily, Buster was able to retire from his long 
service after another tour in Afghanistan but   Remained the RAF Police mascot until 2015.
These dogs are clearly exemplary members of   Their breed, and their stories show just 
how amazing Springer Spaniels really are!

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