Top 10 Dogs for Homes With Cats

The Top 10 Dogs for Homes With Cats!
Are you a cat person looking to add a dog to   The mix? Or maybe you're a dog lover with your 
eye on a new feline friend? Regardless of which   Camp you're in, you will be happy to know that 
it is perfectly possible for cats and dogs to   Put aside their age-old beef and become the best 
of buds. But before you start planning playdates,   It's important to choose a dog breed that's 
a good fit for homes with feline companions.   So, forget the idea that cats and dogs are natural 
enemies, and let's figure out how to make these   Two unlikely friends coexist in harmony. If your 
dog happens to be one of the breeds in this list,   Then the chances are they are amongst the 
best dogs for homes with cats out there.   Our video today showcases 10 dogs 
who demonstrate the ability to live   Comfortably with cats!
Dog number 1: The Boston Terrier
  Are you a feline fanatic considering bringing 
home a canine companion? But you're worried that   The two won't see eye-to-eye? Well, 
fear not, my feline-loving friends,   Because we have a brilliant solution for you, 
and it comes in the form of the Boston Terrier,   Or as we like to call them, the "gentlemen of 
the Terrier world". Unlike their Terrier cousins,   The Boston Terrier is as polite as they come and 
won't be tempted to turn your kitty into a chew   Toy. Sure, they may engage in a friendly game of 
chase, but it's all in good fun and not out of any   Sort of prey drive. So, if you're looking for a 
dog that won't cause a ruffle in your cat's life,   The Boston Terrier is your pup.
Dog number 2: The Beagle
  Are you a cat lover looking to bring home a dog? 
Look no further than the Beagle! Bred to hunt in   Packs, these pups are naturally inclined to share 
their space and playtime with other animals and   People. Unlike the fictional Snoopy, who just 
tolerates Woodstock's presence, real-life Beagles   Thrive on interaction and companionship. So, while 
your cat may be confused as to why the Beagle is   Howling over that same old squirrel in the yard, 
rest easy knowing that there probably won't be any   Cat-dog conflicts. In fact, the Beagle may even 
view your feline companion as a fellow member   Of the pack. But, it's important to note that if 
you have more than one Beagle, they may develop   A pack mentality and potentially team up on your 
cat. However, when it comes to a single Beagle,   Their sociable and amiable personalities make 
them a joy to have in any household. They are   Perfect companions not only for you but also 
for other animals and people alike.
  Dog number 3: The Pomeranian
Are you looking for a pint-sized pup that   Won't be a threat to your feline friends? Look no 
further than the Pomeranian! These tiny dogs weigh   Less than your average cat and make for cuddly 
lap dogs. But don't let their small size fool you;   They are good for those with bossier cats, 
as they are unlikely to be intimidated.
  In fact, Pomeranians are the ultimate 
wingmen, or wingdogs, if you will,   For your cats. They also kind of hate being alone, 
so having a feline companion will keep them happy  

And entertained. Plus, their affectionate nature 
makes them the perfect pet for anyone who wants   A furry friend without the added pressure of 
constant attention. So, if you're looking for   A small and friendly companion for your cat, 
a Pomeranian might be the perfect fit!
  Dog number 4: The Bulldog Despite what Tom and Jerry might have led   You to believe, the Bulldog is a gentle giant 
when it comes to interacting with other pets,   Like cats. Don't expect them to be the 
life of the doggy playdate party, though,   As they tend to be more reserved with their 
canine counterparts. But, with their love for   Lounging and napping, they have a lot in common 
with cats. Plus, they're not huge fans of water,   So you won't have to worry about them trying 
to splash your kitty. Their robustness also   Means that even the most territorial cats will 
just leave them alone, which neatly eliminates   The possible issues that come with introducing 
smaller breeds to cat-centric households. So,   If you're looking for a pup that will be content 
to snooze the day away with your feline companion,   The Bulldog is a great choice.
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Dog number 5: The Pug
  Looking for a dog that's a perfect match for 
your feline companion? Look no further than   The Pug! Known for their friendly and playful 
nature, Pugs often become fast friends with cats   As long as the cat is willing to let them into 
their environment. You'll probably want to set   Up a pet camera to capture all the mischief 
and fun your Pug and cat will get up to.
  Pugs are known as "class clowns" in obedience 
class, so you can bet they'll be thrilled to   Have a sidekick to join in their antics. And your 
cat won't be bored waiting for you to come home   Anymore. But don't worry; pugs save enough energy 
to still be ecstatic to see you when you get home.   With their love for attention, your Pug and 
cat will bond and play even when you're not   Around. Even better, Pugs also enjoy 
lounging around, so you won't have to   Worry about them chasing your cat. With a sweet nature and a tendency   To be safe around small animals, Pugs are an 
excellent choice for households with cats.
  Dog number 6: The Basset Hound
Though these pups are natural hunters, their love   For food far outweighs any desire to hunt your 
feline companion. And, though they can be stubborn   During training, their laid-back personalities 
make them friendly towards other animals,   Including cats. Plus, their easy-going attitude 
often invites your cat to snuggle up beside   Them. Aside from the occasional howling serenade, 
Basset Hounds are as mellow as they come. Their   Loyalty and patience make them a perfect fit 
for introducing to your feline companion. So,  

