Top 10 dogs for first time owners

The top 10 dogs for first-time owners!
  What makes a dog breed suitable 
for first-time owners?   If your dog is one of the breeds in this list, 
then they are likely the easiest to keep and   Amongst the best dogs for first-time owners. Whether you plan for them to be your sole   Companion, a family guardian, a playmate 
for your kids, or even a "fur baby" for   You and your partner. Taking home your 
first dog is both exciting and scary.   There's plenty to learn regarding 
housebreaking, feeding routines, grooming,   Exercise, and general canine healthcare. Additionally, there's a 'get-to-know-each-other'   Period where you and your new tail-wagging friend 
learn each other's personalities and behaviors.   It can be an overwhelming experience, and you 
want to avoid feeling that you can't cope.
  Fortunately, certain breeds are much 
easier to manage for first-time owners.   While every dog has a different personality, 
generally, the dogs on this list are all   Relatively predictable when it comes to energy 
levels, sizes, looks, and grooming needs.
  So let's look at 10 of the best 
dogs for first-time owners!
  Dog number 1: The Poodle
This is a very popular and   Versatile dog breed, and they make excellent 
companions. The poodle can adapt quickly to its   Environment and can do very well in a range 
of households, even those with children.
  You will find that this breed comes in three 
sizes: toy, miniature, or standard. This means   You can choose the size that best suits your 
living situation, which is undeniably handy.   All of them are intelligent and respond 
well to training; in fact, they enjoy it.   It is worth noting that Poodles are pretty 
energetic dogs, so they do need plenty   Of exercise and mental stimulation. These little athletes love space to run   And burn off their extra energy, so a well-sized 
fenced-in yard or frequent trips to the dog park   Will be needed. They also need regular grooming to 
maintain their curly, continually growing coats;   However, they don't actually shed very much, 
making them almost hypoallergenic and saving   You on vacuuming all the time. Poodles are definitely best suited   To a single owner or couple, as they can get 
overwhelmed by lots of noise and strangers.   But you couldn't ask for a more adaptable dog 
to different kinds of living.   Dog number 2: The Boxer
At first glance, the Boxer may   Seem like an odd choice for first-time owners, 
but this is a robust breed that loves to be   With people and has very few grooming needs. If you are looking for a medium to large dog   That loves to play, look no further than 
the Boxer. Though younger boxers can be   Slightly hyperactive, they are trainable 
and enjoy attention during training.   Once trained and socialized, boxers can 
flourish in active households and get  

Along exceptionally well with kids. What's more, because of their dutiful   Personalities and intelligence, they've been 
trained to work in K9 units with police, as   Cattle wranglers, as messengers during WWII, and 
even as guides for those with visual impairments.
  So with this kind of energy and attention 
to detail, it's no wonder they thrive with   People who enjoy the great outdoors, running, 
hiking, camping, family outings in the park,   And exploring other environments. Additionally, as they are guardians   By nature, Boxers are protective 
of their families, especially   Children making them excellent watchdogs too.
A Boxer could be the perfect dog for a new owner   If they lead a reasonably active lifestyle. Dog number 3: The Pug
  Pugs are a super popular choice for first-time 
dog owners. This is mainly because of their   Laid-back personalities, which means they get 
along well with most people and other pets.   Their short coat means they're pretty 
easy to keep clean, so their grooming   Requirements are relatively low. Moreover, their small size and low   Exercise requirements mean that this breed 
is well suited to smaller households,   Although they will still enjoy lots of playtimes 
and need regular walks outdoors to stay healthy.   It's worth noting that Pugs are 
prone to a few health problems like   Breathing difficulties as well as eye issues.
Yet despite this, Pugs are still easy to take   Care of and make great companions for those living 
in apartments and older individuals as they don't   Require too much indoor space for activity. 
We're not necessarily saying pugs are lazy,   But they are known to sleep up to 14 
hours per day! They also don't bark much,   Which is good if you have thin walls. Lastly, these dogs get along fantastically   With children; they love to make humans 
laugh, so they will provide plenty of   Entertainment to any household. Dog number 4: The Golden Retriever   This breed is often seen as the quintessential 
family dog, and for a good reason, they are   Eager to please. Goldens are not particularly 
bothered by noise, commotion, or activity,   Making them very tolerant of children. They also take a "the more, the merrier"   Approach to having other pets around the home. 
This means that with the proper introductions   And training, they can be perfectly trusted 
to interact in a friendly way with other dogs,   Cats, rabbits, and other animals. Goldens also make excellent playmates   For children of all ages. This medium to large 
dog is happy, loyal, affectionate, and active.   The breed is also intelligent and very adaptable 
so they can thrive in most households. They do   However need pretty regular grooming to keep 
their coat free of tangles and matting.   Additionally, they will need a fair amount 
of exercise to keep them in good physical   Condition as well as prevent boredom. Training 
is essential, but thankfully, for new owners,  

