The SECRET To Having The BEST Dog #shorts

Keep your dog on a leash for the first Year yes you want to keep your dog on a Leash as much as possible indoors and Outdoors keep it under control so your Dog learns that you are in charge you're In control so your dog or your puppy can Learn to take cues from you this is very Important animal parents they do it in The wild they do it naturally with their Puppies with their young ones but when It comes to humans and owing a dog what They do is as soon as they get a puppy Or a dog they start off leashing the dog And that translate to the dog or the Puppy that you are not in charge they Can depend on you you want your puppy or Your dog to depend on you and the way You can do that is by using leash simple Leash can become a great tool to Creating that connection and bond Between you and your dog

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