Top 10 Most Obedient Dogs

The top 10 Most Obedient Dogs!
What makes a dog breed Obedient? It   Often depends on what you want them to do and 
what they were originally bred for. Some dogs   Excel at learning commands, while others 
tend to work more independently. The major   Difference between an intelligent dog and an 
obedient one is which one wants to please you.   A dog that is simply smart may be 
stubborn or go off and do its own thing.
  Most dog breeds that tend to excel at obedience 
often have a good balance of intelligence,   Enthusiasm for learning and 
an eagerness to please.
  Many of these dogs strongly desire to 
perform activities and are very motivated   By positive reinforcement and treats. Others have naturally strong work ethics   That help them to focus on training.
Our video today showcases 10 dogs who   Can demonstrate the ability to obediently 
perform a wide variety of tasks.
  Dog number 1: The Havanese! These little dogs may not be   The first that come to mind when you think of 
obedience, but they're generally a friendly,   Adaptable, and intelligent dog breed. Most importantly, they are also known for   Being much easier to train than 
many other small dog breeds.   Their obedience is obvious when 
compared to the likes of chihuahuas   That overall can be quite headstrong at times. The Havanese are typically very attentive and   Eager to please during training, especially when 
they are given lots of positive reinforcement.   This breed's responsiveness and trainability 
also make it a regular competitor in both   Dog sports and obedience trials.
Dog number 2: The Springer Spaniel!
  If you're looking for a dog that 
has boundless energy, enthusiasm,   And a genuine desire to please, the springer 
spaniel may just tick a lot of boxes for you.   This busy and jovial breed has a constantly 
wagging tail and loves having a job to do. They   Also have excellent retrieval skills 
and an incredibly sensitive nose.   It's their natural instincts and 
ability to follow directions that   Gets them the job as drug and bomb-sniffing 
dogs and ensure they excel in dog sports.   This breed does have a slightly crazy 
streak though, and is best suited to an   Active household where they'll get plenty 
of exercise; otherwise their obedience   Could come into question.
Dog number 3: The Doberman Pinscher!
  Sleek and powerful, possessing both a magnificent 
physique and keen intelligence, the Doberman   Pinscher is one of dogkind's noblemen. This 
incomparably fearless and vigilant breed stands   Proudly among the world's finest guard dogs.
Interestingly enough, Doberman Pinschers were   Originally developed as protection for tax 
collectors. Today they retain their protective   Instincts and possess an intuitive 
sense about who is a friend or foe.  

This is a very serious yet sensitive and 
intelligent dog who always wants to please   Its owner. That makes them very trainable, 
and a well-conditioned Doberman on patrol   Will obediently follow commands to effortlessly 
deter all but the most foolish intruder.   Dog number 4: The Rottweiler!
Considered to be one of the oldest   Surviving dog breeds dating back to Roman times, 
the Rottweiler was originally bred to guard and   Herd cattle. So it's no wonder that obedience 
is in their nature even after all these years.   These days they are another one of the German 
"I-Can-Do-Anything-You-Need-Just-Ask!" breeds.   Rottweilers excel in many canine sports, and the 
breed works very well with a human partner in   Many functional roles. They are generally less 
sensitive and more stolid than the Doberman,   But nonetheless have a variety of additional 
skills that make them ideal as watchdogs. This   Is such a powerful breed that they need to 
be very obedient, and indeed they are.
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  Dog number 5: The Poodle!
Much of the poodle's popularity   Can be easily attributed to its elegant and 
refined look. However, this breed is also   Rather intelligent and always eager to please. They were used initially by wildfowl hunters to   Retrieve game from water, a task that 
requires obedience to prevent the dog   From simply running off with the prey. The smaller varieties of the breed were   Bred in France, where they were commonly 
trained as circus performers, but since   Then have become popular companion dogs. Poodles are typically devoted to their owners,   And they love to learn. As long 
as you keep training fun for them,   They can be experts at learning complex tricks. 
Their natural athleticism also means they can   Excel at dog sports, such as agility and tend to 
do well with all kinds of obedience training.
  Dog number 6: The Labrador Retriever!
America's favorite breed is understandably   One of the most trainable. Adept at obedience and 
anything to do with water, this friendly family   Member really excels at his ancestral duty: 
retrieving ducks. Retrieving is a complex job;   It's more than just fetch and requires many 
weeks of training before a dog can even begin.
  At breed field trials the world over, it's the 
Labrador who comes away with the top scores.   Labrador retrievers share many characteristics 
with golden retrievers and are often trained as   Service dogs because of their smarts, enthusiasm, 
and calm and gentle nature. Food rewards also   Work wonders with Labs during training. Just 
make sure to keep portions under control as   Labs are prone to obesity.
Dog number 7: The Shetland Sheepdog

All sheepdogs are smart and highly trainable. But 
Shelties seem more attached to their owners than   To their jobs, and that gives them a big edge over 
most other herding breeds. Always eager to please,   The Sheltie can happily handle any job 
you give them. They are still today one   Of the most skilled herding dogs in the world. While they always take their work very seriously   In the field, they also make excellent companion 
dogs. Their natural obedience is also combined   With great intelligence; the Sheltie can learn a 
new basic command with less than 5 repetitions!   This means it will only take a few minutes for the 
dog to learn something completely new.
  Dog number 8: The Australian Shepherd
Another herding breed now, which shouldn't   Be surprising since herding requires a large 
number of problem-solving skills combined with the   Ability to listen to and obey the handler. Besides 
working as herding animals, Aussies serve as   Police dogs, narcotics detectors and competitors 
in obedience trials. Aussies consistently win at   High levels in obedience, agility, and all kinds 
of games. These athletic dogs were bred to work,   While their endless spirit and responsiveness 
make them genetically ready to obey.   As lean, tough ranch dogs, they are often fixtures 
on the rodeo circuit and are closely associated   With the cowboy life as agile livestock movers. 
If you're looking for a brainy, tireless, and   Trainable partner for work or sport, your search 
might end here, yet it is worth noting that their   Strong work ethic can be a challenge for those who 
are not experienced in obedience training.   ===
What breed   Of dog do you think is the most obedient? Let us know in the comments and share your   Thoughts with other enthusiasts!
  Dog number 9: The Border Collie!
No list of hotshot dogs can omit   The Border Collie. It takes a massive 
amount of intelligence and training,   As well as incredible agility, to herd sheep, 
and the Border is the world's premier sheepdog.   Now that not all owners are shepherds with huge 
flocks to manage, the Border Collie has turned   Its eye toward excelling at agility, obedience, 
and other all-around smart cookie activities.   Border collies are often viewed as one of the 
most intelligent dog breeds. Their smarts,   Combined with the fact that they are quick 
to learn and very in tune with their humans,   Make them extremely obedient dogs. They also have 
a strong work ethic and thrive when given a job to   Do. But while they can be easy to train, they need 
lots of mental enrichment to prevent boredom.
  Dog number 10: The German Shepherd!
The German Shepherd is yet another   Highly intelligent dog that was bred to be 
responsive. This extraordinary dog makes it   To the top spot on our list for several 
reasons. While perhaps lacking the sheer   Brilliance and problem-solving ability of the 
Border Collie or cleverness of the Poodle,   The German Shepherd Dog has no peer in versatility 
and obedience. No other breed is a herding dog,  

Drug dog, attack dog, guide dog for the blind, 
and movie star. You don't see Poodles herding   Sheep or Border Collies guarding military 
installations. The German Shepherd is able to   Do it all because they are so good at following 
orders. They combine steadiness of temper,   Firmness of purpose, and unswerving loyalty, 
making them the most obedient dog in the world.

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