Top 10 Guard Dogs

The Top 10 Guard Dogs! What makes a good Guard Dog? If your dog happens to be one of the breeds
in this list, then the chances are they are Amongst the best Guard Dogs out there. Throughout history, one of the most important
jobs for domesticated dogs has always been Protecting their owners and guarding homes
against unwanted people or wild animals. Although many modern dogs will still instinctually
act as home guardians and try to protect those They consider part of the pack, not all are
suited to the task. There are however, many specific breeds that
are well-known for possessing the characteristics Required to ward off intruders. This usually comes down to their natural temperament,
physical strength, courage, loyalty, ease Of training, and pain tolerance. There are some breeds that are undoubtedly
more appropriate for the duty of guarding Than others. Our video today showcases 10 dogs who demonstrate
all the traits needed to be an outstanding Guard Dog. Dog number 1: The Akita
Akitas are easily one of the most loyal dog Breeds around today. They were initially bred to guard royalty
and nobility in feudal Japan and were often Found as companions to Samurai. It is believed that these dogs were first
brought over to the U.S in 1937 by Helen Keller, Who grew fond of Akitas and their reputation
for loyalty while traveling in Japan. After World War II, many more Akitas were
brought to America by servicemen, and from Them, the popularity of the breed began to
grow. This courageous and alert breed is inherently
suspicious of strangers. They will naturally want to keep watch over
you and your family at all times. This breed also takes this task very seriously
and typically performs its guarding duty even Without any training. They are not the largest dog but can still
be pretty intimidating despite their fluffy Coats. Akitas will require good obedience training,
or you can also consider some specific guard Dog training to sharpen its skills. Dog number 2: The Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Often confused with American Pit bulls, the Staffordshire terrier makes for one of the
best guard protection dogs.

With the Staffie breed, 99% of the time, their
somewhat unfounded negative reputation creates Enough of an intimidation factor to scare
off any would-be bad guy. They were initially bred for bear and bullfighting,
which gives them a heavy frame, large jaws And a protective nature. They will also bark loudly at approaching
strangers, which is usually enough to prevent Break ins. However, because of this, they need to be
properly trained from an early age. Although they are intimidating to strangers,
Staffordshire Bull Terriers often make great Household pets, as they love to play and are
only aggressive when protecting a family member. When correctly socialized from a young age,
Staffies do make very good watchdogs. They sensibly go about their duties and will
fiercely protect you if necessary. Dog number 3: The Giant Schnauzer
Giant schnauzers are very powerfully built And dominant dogs. This alone makes them one of the best guard
dogs for families and homes. Historically they have been used for a variety
of functions. Their ancestors were bred to herd cattle,
guard brewers, haul carts, and even served As police dogs. This German breed is very trainable and is
a frequent feature in competitions. They are also imposing dogs and can grow up
to 27 inches at the shoulders; just imagine Meeting this beast in the dark, and you'll
understand why they're effective thief deterrents. Like all breeds that are excellent at protection,
the Schnauzer is intelligent and can pick Up new commands effortlessly. It's worth noting that they are not great
city dogs, being more suited for rural, farm, And country life. Even so, they are very intimidating to strangers
and extremely loyal to family members, making Them a good pick for guarding your property
if you have the space. Dog number 4: The Puli
Although they may look like a mop on springs, The Hungarian-born Puli was originally bred
for herding and livestock protection, making Them excellent natural guard dogs. They are incredibly smart, always alert and
watchful for any danger to their family. Sometimes called the Hungarian water dog,
the loyal Puli also makes for an excellent Companion, invariably putting its family first. They make great additions to households with
active lifestyles, as they love hiking, running, And outdoor activities.

What's more, despite their thick corded fur
that covers most of their bodies and head, The Puli has very keen eyesight, acute hearing,
and fast reflexes. This helps them instantly detect any unusual
activity in your household. Even better, they're naturally wary of strangers. They will immediately inform you of potential
intruders lurking around your home using a Loud bark. ===
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Easily distinguished by its signature white "dreadlocks," the Komondor is essentially
the big brother of the Puli. Much like them, their thick corded coat makes
this breed look a lot like a giant mop. However, don't let its slightly goofy looks
fool you. The Komondor is a large, strong, and courageous
working dog that originated in Hungary to Protect property and livestock. They are affectionate with family but reserved
around strangers. You can easily shape its innate desire to
protect with a well-structured training program. Socialization is essential to help expose
this breed to different situations, so they Know what to do and when. ​Moreover, because they were traditionally
used to protect flocks of sheep, the Komondor Possesses a natural guard dog ability that's
easy to cultivate. They are an active, courageous, and loyal
breed well known for their dignity and strength. If properly trained in obedience, this breed
makes a brilliant family pet and an outstandingly Devoted guard dog. Dog number 6: The Rhodesian Ridgeback
The Rhodesian ridgeback, sometimes referred To as the African Lion Hound, is a native
of South Africa. As their nickname suggests, these powerfully
built dogs were first bred to take on the Task of hunting lions! This is a dog breed with a strong prey drive
and tends to be quite independent in nature. That can be a good thing for a guard dog as
they will happily patrol a property without Needing direction from their owners. Ridgebacks are also naturally protective of
children and of other household members.

