Surviving an Encounter with a Grizzly Bear while Training Our Dogs!

Oh look oh there's a bear there's a bear Ray there's a bear we're committed to Showing you how we teach our dogs Literally everything from basic skills To raising emotionally intelligent and Well-behaved dogs subscribe to see how We do it all welcome to the dog training Experience click thumbs up for a new Video guys It is so surprising to find out how few People know about this food for dogs it Is like nothing else on the market it's Called Nom Nom it comes completely Frozen you throw it in the freezer and You just rotate out the food every Couple of days as they defrost in the Fridge as you can see they're Pre-portioned The food is so good you don't even want To set it on the ground it feels like it Should be eaten at the table I know a Lot of people use it in combination with Other food that they give their dog that Makes it budget friendly while still Giving you so many of the benefits of a Fresh food diet beef Mash oh look at This beef potatoes eggs carrots and peas And you can see all of the ingredients In there you know you can breathe Between bites right Veronica if you're Just a little bit curious about this Food and how it affects your dog Nom Nom Is going to make it super easy to try They're giving you half off a two-week

Trial so you can make up your mind go to My special link I'll have it in the Description Zach I feel like I'm inside of some type of French Painting or something oh look oh there's A bear there's a bear Brave there's a Bear Right there Ray a wild grizzly bear's gotta be one Of the most exciting things you can see In nature and their reputation is that They fear no animal that's a grizzly Bear right there I believe you can tell That's a grizzly bear by the hump It's looking right at us too if I need To look behind me can you make sure There's not a bear behind me yep there's Not just me I wonder if it's thinking About coming over here I got plenty of Room I know they're quick but I can I'm Pretty sure I could get away if I had to Wow Look at you are you smelling us Then it occurred to me what probably Occurs to everyone who has a dog after They see a bear I wonder if I should do Some training with inertia in the Presence of a bear I want to see if I'm Able to get a nurse's attention on me I Also want to make sure that inertia Doesn't bark at this bear further Escalating a situation so giving her Access safe access hopefully look at That thing at this distance

Is what I'm hoping to do to desensitize Her and give her that exposure but wow That is not a small bear throughout the Nurse's early life she was always Excited to see other animals from Squirrels to mules to Moose and Everything in between so much so that She would lose all composure sometimes Due to excitement or being unsure or Being downright scared sometimes now I've been testing inertia very Consistently and regularly especially Over the last 18 months or so around Animals and really trying to work within Her limit I love that inertia is Acknowledging the Bear right now but not Barking she sees it this is really great So maybe she's not quite as surprised Next time she sees it because the most Important thing when encountering Wildlife like this Is that our dogs are under control and Not making matters worse Holy cow good girl isn't that awesome Look at that There you go good girl Since Veronica isn't as trained as Inertia yet this is still a good chance To show her a bear and let her observe It while not asking her to do anything At all remember small steps are your Friend in dog training yep well Zach's Showing Veronica and the bear has Decided to swim at us again

It's just a curious Bear yeah I was Looking for his breakfast just like you Good you're doing a good job relax we're Gonna relax when we see you there I'm feeling her heart rate good girl Her heart rate's a little bit increased But not so much so we want to consider Our dog's mental health consider what Life stage they're at evaluate their Emotional state at every moment we're Training them and we really want to Consider any stress that they may have During experiences like this but the aim Is to expose them to events like this Without causing an overreaction and this Very unique setup allows us to have a Pretty healthy distance while also Giving the dog some exposure to what a Grizzly bear looks acts and smells like The bear's coming right at us oh yeah we Can go it's almost time to go on to our Next dog training adventure and it's Worth mentioning that Bree and I are Traveling in separate cars on this Journey It's okay Hey I'm trying to film an outburst of my Dog at this train right now but I don't Have I don't know what to do actually if You have advice I'll take some Back in the crate is that right yeah That's the reason I don't really know How to reinforce but she's good she's Being a little more quiet now that she

