The EASIEST Way to Train ‘Lie Down’ in Less Than 50 Seconds! #dogtraining #puppytraining #dogtrainer

Have you ever struggled with teaching Your dog how to lie down when you ask Them to learn from my most watched video Smash that like button and follow for More dog training tips my experience With Bruno taught me the importance of Really celebrating small victories being Patient and gradually increasing Expectations start by luring your dog Into a lying position using a treat and We're gonna go nice and slow just like This yes I'm gonna reward there simply Because he moved his front foot forward I'm not going to insist that he does a Complete lie down immediately I'm Rewarding for Progress that's the most Important thing don't be so greedy when You're introducing new behaviors and Slowly phase out that lore as they begin To understand the request voila there You go now if you want more details I'll Have a link to the entire video below It's worth a watch it's only a few Minutes long like and follow for more Helpful dog training insights

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