Thanksgiving Dinner for Dogs Recipe

[Music] Foreign Coming up right around the corner I Wanted to share this recipe with you Guys it's a Thanksgiving dinner for dogs This is a healthy recipe that you can Share with your dogs on Thanksgiving day It's also a recipe that you might want To work into your homey dog food replica Um of course just check with your Veterinarian if this is something that You're going to feed long-term you want To make sure that you chat with your vet Or a canine nutritionist about asking For any supplements or additional Ingredients that you'll need to add to Make it a balanced meal for your dog Every dog has unique individual Nutritional needs so while this might be A great recipe for some guys it's not Going to be balanced for every dog so Just check with your vet if this is Something that you want to feed long Term and not just as a Thanksgiving Day Treat This Thanksgiving dinner for dogs is a Crock pot recipe Um you could certainly use leftover Thanksgiving items if you have those on Hand Um just make sure like there are sweet Potatoes in this recipe and you want to Make sure it's just the sweet potato you Don't want to be feeding your dog our

Traditional sweet potatoes that have Maybe brown sugar or marshmallows or Anything like that in them it needs to Be just the whole food ingredients so if You happen to have those whole food Ingredients left over already cooked you Can mix them all together and just cook Up some of the ingredients that you're Missing for example there's rice and Quinoa in this recipe and you may not Have those as your Thanksgiving Leftovers if you do use turkey roast Turkey you want to use light white meat Only you don't want to use the dark meat Because that's a higher fat content so In my crock pot I'm gonna add one cup of Water Yeah and then I have a pound of ground Turkey obviously Thanksgiving hasn't Happened yet so I don't have my Thanksgiving leftovers I'm just going to Use ground turkey I have one large sweet potato that I Chopped into pieces appropriately sized For my dogs half a cup of dry brown rice And half a cup of quinoa I use the white Quinoa but you can definitely use Tri-color if you have that on hand it Doesn't matter and then I have three Celery stalks and three large carrots That I've chopped in there and the final Ingredient is two cups of chicken broth I use a low sodium organic chicken broth And I would definitely recommend getting

The low sodium option if that's Available to you so I am going to cook This on low for about four hours when It's finished cooking I add my final Ingredient and that is just a cup of Frozen peas you could use canned peas Too you can add those at the very end Because the recipe is already hot and It's just going to soften those peas or If you're using canned peas it's going To warm them a little bit but you want To make sure that everything is cooled To room temperature Before serving it to your dog so here is Um this part of the recipe we're gonna Cook it on low for four hours and then I'm gonna add my cup of frozen peas to The end give everything a good stir and Once it's cooled you can serve it to Your pet if you're looking for serving Size information or nutritional Guidelines just click the link below This recipe all of that information is There if you're wondering how much Protein carbs you know nutrients are in This recipe just click the thankful of The video you can get all of that you Can also print the recipe out as I Mentioned I would definitely take it in If you're going to be feeding this Recipe long term take it into your Veterinarian or your canine nutritionist That you're working with and just show It to them they may think that it

Provides balanced nutrition for your dog As is or they may recommend adding a Supplement or two or a multivitamin to The recipe to meet your dog's Nutritional needs if you have any other Questions feel free to email us thanks For watching this recipe guide [Music]

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