If you're looking for a dog that will be content 
to lay in the sun by your cat's side all day long,   The Basset Hound is an excellent choice.
Dog number 7: The Labrador Retriever
  When it comes to pet pairings, some may think 
that cats and dogs are like oil and water,   But that's not the case with a Labrador 
Retriever. These pups are known for being kind,   Gentle, and always finding the good in 
others, even if that "other" is a feline   They haven't met yet. It's no wonder they make 
fantastic guide dogs, search and rescue dogs,   And emotional support animals. The exuberant 
Labrador Retriever, or "Lab," is a lover, not   A fighter. They'll wag their tail in excitement 
to welcome a cat into their pack of friends.
  Along with befriending your cat, the Lab's mild 
nature makes them the perfect companion for your   Children. But, it's important to note that while 
Labs may not be the jealous type and are more than   Willing to share their space with the cat, the 
cat must also be willing to share their space   With the dog. So, if you're looking for a pup that 
will give your cat a warm and friendly welcome,   A Labrador Retriever is the way to go.
Dog number 8: The Bichon Frisé
  If you're searching for a pooch that will suit a 
feline-friendly home, the Bichon Frise should be   At the top of your list. These happy-go-lucky 
little balls of fluff adore everybody, cats   Included. With their lively and playful nature, 
Bichons are likely to see your cat as a potential   Playmate. But, beware, their bubbly personalities 
may be too much for a cat with anxiety issues,   So it's essential to keep that in mind. 
But, with their entertaining personalities,   Bichons make for ideal siblings for younger cats 
who are up for some spirited playtime. However,   If your cat is more of a loner and prefers 
to be left alone, the Bichon Frise's outgoing   Personality may be too overwhelming. But don't 
worry, this sweet dog breed will accept and   Befriend any cat who tolerates or enjoys its 
charming antics! So, if you're looking for a   Furry friend that will bring some fun and laughter 
to your household, a Bichon Frise is a brilliant   Option for your household!
  What breed of dog do you think is 
the best for Homes With Cats?   Let us know in the comments and share 
your thoughts with other enthusiasts!
Dog number 9: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   Are you ready to add some royal flair to your 
household? Look no further than the Cavalier   King Charles Spaniel! These pint-sized pooches 
may be small in size, but they pack a punch when   It comes to love and affection. They're one of 
the most beloved toy dog breeds, forever staying   Puppy-sized but with hearts as big as a Great 
Dane's. They shower love on everyone they meet,   Making them great emotional support dogs. 
And that same intuitive nature that helps   Them provide affection and encouragement to 
patients in hospitals and nursing homes makes   Them ideal for sharing a home with a cat. They 
know when to back off and they're open to having  

A feline napping buddy. Plus, since they prefer 
to always be in the company of people or pets,   They'll love having a feline roomie while you're 
out. So, if you're looking for a cat-friendly pup   That will bring joy, love, and a touch of class 
to your household, the Cavalier King Charles   Spaniel is the way to go.
Dog number 10: The Golden Retriever
  Are you searching for the purr-fect pooch 
to complete your feline-filled household?   Look no further than the Golden Retriever!
Even people who aren't familiar with dog breeds   Know that Golden Retrievers are one of the best 
breeds for cats, thanks to their sweet, friendly,   And hopelessly devoted personalities. They seem to 
have a bottomless well of empathy and compassion,   On top of being eager to please, 
goofy, playful, and highly adaptable.
  It's no surprise that "Golden" is a fitting word 
to describe this classic breed; they are kind and   Empathetic, readily accepting cats as part of 
the family. Just make sure to train them not   To chase after the kitty early on, and you'll 
have a happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever and cat   Duo that's sure to be a flawless match. So if 
you're looking for a dog that will bring love,   Laughter, and a heap of golden goodness to your 
household, the Golden Retriever is the way to go.

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