Top 10 best muscular dog breeds

The most muscular dog breeds in the World even in dogs muscles are a sign of Health and vigor some pet owners believe That having a dog with muscles that Ripple like water makes it nearly Irrelevant what the dog personality is He is a determined to burglars and near To willed So even if your dog would simply lick Someone to death few people would risk Provoking these powerful dog breeds [Music] In today's video we will be counting Down the most muscular dogs in the world If you do enjoy today's video make sure To hit the like button and subscribe to The channel whilst turning on post Notifications to never miss an upload Let's get into it American bully many owners protest to The american bully not being recognized As a separate breed by the akc in fact In 2009 the united canine association The uca designated american bullies as a Distinct breed from the american pit Bull terrier breeders aim to eliminate Undesirable characteristics like Aggression and prey drive while Retaining muscularity devotion and Intellect [Music] American pit bull terrier simply place Your hand on one of these creatures to Feel the muscles and raw strength

Beneath the surface this breed is quite Popular in canine strength competitions Pit bulls are a popular canine Bodybuilding breed with many people Hailing it as a healthy alternative to Dog fighting owners now have a legal Avenue to demonstrate that their dog is Genuinely the best American staffordshire ontario you have No choice but to register your american Bully or american put bull terrier as an American stratfor joint area if you want To register it with the akc The old english bulldog is the ancestor Of this breed these pumps had to be Tough since they were used to lure bowls And bears These features can still be seen in Their muscular bodies and regular Workout requirements today Boxer The body of this affable breed does not Reflect its disposition the boxer is a Pleasant dog that is also one of the Most muscular dog breeds You're not required to accept my word For it simply have a peek at them the Sculpted accident looks of this breed Make it instantly recognized they're not Suitable as guard or attack dogs due to Their amiable nature but they make Wonderful companions canine bodybuilding And canine strength competitions are two Relatively new dog sports

English bulldog this is the england's Original bull baiting dog dating back to The early 13th century the english Bulldog unlike the american bulldog Breeds has lost a lot of its drive They're actually puffing wheezing and Snorting fur babies Despite this the bloodthirsty heritage Of this dog can still be seen in its Well-muscled body Even though they're just about 15 inches Tall they can weigh up to 50 pounds i Suppose the old adage holds true muscle Is heavier than fat Cane corso the cane curso also known as The italian mastiff is a huge and Imposing dog but to be honest it has a Big imposing personality as well Only known one of these dogs if you're a Capable experienced trainer with the Time to properly train and socialize Your pet This muscular beauty descented from the Old of war dogs requires a lot of Exercise and interaction to avoid Becoming hostile if you put in the work This puppy can be a wonderful family and Security dog Doberman pinster the doberman pinscher Is one of the most muscular dog breeds Even if it isn't a huge drooling monster They belong to the massive dog breed Which may come as a surprise to some These canines are brave on devoted dog

Breeds yet they're also friendly and Playful dobermans are a high energy Breed that require a high protein diet To maintain their muscle mass Durgo argentino in terms of stature and Personality the argentine mastiff is Comparable to most other master breeds Despite the fact that they no longer Fight alongside other mastiffs this Breed is prized for its hunting and Athletic ability The durga argentino is still employed as A guard dog and a show dog and it is Robust and fearless enough to stand up To wild boars and mountain lions they Are brave yet they're also dependent to Avoid becoming violent and aggressive These puppies require daily quality time With their owners Kangol While the candle is classified as a Mastiff it's also known as the turkish Heifer dog the raw muscle beneath the Thick skin of these dogs is hidden by Their loose skin Bears wolves jackals panthers and other Prey animals were invented to protect Livestock and people from these big Powerful dogs to be appreciated these Monsters don't have to be working or Guard dogs they're ideal family dogs for Active people when properly trained and Socialized Rottweiler these dogs are calm

Courageous and powerful they can weigh Up to 130 pounds while only being 25 Inches tall this is because to its Massive muscle mass they are one of the Most muscular dog breeds because they Are powerful and fateful loyal and brave They sometimes compare to hercules These fur kits aren't clingy or needy They make ideal beds for peaceful Tranquil households and on the contrary Despite their violent image rocked Violence are soluble and gregarious Unless you train them otherwise Which dog do you find the most Interesting on this list be sure to let Us know and like the video and subscribe To the channel if you enjoyed [Music]

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