The surprising secret to flawless puppy potty training!

Is it normal for my nine week old puppy To pee every 10 minutes nine week old Puppies or leaky water balloons he lasts For up to three hours while he's asleep What can I do to extend his time between Potty breaks obviously if you think There's a medical thing there that can Be common with puppies you can always go To your vet if you've literally measured The time and I recommend those of you Who want to be extra go above and beyond Have that timer going between potty Breaks generally once an hour though With a brand new nine week old Especially if they're not familiar with Your home or haven't been crate trained Yet you take them out every 10 minutes In this case or less every nine minutes Since it's every 10 minutes and see That's countering too some people are Like oh that's too much work but what You're communicating there is like this Is where we go even if you have to do This for a week straight every nine Minutes except for when they're sleeping I'm being extreme I don't think you'll Really have to do that but that'll be Enough to give you traction on teaching The dog where you want them to do their Business so take them out often is the Simplest answer I can give you

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