The Off Leash Training Secret I Swear By – Must Watch!

Where's the best place to start off Leash training if you don't have a Fenced yard or if it's not private I Like to seek out janky fenced baseball Fields personally places where it's not Too well kept because you're probably Going to get kicked out of those places In the United States it depends where You are like if you're in the more rural Areas they're far more tolerant but I Like public Sports Fields so I would Very strongly suggest finding a fenced Environment and using a 20-foot lead Simultaneously at least a 20 or 30 or 50. that double redundancy is really Going to keep mistakes from happening in Fact sometimes in semi-fenced areas when You get to a certain point in your Training and I demonstrated this in my Videos I will work against a single Fence so if I know everything in front Of me is blocked off and I can kind of Greed the dog pretty well and look into Their eyes like are they thinking about Dart and right or left then I can be one Step ahead of them get their attention On me quickly again this is providing You've gotten to a certain point your Dog training

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