Top 10 Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite Force

The top 10 Dogs with the 
strongest bite force! Dogs are truly amazing creatures and their 
strength is a testament to their power and   Capabilities. For those who love dogs, the 
strength of their bite is an interesting   Aspect to explore and admire. These are 
just a few examples of the many breeds that   Have the physical capability to bite with 
hundreds of pounds of pressure. However,   Aside from their impressive bite force, these 
dogs are also known for their unique history,   Purpose and character traits. With some bred 
for work and others for companionship. It's   Important to research each breed thoroughly and 
understand its specific needs and temperaments   Before bringing one into your home. With 
proper training, socialization, and exercise,   These dogs can be wonderful and loving pets, who 
are also incredibly strong and capable. So, let's delve deeper into 10 dog breeds that 
are known for their fierce bite force. Dog Number 1: The Husky This hardy and powerful breed is a   True winter warrior, built to pull sleds through 
snow and ice with their thick double coats and   Unmatched strength. Being closely related to 
wolves, huskies have an impressive 320 PSI,   Or pounds per square inch, of bite force, allowing 
them to crunch even the toughest frozen meat or   Break bones for the marrow within. But these dogs 
are not just brute strength; they're also smart,   Independent souls that welcome anyone who comes 
into their home. So if you want a loyal companion   That will never be scared of the cold, then look 
no further than this iconic Arctic breed! Dog Number 2: The Rottweiler This is one of America's most beloved   Breeds due in part to its muscular physique 
and noble bearing as well as its 328 pounds   Per square inch bite force which makes it an 
excellent guard dog. This confident yet loyal   Canine has courageously protected families for 
centuries thanks in large part to its fearless   Nature – but don't let that reputation as 
a fierce guard dog fool you! Despite being   Able to defend itself when necessary, this 
affectionate giant loves nothing more than   Spending time with his humans as long as they 
get plenty of exercise. If you need a reliable   Protector without sacrificing companionship, 
then the Rottweiler should definitely be   At the top of your list! Dog Number 3: The Leonberger If massive size coupled with gentleness sounds 
like your perfect pup, then consider getting   Yourself Leonberger! Bred originally as 
working dogs, these German-born giants   Quickly became popular among European royalty 
due to both their intelligence and impressive   399-pound-per-square-inch bite force, making 
them ideal guardians. Not only that but they   Are friendly family members willing to tag 
along on any adventure – no matter how far   Away it takes them from home. Today they are often 
search and rescue workers or therapy animals too.   So if you're looking for endless love wrapped 
up in one big package there's really only one  

Choice –the Leonberger.
Dog number 4: The Boerboel   When properly trained and socialized from an 
early age, Boerboels can make gentle and loyal   Family dogs while still fulfilling their original 
purpose as watchful guardians. The name "Boerboel"   Translates to "farmer's dog" in Afrikaans, which 
accurately reflects their origin as livestock   Protectors in South Africa. Weighing up to 200 
pounds, this breed is best suited for experienced   Dog owners, but with their intelligence and 
trainability, they make wonderful companions.   Moreover, with an amazing jaw strength of 
450 pounds per square inch, this breed is an   Incredibly brave and loyal protector. Boerboels 
also crave attention and affection from their   Human counterparts, and while they may be as 
costly to feed as an adult human, they are well   Worth the investment.
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Dog number 5: The Dogo Argentino   These dogs are the epitome of athleticism, 
courage, and duty, representing a perfect blend   Of various other breeds. As exceptional hunting 
companions, they thrive in tracking down game and   Relish their outdoor adventures. As domestic pets, 
their love for their families runs deep, and they   Shower them with unabashed affection. Bred to hunt 
large, dangerous animals such as boar and puma,   Their remarkable jaws are one of the factors 
contributing to their unrivaled expertise in   The field. With a jaw strength of 500 pounds 
per square inch, this breed's fearlessness and   Power are unparalleled, enabling them to take down 
even the most ferocious of prey with ease.
  Dog number 6: The Perro de Presa Canario Its name might be a bit of a mouthful,   But it's worth remembering because this Spanish 
dog was originally bred for guarding and hunting   And is incredibly powerful. Also known as the 
"Canary dog," this breed hails from the sun-soaked   Canary Islands of Spain. This affable, muscular 
breed boasts immense loyalty towards their human   Family. Although they are a rare sight in the 
United States, those who own a Presa Canario rave   About their unparalleled affection and devotion. 
With an awe-inspiring bite force of 540 pounds per   Square inch, this breed is a force to be reckoned 
with and is renowned for their remarkable courage   And loyalty. It's easy to understand why during 
the 16th and 17th centuries, the Presa Canario   Was a treasured guardian of livestock and a 
watchful protector for families.
  Dog number 7: The English Mastiff The Mastiff, one of the oldest dog breeds on   Record, is renowned for its gargantuan size, with 
some individuals exceeding 200 pounds in weight.   These gentle giants are so immense that the 
official breed standard only specifies a minimum   Height: a female English mastiff should measure 
at least 27.5 inches at the shoulder, while the  