Hears you actually Go Veronica that's quiet in some cases It's not always about positively Reinforcing Behavior sometimes it's About reassurance and tolerance as it is Here with Veronica trains sometimes Cause an emotional display of Vocalization from Veronica on road trips And that's okay Oh my God Thank you I think that was helpful good Girl Veronica it was time to get settled At our next spot which just happened to Be you guessed it right next to a train Track looks like we're gonna have some Additional training opportunities here Train when it comes to barking so much Of dog training is centered around Getting dogs to stop barking but those Underlying emotions shouldn't be ignored In this case Veronica is likely thrown Off by a train at such close range and She continues to bark a bit but her Overall body language and emotional State seemed to suggest that she's Becoming a little more comfortable with The trade Yes good one that was very good you Looked right at the train now Bree is a Master at pairing the treats something Desirable with the presence of a train Something that seems to cause some Anxiety with Veronica This is a great example of cancer

Conditioning Veronica has a decent Understanding of relax from past Training so brie is drawing upon that Skill and that experience and the fun Association of getting good treats when She relaxes to counter this anxious Response which manifests as repetitive Parking I cover how to do a lot of this Desensitizing in both of my books I'll Have links below we've been driving for Four days these dogs have not gotten Enough exercise so I'm just out here Chilling with inertia playing with her Even though inertia is pretty well Adjusted to the world I'm really focused On maintaining and improving her social Skills in public I'm able to get some Work done out here while doing some Screensaver training with inertia it's a Nice quiet environment with the Occasional passerby on the path over Here so Really good experience for her Socialization never stops she's on a Long lead I've attached her leash To a 10-foot tie out over here just to Maintain control of the environment While I work there's a dog in the Distance over there that she's looking At right now and she's a little curious Um I'm gonna try and keep her calm right Now inertia Lie down

A girl Relax I want to be like these guys playing Fetch in the park they got the right Idea I'm right there with you guys that Is the life even though my dog inertia Is generally calm around other dogs I Still make sure to regularly expose her To different stimuli and a relaxed State This helps to ensure that she remains Calm and collected in various situations And since inertia is already in a Relaxed state after playing some fetch Earlier she is particularly receptive to Training and desensitization at this Time it's not beneath inertia to get Excited by the puppy walking by so I Just wanted to really make sure that I Reminded her how I expect her to behave Pay attention to me when I ask for her Attention because at the end of the day We have to take responsibility for Keeping our dogs under control Especially in public like we are right Now I'd say she's adjusting very well Exposure to novel environments is a Critical part of dog training to me I Believe that exposing dogs to new Environments is an essential part of Training and one of my favorite methods Is called screensaver training where I Allow my dog to observe the world Passing by from a safe and secure place I find this type of training can be

Incredibly valuable in helping dogs Learn and adapt to new surroundings this Is another great benefit to screensaver Dog training I mean we're letting her Observe the boat that's throwing her off A little she's now seeing that glassy Water start to move around a lot that Wasn't happening before she's been Getting more and more comfortable with Water I've been kind of letting letting Her do it on her own terms throw me that Frisbee don't throw it in the water Oh yeah Somebody can't hurt to give her some Encouragement to explore the water There we go good girl now this place That we're staying at does require dogs Be on a lead we've now got Veronica and Inertia on really long tie out so we're Trying to give them a lot of freedom Here and they look completely content I Don't think they mind being on the tie Out when you can see in a nurse's case It's quite a long one one of the biggest Benefits to trips like this I just can't Emphasize this enough getting to show Your dogs new places this is especially Important for a young dog like Veronica We've been really going out of our way To show her new places and to teach her How to act normal in those places or to Have good manners I should say you want To settle that works it's a nice settle And we've got Veronica out here Veronica

You can see how she's using that nose Right now doesn't seem too hyper aroused Nor does she seem too lethargic she's Stimulated right now it's normal for Dogs to be easily distracted when Outside or in unfamiliar places due to All of the interesting sight smells and Sounds Veronica come Good girl that's what I'm talking about Good girl let go ahead There it is Good girl yeah Two in a row S up Good girl yeah Who's on fire who's on fire Veronica's Making so much progress with her frisbee Training and we're gonna go into that in More depth later however there may be Some challenges ahead as training in a Peaceful rural setting may be easier Than in a bustling City we'll address Those challenges as they come up Nom Nom Is a really premium food choice for your Dog they're giving you half off a Two-week trial go to my special link [Music]

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