Top 10 Dog Breeds For Children

Top 10 dog breeds for children hey all In this video you will learn everything About the top 10 dog breeds for children So make sure you watch till the end also Check out the description for more Helpful information and if you consider Buying a dog have you considered adding A dog to your family but aren't sure Which breed is right for you dr holly Putnam dvm a former board member of the Association of shelder veterinarians Says that you examine the dog's size as Well as your family's lifestyle and what Energy level might be best for you These three qualities can help you Choose an excellent family dog Regardless of whether it's a purebred or A mutt Temperament the personality of the dog You should look for someone with a Pleasant demeanor a karma dog for Example can build strong ties with your Children and be a wonderful companion Size a dog size does not indicate Whether or not it is good with children Both temperament and energy level should Be considered while determining size Larger dogs are more docile but smaller Dogs are more energetic If you have a family with little Children for example a huge boisterous Dog may accidentally knock the children Down dr putnam explains Energy level this is a personal choice

For you and your family be honest with Yourself about the lifestyle you can Provide for a dog which requires some Exercises more than the usual dog If you can't meet a dog's demands his Extra energy can lead to later Behavioral issues if you are an artist Owner searching for a canine friend a Leisurely passive hound may not be the Greatest match dr putnam explains Before making a selection do we need to Greet all several to get a sense of the Potential new pet's temperament and Energy level When thinking about adopting a dog pay Attention to how they interact with all Members of your family advises dr putnam Dr putnam also suggests paying attention To the dog's body language Is the dog approaching you and your Family with a wagging tail or body or is It hiding in the corner how eager is Your dog to play and share with you and Your family some dogs develop a strong Attachment to what they believe is Theirs with young children who have a Tendency to pick up anything even the Dog's toys or food dish this can become A dangerous issue When choosing a family dog ask these Five questions dr putnam recommends that In addition to the meet and greet you Speak with the shelter or rescue Personnel to learn more about the dog's

Likes and dislikes here are five Questions to ask when considering a Family dog Is a dog appropriate for all family Members some dogs are content to Associate with everyone in the family While others prefer to socialize with Only adults or one gender What's the dog energy level like you Might want a talk that would go to Lengthy walks with you and your family Or one that you can carry around with You all the time What kind of continuous care will the Dog need is it long hair dog that will Make grooming on a regular basis or a Senior canine that will require more Frequent veterinary visits What is the age range you're looking for Would you rather have a puppy that will Require a lot of training but will Likely get along with everyone in the Family or an older dog that is toilet Trained but maybe shy or need time to Adjust to your home's routine Will this dog get along with other Animals in the house if you have other Pets at home you'll want to pick up a Dog that has shown to get along with Other pets and make sure that they like The new addition Remember that while these dogs may have Features that make them wonderful family Pets regular training and socialization

Will be required to help them become Good canine citizens Here is a list of dogs that make Excellent pets for children and families Number 10. Bulldog the bulldog is the breed to Choose if you want a dedicated patient Dog who will act affectionately towards Children the bulldog is built to last And is ideal for children He won't win any trophies for your most Energetic dog though the bulldog is a Gentle sociable and loyal dog who gets Along well with other pets and canines The bulldog feels at ease in both large And tiny apartments most are also Friendly to outside visitors and get Along with other dogs making them ideal For a busy social home because of their Compact size they may be used in both Large and small homes If you're thinking of getting a bulldog Bear in mind that their constricted jaw Requires extra attention when it comes To dental cleaning and wheezing snoring And drooling They're all part of the package To avoid dirt built up the folds around Their tail and the face wrinkles will Need to be cleaned their coat on the Other hand requires very little Attention Choosing a new dog for your family Should be a little bit easier now that

You know a little bit about kid-friendly Dogs Number nine beagle the beagle is a Fantastic breed for families because of Its small size they may be easily Carried and they have quite disposition Beagles were bred to be hunting dogs and Because of their strong frame they're Never too tired to play games if your Children enjoy being outside this breed Will fit right in because there is Nothing they enjoy more than getting Outside and exploring the trails The beagle is a smart cheerful and happy Dog that normally gets along with other Animals except for a little bit of Chasing here and there They do shed therefore brushing and Bathing are required on a regular basis Number eight bull terrier the bull Terrier was developed to be a companion Dog friendly and kind to adults and Children alike despite its unfair Reputation as an aggressive animal Keep in mind that your bull terrier Especially when it comes to other small Animals and dogs may be prone to Mischief keep your pet mentally and Physically busy every day to avoid sort Of complications The short flat coat of a build terrier Is easy to maintain and the breed Thrives when it had easy access to a Yard to play in

