Stop Training Your Dog! instead do this.

Welcome back to the channel and I am Going to be honest with you I want you To stop training your dog I'm asking you To stop training your dog using Traditional methods of dog training Because it doesn't work because if it Was working you wouldn't be here you Wouldn't be looking for Solutions you Wouldn't be looking for videos and Answers to the problems that you're Having so you would be training your dog Because dog training should be and Should have been so easy that you Shouldn't have been looking for answers So in this video I want to encourage you To stop training your dog and start Training your dog the proper way so when We are talking about training dogs we Mostly focus on training dogs using Traditional methods of dog training Which are basically using treats Aversive methods Force dominations and All those negative forms of training But I want you to stop training your dog Using those because first of all you Don't get the results that you want Using those methods also it very time Consuming to train dogs using Traditional method of Doctrine and I'm Sure you can see it in your own Experience and also you can see it Around you all the dogs are misbehaving At least most of the dogs that you see Are misbehaving they have some form of

Behavioral issues they are not listening To humans dog owners are also getting Frustrated therefore I'm sure and you Know now that traditional dog training Doesn't work if it did then we wouldn't Have this issue with dog training and Using traditional methods of dog Trimming is one of those methods that You have to be really knowledgeable About dogs in order for that system that Method of dog training to work on your Dog and for you now I'm not saying that Traditional dog training doesn't work at All there are so many well-behaved dogs There are so many dog owners who have Trained their dogs and they have great Dogs they listen they behave properly And all that but that is very small Percentage of all the dogs and you may Be one of those as well you have had a Dog before and you have another dog now But you're not able to train your dog And most of the time I would say the Reason you're not training your dog is Because training dogs seems complicated It takes time also probably you don't Know what you're supposed to do how are You supposed to train dogs most people When they have a dog the first thing That they do is they start looking for Solutions To solve the problems that they have and They start looking for Solutions on Internet

Right or they ask the neighbor or ask The friends or family members or the People that they see on their dog's walk So that's how you probably gather Information And when you are gathering information Like that from various sources you get Overwhelmed with information not only Get overwhelmed with the information you Get various forms of information that Stops you from actually doing the right Thing or you will be doing all of those Testing them hoping that one of them is Going to work out for you now when you Do that when you are working with Different or various information and Techniques and ideas and implementing it On your dog not only you are not doing It properly you're not training your dog You're confusing your dog you're Stressing your dog you're making the Training experience of yours and your Dogs in a way that it won't be effective Both for you and your dog so the reason You don't don't get results is because You're testing you're not 100 confident Of what you're doing is right or not is It correct or not so most dog owners Probably including you are spending a Lot of time trying to find Solutions Rather than training your dog so that is The reason you're not getting results Because you're spending time you're Spending energy on the wrong thing so

Here's the solution pick one method of Dog training and just follow through That for a while try that method for a While and then see the results if it's Not productive if it's not giving you The results that you want try another Method but you have to try a method for A while the reason you have to try a Method for a while is because it takes Time for you to get used to the Mechanical part of that Training Method And also your dog has to get used to That as well and takes time for a dog to Learn takes time for you to put time Into training itself so therefore it Takes a while to get results now if you Want a shortcut and easy solution to This problem that we have is basically Using play and praise reward system as Your method of dog training because this Method is not traditional method of dog Training it's not what 99 percent of dog Owners use and 75 percent of them are Not getting results so since that system Again is not working out why don't we Try a new method that actually works and That method is using play and praise Reward system in this channel I have Shared information about how to use play And praise to reward your dogs whether You have a beagle whether you have a German Shepherd whether you have a Doberman whether you have a Chihuahua it Works every dog is playing and or praise

Motivated and you can tap into that by Improving your relationship and getting Results so one tip that I have is when You're training your dog start using Your leash why is it that I suggest Using leash Is because leash allows you to control Your dog and we'll work on this idea in The next video so make sure to subscribe To the channel but I'm going to give you A preview of upcoming video that you can Watch and learn so why is it that we're Using leash to train our dogs it's not To dominate our dogs it's not to reduce The freedom of the dog it's not it's not To use it in a negative way so here's Annie Annie come on Annie is over here And he's free on free right so Annie Come So when I call Annie come for example She can choose not to come right so Therefore My training is not going to work but If I go ahead and attach the leash to Any Come Do you see what happened The training works as soon as you put The leash on so this tool teaches the Dog that I am under control of this Human Right so I better listen to this human So simply by changing one A method here which is just putting the

Leash on the dog we already have a dog Who's listening who's behaving properly And he can relax and do exactly what we Want it to do so in the next video we're Going to keep dive in this method of dog Training I'm going to share more tips And solutions for you but for now I just Want you to stop training your dog the Wrong way the traditional method of dog Training and start using a new refreshed Modern effective and simple and form dog Training of using play and praise as a Reward system if you have any questions Leave those questions in the comments Area and if you want to improve your Dog's leash walk I have a video right Here then you can go ahead and watch That and I'll see you on the next video Good girl Annie you were so good All right come on

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