Top 10 American Dog Breeds


Welcome to our top 10 American dog breeds review. Americans love pets, dogs in particular. After all, dogs are loving, loyal and protective as well. According to an estimate, there are a total of 77 million dog pets all across the United States of America. This astonishing number itself is enough to prove how much Americans love their furry friends.

Americans not only love dogs, but they are also particular about the types of dogs and their breeds that they own. Today we’ll be sharing the top 10 American dog breeds that are quite popular across the country. Now, let’s dive straight into it.

Most Popular American Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

First among most popular American dog breeds is a Labrador retriever which features in most of the leading movies and television series. This is because Labrador retrievers are the most common dogs that you’ll find in America. People prefer having a Labrador retriever because of its friendly nature, loyalty and playful nature. They are easy to care for, and you can also train them to serve as a watchdog. They are also the first choice for people who need a guide dog or search dog.

German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd

German shepherd dogs are known as the breed of choice for true dog lovers. These dogs are intelligent and adorable. At the same time, these dogs are also used as watchdogs, guide dogs and service dogs for people who suffer from some kind of disability. Therefore, in America, you’ll come across a large number of German shepherd dogs not only at homes, but also in the police, military and medical services.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Next among American dog breeds comes golden retriever. These dogs are athletic and playful. They have a gentle nature and are extremely playful. Therefore, they can be kept in households where there are always around kids. They love to play, and it is important that the owners take them out for a walk every day to drain their energy and keep them fit and healthy.



Bulldogs are without doubt a very popular dog breed. They are known not only for their playful nature, but loyalty is another significant trait of this dog breed. They love their owners, and are protective of them. Therefore, if you have a bulldog, what are the chances that you have a playmate forever?

They are also quite cuddly and don’t shy away from expressing their love. These are home dogs since they don’t like to roam around or play outdoors a lot. Therefore, the bulldog is perfect for people who stay at home and don’t want to take up the responsibility of walking their dogs two to three times a day.



Beagle dogs are also among popular American dog breeds. They are neither too big nor too small, plus they have low maintenance coats that do not demand rigorous brushing or combing. They are cheerful and you’ll find your beagle waiting for you to return home with love. These are curious dogs who will always move around the house sniffing things, rarely minding their own business. It is cute, but it can get irritating at times and they like to spend some time outdoors. So generally, houses with yards or gardens have them as pets.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Here comes Bulldog again, but this time it’s the French bulldog. A French bulldog is a moody dog breed. At times, you’ll find them all excited and packed with energy. During this phase, it will not shy away from jumping in your lap and playing with you, but at times, you’ll find them in a mind of their own business. During this phase, the dog would like to be left alone. The French bulldog is the perfect breed for people who stay at home and can dedicate time to their dog, as the French dog cannot be left alone for a prolonged period of time.

Yorkshire Terrier


If you’re an American looking for a small size dog, there is no better match for you other than the Yorkshire terrier. Don’t be surprised, it is also among top 10 American dog breeds. Yorkshire terrier dogs are small yet devoted. Therefore, they can easily be housed in an apartment or a small living space.

They are energetic and require regular walks, but all in all, it is always fun to have a Yorkshire terrier around. This small companion will never leave your side and will be ready to play and cuddle whenever you are.


poodle puppy

Nothing says class and elegance like Poodle does these furry dogs the absolute cutest. If you’re a fan of dog shows, you would have seen them rocking the shows. Quite often their hair covered bodies and the small button-like eyes make them look charming and attractive. Their codes are high maintenance and the owners have to be vigilant about their upkeep, but this intelligent dog breed is easily trainable and very playful.



Many people are intimidated by a rottweiler due to their large size, but in reality their stature and the demeanor are quite opposite to one another. You can house a rottweiler without feeling scared or intimidated. These dogs are playful and athletic. Therefore, you’ll have to take them for walks on a regular basis. They are also quite expressive and love to spend as much time with their owners as possible.



If you want a dog that will always be ready to play, a boxer is the one for you. This popular American dog breed is known for its loyalty and energy. They are extremely protective about their owners and will not shy away from jumping into trouble if it means saving their owners. They are alert and courageous, which makes them not only a great pet but a great watchdog as well.

Thanks for your time and reading about top 10 American dog breeds.

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