Number 7 newfoundland the newfoundland Sometimes known as nature's babysitter Is one of the most intellectual dog Breeds in the world and these canines Also happen to love and defend children This breed is nearly like the mother Teresa of dogs gentle compassionate and Patient this huge incredibly lovely dog Will soon win over both younger and Older family members Although they are known to drool and Shed excessively the newfoundland is Best suited to a family with big open Spaces and they should not be led to Dwell in the yard no dog should their Long codes will need to be groomed and Maintained on a regular basis Number six Vizzler while this breed isn't Particularly well known it's one of the Greatest dog breeds for active and Energetic families with older children Owing to their desire for frequent Activity The whistler is a loyal and friendly dog With a lively energy yet a gentle Demeanor the breed is also docile Self-assured and intelligent Vistlers build strong ties with the Family members and are quick to pick up New skills because they have a short Coat they have a low maintenance Grooming routine Number five irish setter the irish

Setter known for their red coat is a Cheerful and energetic dog who enjoys Being around other people and gets along Well with youngsters In fact this breed enjoys being with Their families so much that whether they Despise being alone which means they're At the finest man there with their Family Here are some simple techniques to keep Your dog from getting separation anxiety This dog requires a lot of exercise and Is an excellent match for active Children The iris setter is a smart and trainable Friend who is ideal for folks who have a Yard they're also fantastic at meeting New visitors that come into your home Because irish setters have a longer coat They will really need to be groomed and Brushed on a regular basis to avoid hair Mats Aside from their distinctive hairstyles The poodle is a very intelligent and Friendly dog this dog breed is proud and Graceful kind and devoted and rarely Annoyed or bored poodles come in both Miniature and normal sizes allowing you To select the poodle size that best Suits your living situation they're Wonderful for youngsters with allergies Because they don't shed much Each breed has its own set of advantages For example the standard poodle's breed

Is obedient intelligent playful and Adventurous they get along well with Persons and children they know despite Their shyness around strangers Miniature poodles on the other hand have A tendency to devote themselves to a Single person but they get along well With other pets and children they are Intelligent responsive obedient and Amusing However regardless of the poodle breed Grooming is required on a regular basis Number four Poodle aside from the distinctive Hairstyles the poodle is a very Intelligent and friendly dog this dog Breed is proud and graceful kind and Devoted and rarely annoyed or bored Poodles come in both miniature and Normal sizes allowing you to select the Poodle size that best fits your living Situation they're wonderful for Youngsters with allergies because they Don't shed much each breed has its own Set of advantages for example the Standard poodle breed is obedient Intelligent playful and adventurous they Get along well with children and persons That they know despite their shyness Around strangers Miniature poodles on the other hand have A tendency to devote themselves to a Single person but they get along well With other pets and children they are

Intelligent responsive obedient and Amusing However regardless of the poodle breed Grooming is required on a regular basis Number three labrador retrievers the Labrador retriever is one of the most Popular dog breeds and for a good reason It's playful patient affectionate Protective and dependable another Advantage is that labs are quite Intelligent and respond well to training They require a lot of physical activity They love swimming so make sure your Family is up to the task make certain Kids have enough space to run around and Play Whether they're black labs chocolate Labs or yellow labs they all have the Same stamina strength and loyalty that Has made them so popular these affable Dogs get along well with other animals And pretty much everyone they meet plus Their short coats mean that they only Really need a weekly combing to keep Them clean and healthy however labradors Do shed so you should be prepared for Cleaning up their hair regularly Number two golden retriever the golden Retriever is a self-assured intelligent Loving and loyal dog the golden Retriever is neither aggressive nor Timid and they are exceedingly patient Making them an ideal companion for Children while the golden between

Requires a lot of exercise they also Like playing retrieving activities are Their favorite for example your golden May enjoy playing with frisbees you'll Typically typically find that the Playing golden retriever is also Affectionate and obedient which means That your children will fall in love With him right away Brushing their magnificent golden coats Twice a week is required for proper care Number one Mutts If your family is only interested in Purebred dogs don't rule out mixed Breeds mixed breeds frequently combine The greatest qualities of two or more Excellent breeds into a single dog when You adopt a mixed breed dog you are Saving the lives of two dogs the one you Adopt and the one at the rescue center For gnome you have now created room You can also learn more about the dog's Behavior by adopting the personnel at The shelter or rescue organization spend Their days caring for the dogs so they Can tell you all about the dog's Behavior and habits in terms of size if The dog is a mutt and isn't completely Mature you'll have to make best guess About their adult size So what do you think let us know in the Comments and share your experience with Other interested dog owners also check

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