The best SMART Pet Collar to get for your dog!

The Wagz Freedom?! The Whistle Switch or Link Smart Pet Wearable? Perhaps the Fitbark 2nd gen GPS Tracker or
the Fi Series 2? Which one should you buy?! In this video, we are going to look at the
top Smart Pet Collars available on the market Today and tell you which one is best for you! We made this list based on our own opinions,
research, and customer reviews. We've considered their quality, features,
and values when narrowing down the best choices Possible. If you want more information and updated pricing
on the products mentioned, be sure to check The links in the description box below. So, here are the top five Smart Pet Collars
The fifth product on this list is the Fitbark 2nd gen GPS Tracker. Dogs are such curious creatures but their
inquisitiveness can come off as annoying to Their owners sometimes when they suddenly
decide the neighboring yard is much more interesting. Just as your smartwatch comes in handy in
tracking your location in real-time and monitoring Your health and fitness activities, the Fitbark
2nd gen GPS tracker smart pet collar offers The same benefits to your dog, giving you
real-time details about them on your mobile Device. This product is useful for everyone who has
a dog because it eliminates the need to worry About your pets' whereabouts, especially if
they have a knack for wandering off. This device works with an embedded sim card
that connects to various networks including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. We particularly liked that you can create
geofences on the Fitbark app and receive notifications Every time your pet goes beyond the safe space
or whenever they return from their wandering Adventure. It takes about three minutes for you to receive
a notification on your smartphone when your Pup leaves the safe space you created. This is because both cellular data and GPS
modules boot up during such times to verify Your pets' location to minimize sending you
a false notification. Also, you can review their location history
and see where they have been when you were Not looking. Being able to track your pups' activities,
sleep quality, distance, calorie balance, Anxiety, skin conditions, and overall health
and behavior 24/7 makes this a worthy investment

To rid yourself of unnecessary worries about
your pet. The best part is that you can link the tracker
to your Apple, Fitbit, Google Fit, or HealthKit Smartwatch and get the details of their activities
alongside yours. To enhance its durability, the tracker is
waterproof and dog-bite proof plus it runs On a rechargeable battery that lasts for over
four weeks on a single charge. Its pros are:
* It tracks the location and health of your Pup
* The lightweight makes it a comfortable fit For dogs as small as 5 pounds; and
* You can link the tracker to your Apple, Fitbit, Google Fit, or HealthKit smartwatch. However, its cons are:
* It only works in the US; and * The clip charger is flimsy. The Fitbark's 2nd Gen GPS tracker is for pet
owners who want to monitor their pup's location And health activity most efficiently while
keeping them safe from wandering off. Up next in fourth place is the Link Smart
Pet Wearable. This is a stylish yet smart device that will
give you details about your pups' where and Activities in real-time. With this device, you won't have to worry
about having your pup around you all the time Since you can see where they are and what
they are doing from your smartphone. The tracker connects to your smartphone via
Bluetooth, wifi, and cellular technology. We like that this doesn't stop at being a
tracker alone but can also act as a training Tool for your pup. In addition to being able to customize virtual
fences via the app so that you receive notifications Whenever they go beyond the safe space. This serves as a positive reinforcement to
encourage good behavior in your pet. Via the Link app, you can customize exercise
goals for your pets based on their age, breed, Size, and behavior to keep them active and
healthy. Also, you can monitor most of their activities
such as temperature, health, etc., and easily Find out whenever there's something wrong. Not only is this device functional but durable
as it is both impact and water-resistant. To make it versatile, the manufacturer added
multiple collar attachments to the package So that you can easily attach the device to
any collar or harness of your choice. Note that you have to subscribe to a GPS plan
to get complete access to the various features Of the app. As for the battery life, you get about 14
days on a single charge, which is above average

When compared with that of its counterparts. All in all, it is a worthy investment for
any dog lover. Its pros are:
* It has built-in tones and vibrations for Reinforced corrections
* It tracks your pups' location in real-time; And
* It is impact resistant and waterproof. However,
* The tracking feature requires a decent wifi Connection in your home to be accurate in
telling you when your dog goes out of bounds. The Link smart pet wearable is for pet parents
who want a lightweight collar attachment packed With advanced technology that helps you keep
track of your adventurous canine friends. Still haven't found a Smart Pet Collar that
meets your needs? Well, keep watching because we have more lined
up for you. Meanwhile, if this is your first time visiting
our channel, be sure to subscribe and hit The bell icon to receive notifications of
our next videos. The third product on this list is the Fi Series
2. This next unit is a smart wearable and complete
animal care ecosystem packed with a diverse Range of features connecting you as a pet
parent to all aspects of your pet's health, Safety, and well-being. Despite being a small device, it features
long-range GPS tracking that enables you to See your dog's location and get him back in
case he is trying to escape. On top of that, pairing it with the Fi app
will give you access to more features and You even get to see your dog's location history
and view all of your or your dog walkers' Previous activities with your pup. The device sends an alert almost immediately
after your pup gets out so you can find them Before they get lost or into trouble. This feature is fast and more accurate than
most of its counterparts. Plus, we like that it has an impressive battery
life that lasts up to three months between Charges and even comes in varying color options
and designs giving you some fancy options For your little friend. Its pros are:
* It tracks both activity and location accurately * It comes in different styles and colors;
and * It sends speedy escape alerts so you can
be on the case in seconds. However, its cons are:
* It may be too big for dogs under 10 pounds; And
* There are too many spam notifications on The phone app.