They are excellent natural watchdogs and are
known for being very selective in their barking, So it needs to be taken seriously when a Ridgeback
does bark. This breed hardly needs any training to be
effective; In fact, traditional security training Can actually heighten their protection instincts
too much, creating other issues. However, basic obedience exercises are still
essential to give them structure and get them Used to following your commands. All in all, Rhodesian ridgebacks make fantastic
guard dogs for any home. Dog number 7: The Bullmastiff
Well known for their physical strength, natural Protection instincts, courageousness, and
intense family loyalty, the Bullmastiff has Long been among the best guard dog breeds. Gamekeepers initially developed this devoted
and brave dog to protect their game from poachers. The aggressively blockish looks of this large
dog can, on its own, be very intimidating To intruders. In actuality, they are usually very affectionate
towards their family and make excellent companions. Yet the Bullmastiff is above all a born protector;
they do need structured training to reinforce Their natural guarding instincts but will
be alert and ready no matter what. If an intruder manages to get onto the premises,
a Bullmastiff will typically use their great Strength to knock them flat or block their
path. Their heavily muscled frame and thick hide
also make them very resistant to attacks, So they can even hold their own against armed
miscreants with ease. Dog number 8: The Rottweiler
Bred initially by the Romans as cattle-protecting Dogs, Rottweilers are physically powerful
and possess one of the most impressive barks Out there. They are known to be uncompromising protectors
of their pack and are, in many ways, the quintessential Guard dog. Fearless and with an intimidating physical
appearance, they can ward off the most determined Thieves. What's more, they are smart enough to determine
what is and what is not a threat and then React accordingly. These dogs are incredibly loyal to their owners
and known to be pretty aloof with strangers Until properly introduced to them. This breed can go from a big goofy lovebug
one moment to an intimidating defender the Next. The intelligence of this breed also makes
them quite easy to train too.

Lastly, Rottweilers are naturally bold and
brave dogs that will never back down from Any confrontation, so when it comes to protecting
your family, they are undeniably an excellent Choice. ===
What breed do you think makes the best Guard Dog? Let us know in the comments and share your
thoughts with other enthusiasts! === Dog number 9: The German Shepherd
Thanks to their powerful build and quickness To learn commands, German Shepherds make outstanding
protection dogs. This breed usually takes to being a guard
dog naturally and is very obedient to commands. They are natural watchdogs, and their bark
is sufficient to alert you to anything unusual. Plus, the alarm they set up is also an excellent
deterrent too. They are bold, confident and fearless dogs
which is why they are so favored as police Or military working dogs. It is worth noting that they still need socialization
to avoid fearfulness and nervousness. Yet, in general, these dogs have a calm demeanor
when in a household but will react instantly Whenever their household or territory is threatened. This breed also has a deep sense of unwavering
loyalty toward its family members, and once Trained, their ability to guard will be unshakable. Dog number 10: The Dobermann
If you are trying to protect an extensive Piece of property, then a Doberman pinscher
is the guard dog for you. They are an athletic breed of large, elegant
dogs that are well known for their highly Trainable natures. This breed is one of the only to be specifically
bred as a guard dog for humans. They originated in Germany, where Louis Doberman,
a tax collector, wanted to create an impressive Hound that could assist and protect him while
he worked. This breed is incredibly fast and can reach
an intruder in a short amount of time. Known as one of the smartest dog breeds in
the world, Dobermans are fearless, alert, And loyal. With their family, they are affectionate,
docile, and even goofy. Most are not even hesitant towards strangers
unless they sense danger. Yet Dobermans often do an exceptional job
of guarding with little to no formal training. But with a structured training program, you
can hone their protection skills and turn A Doberman into the best guard dog in the

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