Stop Punishing Jumping & Barking #dogtrainer #dogtraining #dogtraining101 #puppytraining #barking

So often barking and jumping are two Sides of the same coin both are ways That dogs often express their needs and They go hand in hand these behaviors Aren't random they're connected to our Dog's emotions and how they interpret Their surroundings those are such Powerful clues for example a dog might Bark excessively due to fear anxiety or Excitement or worry because they're just Bored they might jump on you because They're eager to play or because they Haven't seen you in so long like five Minutes in some cases or more simply They've learned that it gets them the Attention they crave by tuning into our Dog's emotions we're able to get at the Heart of their behavior and that's how We're going to make changes that stick It's about solving a problem not just Hitting the mute button on their quirks So we've got to tailor our training Approach to really fit their emotions in Those moments what do you think are the Emotional motivations behind your dog's Jumping and barking Behavior tell me Below are they excited to see you Seeking attention nervous bored or maybe Even scared once you start to understand The motivations that are driving your Dog's Behavior you're much more equipped To actually address it

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