The Fi Series 2 is recommended for pet parents
who want a functional and stylish smart pet Collar for their medium to large dogs. The second product on this list is the Whistle
Switch. Creating safe spaces for your dog is now easy
with the Whistle Switch smart pet collar. Not only will you be able to track your pups'
activity, but you will also have peace of Mind even when you are not home. Like the others we already discussed, this
unit is a GPS location, health, and fitness Smart tracking collar that captures your dog's
location and monitors their behaviors. Being able to monitor their health from the
convenience of your phone will help you discover Early enough when something is not right with
them before it becomes a real problem to deal With. Aside from the location and health monitoring,
you also receive notification alerts for their Sleeping, drinking, licking, and over-itching
habits. What we liked more is the fact that you can
set fitness goals for your pups based on their Breed, age, and weight, and track the goals
achieved via the distance covered, calories Burned, and duration spent being active. This is particularly useful for dogs that
are prone to obesity but may also have some Health and mobility issues that make it hard
to judge just how much physical activity they Should be doing. Moreover, like the others on this list, the
Whistle switch comes with two interchangeable Batteries to ensure your pup is always connected
and guarantee you remain informed about their Whereabouts and well-being. No matter what your needs are, this is an
excellent device for helping keep your pup Safe and healthy. Its pros are:
* It is suitable for pets as small as 5 pounds * It comes with two interchangeable batteries;
and * It tracks your pups' health and fitness
effectively. However,
* The app and this device only work with AT&T 4G networks; hence, you need to ensure you
live in an area with such network coverage Before investing in it. The Whistle switch is recommended for pet
parents who want a smart pet collar with an Extra battery so they are always connected
to their pups. Before we reveal number one, be sure to check
out the description below for the newest deals On each of these items.

And, be sure to subscribe if you want to stay
up to date on the best products on the market. Finally, the top Smart Pet Collar is the Wagz
Freedom. This ultimate smart pet collar is a convenient
solution for a range of things, but most importantly, For tracking and providing necessary training
for your pups. One of the best ways to keep your pet safe
is to keep them contained within the safe Bounds that you set out and this unit enables
you to do just that. Not only does it serve as a tracker, but it
also allows you to create geofences; unlike Some of its counterparts, the geofences aren't
limited to your house alone. So, you can take your dog along with you anywhere
without fear for their safety because as long As you create a safe play space for them via
the app, you will receive notifications every Time they try to go outside the space. Additionally, the collar uses vibration, audible
cues, and ultrasonic sounds to redirect your Dog every time they try to go past the safe
space you have created. This kind of correction has been proven to
be safe, non harmful, and a very effective Way to prevent misbehavior. It is perfect for pet parents committed to
training their pup to understand the boundaries. What's more, this smart pet collar tracks
your pup's steps, exercise, companion time, Sleep time, and overall health and provides
the metrics for this on the Wagz app via cellular Networks, Bluetooth, and wifi. One thing to note is that you will need to
choose from the three subscription plans on The app to get access to most of its features. Regardless, there are some very good options,
and it is certainly worth the extra couple Of dollars a month. Furthermore, although the battery life depends
on your pups' activity level and your network Connection, we can tell you that it lasts
far longer than standard batteries. It is ideal for properties a half-acre or
larger that allow room to create a boundary At least 15 feet from a road or from your
house. This unit can be truly life-changing and is
an excellent way to improve the health and Well-being of your dog while also giving you
some peace of mind. Its pros are:
* It tracks your pets' location within 10 Feet
* It uses shock-free corrections to guide Your dog back to the boundaries you set
* You can create multiple geofences anywhere You go; and
* It keeps logs of your dogs' walks so you Can easily track activity levels.

* In heavily wooded areas, it sometimes sends Random and imprecise alerts
The Wagz Freedom is a comprehensive and well-designed Device that is perfect for pet parents committed
to training their pups to understand safe Boundaries. That's all for now. Thanks for watching! If we helped you out in any way, please hit
the like and subscribe button. We'll see you guys in the next videos!

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