Top 10 Russian Dog Breeds


We all know how adorable the Russian dog breeds are they’re multi-talented and are perfect for those who live in colder places, but not all the Russian breeds do well in those places. Russian breeds not just only make a perfect watchdog, but several breeds make a perfect lap dog too.

So, whatever your reason to own a Russian breed, we will help you sort out things and find a perfect match for you.

Siberian husky

Number 1 is Siberian husky. When we talk about Russian dog breeds, the very first thing that comes to our mind is Siberian husky. They are very energetic, intelligent and, more importantly, mischievous. They may not form your lap dog, but they are very loyal companions. One of the most important things that make them look. Adorable is their round blue eyes.

They are very energetic and enjoy an active lifestyle. They love to run around the house all the time. They do not intentionally harm children, but it can happen accidentally as they are a very active breed. They are easy to train, but only with positive reinforcement. Any harsh treatment can make them stubborn.


Number 2 is Samoyed. At number 2 we have a very calm, affectionate and adaptable breed the Samoyed. They’re very friendly and gentle dogs plus, if you want to own them, you have to get used to their hair sticking to your clothes as they shed a lot. They require open space and, if you own a lawn, this could be a perfect match for you. They are cold, weathered dogs and cannot tolerate much heat. They are super friendly with kids and strangers and, along with that, they are very sensitive too and need to be pampered. Like your child, he loves chasing small animals, so he shouldn’t be allowed off leash when outdoors.

Black Russian Terrier

Number three black Russian terrier moving down the list. We have the black Russian terrier, they are smart, obedient and powerful breeds. They are the most hardworking dogs known for their ability to perform any possible work, even in the harshest weather of Russia. They have a very lively nature, so they require a lot of physical work and exercising to keep them going all the time.

Apart from this, they are very people, oriented dogs who obey their owners and are very gentle with the children. They make wonderful watchdogs. They are very sensitive dogs, not so friendly towards strangers. They are very easy to train and when they’re with their loved ones, they are very calm and affectionate.

Caucasian Shepherd

Number four Caucasian shepherd. Now we have the giant, spirited and friendly Caucasian shepherd in the list. They have originated from the southern part of Russia, the Caucasus mountains, and that is where they have derived their name from this breed is very huge and is named as a brave guardian. They understand their jobs inside and outside the house, despite being intelligent.

They are very stubborn and independent dogs and could be difficult to train, so an experienced trainer is required to train them from an early age. They are not recommended for novice owners and for them who live in an apartment and have small kids. Otherwise, they are very loyal, companion dogs.

East European Shepherd

Number five east European shepherd very athletic, smart and courageous. We have the east European shepherd in the list. This breed resembles a German shepherd and is generally used by Russian police to fetch the wrongdoers, which makes them a good guard dog. They are very confident, brave and hard-working dogs that can adapt to any condition and they require an excessive amount of exercise.

They are very intelligent and only a well-experienced trainer can train them. They always follow their owners instructions and are very obedient dogs. They love chasing animals, so shouldn’t be allowed off leash when outdoors. If you have kids, they both should be kept under proper supervision.

Franzuskaya Bolonka

Number six Franzuskaya Bolonka moving down the list. We have a very sociable, active and cheerful the Franzuskaya Bolonka, unlike other above listed breeds. It is a well-suited, lap dog that loves to be around his loved ones. They are super intelligent with balanced temper and they are very affectionate and kind to their owners and they are very friendly with other dogs and strangers well-suited for the family with kids. They never sit quiet at home and keep running all the time and they love playing outdoors and become cheerful when around other pets. They may not be a good watchdog, but can alert you in the presence of any danger.

Moscow Watchdog

Moscow watchdog at number 7, we have a Russian cousin of Saint Bernard, the Moscow watchdog. They’re crossbred of saint Bernard and Caucasian shepherd. They’re very gentle and confident and are huge and possess a massive amount of energy. As the name itself depicts. This breed is a watchdog and requires a lot of physical exercise.

They make a very strong bond with the people they live because of their super protective nature. They protect everyone, they love and will stand to any situation that threatens their family members. If you want to own them, proper training is a must, along with early socializing. It will keep the dog obedient.

Russian Harlequin Hound

Number eight – Russian harlequin hound, and now we have the Russian harlequin hound in the list, which is a crossbreed of Russian hound and an English foxhound. They are a very sociable, active and extremely rare dog breed. They are specially trained to track, wolves and foxes. They are super friendly nature, dogs and early socialization will help them to behave well with other breeds.

They are energetic and active, so they won’t adapt to the apartment living and they would require a lot of physical work outdoors. Apart from that, it is a very loyal breed which loves to spend time with their family and participate in family activities.

Russian Spaniel

Number nine – Russian spaniel at number nine. We have the very cute looking cheerful and lively breed. The Russian spaniel is a mixture of English cocker and springer spaniel. They resemble cocker spaniel, but they have a denser coat. They will serve both the needs. It will be a perfect work dog when needed and will be easy to get along with when at home with the loved ones.

They are very happy and high spirited dogs who love to follow the instructions, and that is the reason they can be a good watchdog too they’re easy to please and they can be trained easily. They behave well when around children.

Russian Toy

Number 10 – Russian toy. at last we have a very delightful intelligent and a perfect lap dog, the Russian toy. They have a smooth and long coat. They don’t make a good watchdog. They are just bred to be in your lap and cuddle with. They have a very playful nature who just keeps on moving from place to place and can trouble you a bit when ignored they just love to get involved with the family, be it playing outdoors or going for a walk.

They would just need your companionship all the time, so when left alone, they can suffer from separation anxiety, they feel happy around kids and other pets so which dog do you think makes the battle of the best Russian dog. That’s completely up to you.

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