Male should stand at a minimum of 30 inches. 
Throughout history, mastiffs have been crucial   In safeguarding human life as both guardians 
and wartime aides. Ancestral mastiffs date   Back as far as 2500 B.C., as evidenced by murals 
depicting them hunting lions in the vicinity of   The Tigris river. They were even utilized in 
battle and kept by notable generals such as   Hannibal the bane of Rome. With an astonishing 
bite force of 552 pounds per square inch,   This breed is a tenacious defender and has long 
been revered for its bravery and fidelity.
  Dog number 8:The Tosa Inu Often dubbed the sumo wrestler   Of the canine kingdom, this is a breed of 
extraordinary proportions and power, comparable   In size to the English Mastiff. Originating in 
Japan, the Tosa was purposefully bred to toss   Its weight around the fighting pits of old, yet in 
the United States, these canines are more commonly   Encountered as steadfast family companions. 
Despite their commanding presence, Tosas are   Renowned for their tranquility, composure, and 
devotion to their human counterparts. However,   With an immense bite force of 556 pounds per 
square inch, this breed necessitates proper   Training and socialization to ensure that it 
remains well-behaved and amicable.
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  Dog number 9: The Cane Corso
This magnificent Italian breed   Exudes intelligence and poise and is endowed with 
an independent spirit. With a rich history of   Serving as a multi-purpose dog, the Cane Corso is 
active, vigilant, and steadfast in keeping watch   Over their loved ones. From safeguarding 
livestock to hunting large game and even   Charging enemy lines with flaming oil strapped to 
their backs, this breed has done it all. However,   Potential owners should keep in mind that the 
adorable, wrinkly, and intelligent Cane Corso   Puppy can grow into an energetic adult 
weighing over 110 pounds. And while they   Are highly trainable, with an incredible 
bite force of 700 pounds per square inch,   This breed should not be taken lightly!
Dog number 10: The Kangal Shepherd   Also known as the Anatolian shepherd 
dog, this is a canine that has stood   The test of time. Descended from hunting dogs 
in Mesopotamia and developed over 6,000 years,   This breed has been specifically adapted for the 
harsh Turkish climate, putting up with extremes of   Heat and cold, the trials of nomadic societies and 
guarding sheep on the vast Anatolian Plateau. With   Its lovely double coat of fawn or sable and a long 
tail that curls at the end, it may not look like a   Traditional mastiff, but don't let its appearance 
fool you. The Kangal has the strongest bite force   Of all the canines on this list, delivering 
over 743 pounds per square inch of force!   With intelligence, sensitivity, and a love for 
children, this breed has a peaceable look but  

Is always ready to protect, whether it's 
people or livestock. Fending off wolves,   Bears, and big cats is no problem for the 
Kangal, and that colossal 743-pound bite force   Allows them to do just that!
So, whether you're looking for a   Loyal companion or a protective guard dog, 
these 10 breeds with their impressive bite   Force are sure to impress and amaze you 
with their strength and capabilities.

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