It's also relatively easy. These dogs love to 
learn and can be effectively trained to do many   Things in a short amount of time. For families 
with a decent amount of space, Golden retrievers   Are an outstanding choice. ===
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Dog number 5: The Whippet
  Although Whippets were bred for racing and 
do like to run, for the majority of the time,   They actually make exceptional house dogs. They are content to hang out in the living   Room at home, are very quiet, and will 
often spend most of the day sleeping.   Of course, a whippet's ideal living 
situation includes a securely fenced yard;   This means a fence at least 6 feet high because 
they are incredibly agile. Yet Whippets can   Adapt daily easily to living in apartments, as 
long as their owners are dedicated to getting   Them outside for daily walks and exercise. For new owners, Whippets are good pets because   They are small enough to be easy to manage 
while also being low maintenance on the health   And grooming front. Their natural attachment to 
people means they are happiest when kept as house   Pets as part of the family, and they can get a 
little anxious if separated for too long. Yet the   Breed is also friendly to visitors and good with 
children, so they suit a lot of households.
  Dog number 6: The Bichon Frise 
(pronounced BEE-shon Free-ZAY)
  Smart, affectionate, and undeniably cute, the 
bichon frise could be mistaken for a teddy bear.   This breed originated in the islands of the 
Mediterranean, which could be why they're   So easygoing and fun-loving. This breed makes for the perfect   Companion for families, elderly 
couples, and everyone in between.
  This happy-go-lucky little dog is great for 
families with children or apartment living.   Although they look a bit like bouncy cotton 
balls, they are pretty robust little things   That are up for anything and make great 
all-around companions whether you like to   Sit at home or stroll in the countryside. Bichons are also relatively easy to train,   Which is good if you haven't owned a dog before.
Moreover, they adapt well to any lifestyle   And only really need moderate daily 
exercise to be happy and healthy.   They will need frequent visits to the groomer 
though, as this breed's curly coat must be   Trimmed regularly and brushed carefully. But if you are not worried about them looking   Like little puff balls and want them to have a 
lower-maintenance coat, simply get their hair   Clipped short to save lots of time and effort. All in all, these dogs are delightful additions   To almost anyone's home, even if 
you're inexperienced.  

Dog number 7: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Small, dignified, and exceptionally friendly,   The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is 
becoming one of the most popular breeds   In the world thanks to their ability to 
fit into almost any living situation.
  They are sweet, affectionate dogs with a 
puppy-like appearance and they have a gentle   Demeanor. This dog is also attentive and generally 
quiet. The Cavalier's short legs and medium energy   Level mean they only need moderate daily exercise 
to maintain health. Basic training is required,   And they respond well to it. Also, despite 
having medium-length coats, these dogs have   Simple grooming needs. Brushing is enough to 
avoid tangles in the hair, and a clip every   Couple of months should keep on top of things.
It is worth noting that this type of dog wants   To be with you at all times; they will 
probably even follow you to the bathroom.   Yet this may be a good thing for elderly folks 
who enjoy constant companionship. In fact,   Cavaliers do so well as chilled-out 
couch dogs that they make brilliant   Therapy animals for senior homes, hospitals, 
and hospices. As far as family settings go,   This breed is ready for it all, and they will 
happily play with children all day long!
  Dog number 8: The Shih Tzu (pronounced 
"sheed-zoo" or "sheet-su")
  This is a small dog but one 
that's big on affection.   This ancient Chinese breed is at its happiest 
when they are spending time with the family.   Whether that's flopping on the couch next to 
you watching TV or just playing with the kids.
  One thing that makes this breed good for new 
owners is that they don't have a high need for   Exercise, nor are they prone to excessive 
barking. Also, their gorgeous coats and   Lovable faces turn heads everywhere they go, 
and they will delight in the attention.   To prevent tangles, you will need to brush 
their beautiful silky coats a few times each   Week. But surprisingly, the Shih Tzu sheds very 
little, so there is not much cleanup involved.   But these dogs aren't just easy on the eyes; 
they are pups that will tug at your heartstrings,   Too. Shih Tzus are very loyal and dish 
out lots of affection for their owners.   They have perfected the lap dog 
role for over a thousand years.   Because of this long history, they are pretty easy 
to care for in every way, so they shouldn't cause   Much stress to new owners. ===
  What breed of dog do you think is 
the best for first-time owners?   Let us know in the comments and share 
your thoughts with other enthusiasts!
Dog number 9: Labrador Retriever
  The Lab has been the single most 
popular breed in the United States   For more than 30 straight years! This enormously loyal and loving   Breed is wonderful with kids, is highly 
trainable, and is friendly with strangers.  

Labrador Retrievers are a good breed 
for first-time dog owners that want   To know what they're in for. They tend to do best in an active   Household where they are free to 
both run and cuddle. Additionally,   Labs adapt very well to most environments 
and form close bonds with their families.   This breed is energetic, playful, and intelligent, 
so they do need households that can provide a good   Amount of exercise and training, but they're 
still not much of a challenge to keep happy.   Labs adore learning and can be 
trained to do virtually anything.   They also enjoy fetching, running, 
and napping at any opportunity.   What's more, they only have minor grooming needs, 
like regular brushing, to help minimize shedding.   No matter who you are or what your situation is, 
it is hard to go wrong by getting a Lab.
  Dog number 10: The Papillon
This is a brilliant, energetic   Little dog with a unique appearance that has 
made them a royal favorite for centuries.   Don't let this dog's diminutive frame fool you 
into thinking they are fragile, highly-strung lap   Dogs. These are happy, friendly, and adaptable 
little pups that can do very well in a variety   Of households. Yes, they are gentle and friendly 
enough to be good companions for seniors and are   Small enough to make apartment living a breeze. 
But the papillon is actually a pretty hardy little   Dog that does enjoy a somewhat active lifestyle, 
so they can still suit outdoorsy families.
  It means this versatile cutie can function equally 
well as a lap dog and exercise partner. But they   Are also intelligent and affable enough to live 
side by side with other animals. Even better,   The papillon gets along with children too. Moreover, this breed is very easy to train,   They will pick up commands effortlessly, 
and even with their mid to long coats,   They require only moderate grooming. All these attributes make them straightforward   To care for, and so they are one of the 
best dog breeds in the world for first-time   Owners.
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