Top 10 Search and Rescue Dogs

Top 10 Search and Rescue Dogs!
What makes a dog breed great at search   And rescue operations? If your dog is one of the 
breeds on this list, then they are amongst the   Best Search and Rescue Dogs out there. Most dogs 
have a keen sense of smell compared to us humans,   Which makes them extremely good at finding 
people without the need for visual keys.
  However, some dog breeds are 
better at it than others.   There is no definitive ranking for this because 
different situations call for various skills,   But there are some breeds that are just 
obvious, while others may surprise you.   The best rescue dogs should have a great sense 
of smell, be social, have a strong work ethic,   Must not be scared by loud noises or 
crowds, and need to be easy to train.   Our video today showcases 10 breeds that 
demonstrate the skills and abilities needed   To be the best rescue dogs!
Dog number 1: The Saint Bernard
  When you first think of search and rescue dogs, 
these gentle giants often come to mind. While they   Don't usually have that stereotypical barrel 
of brandy on their collars, the St. Bernard   Remains the original avalanche rescue dog.
This breed has thick muscles and even thicker   Coats that help protect them from the fierce 
blizzards common to the region in the alps where   They are from. A long time before Beethoven 
drooled his way onto the big screen, St.   Bernard dogs were already famous for an entirely 
different reason: saving lives! This is because,   Since the early 18th century, monks lived 
in the snowy and dangerous St. Bernard Pass,   A pilgrim route through the Alps between Italy 
and Switzerland. These monks often kept large   Mountain canines to help them undertake 
rescue missions after bad snowstorms.   Over a span of about 200 years, over 2,000 people, 
ranging from lost children to Napoleon's soldiers,   Were rescued from avalanches and blizzards thanks 
to these heroic dogs' and their uncanny sense of   Direction and resistance to cold. They eventually 
became an official breed and were named after the   Pass and are still bred in a village nearby 
today! So if you are ever unfortunate enough   To be trapped in a snow drift, you might just 
find one of these dogs saving your life!
  Dog number 2: The Belgian Shepherd
Although they are often confused with other   Breeds, the history of the Belgian sheepdog can 
be directly traced back to the Belgian pastures   Of the late 19th century. As their name suggests, 
these dogs originally helped with herding tasks.   But because they are such fast learners and hard 
workers, they quickly landed other kinds of jobs   During the first decade of the 20th century.
They even served during both World Wars as   Messengers, Red Cross dogs, and even defense dogs. 
They would often be tasked with carrying canteens   Of water and medical supplies to wounded soldiers 
and would lead medics to unconscious ones.   These dogs are super intelligent and 
quick to learn anything you ask of them,   And they have plenty of energy to boot. They 
are eager to please and highly focused, making  

Them the ideal dogs for police work. Slightly 
morbidly, they are also used as cadaver dogs,   Sniffing out the remains of the recently deceased. 
They are also excellent at scenting and finding   Explosives, drugs, and even cancer. Yet, Belgian 
sheepdogs are most commonly found on many types   Of search and rescue teams worldwide.
Dog number 3: The Labrador Retriever   This breed is found on pretty every list of 
the top dogs for a vast range of activities and   Traits. Not only are these pooches good-natured 
and friendly, but they are also brave,   Intelligent, and can smell a human in need just 
as well as they can their favorite treats.   The sociability aspect of this breed is what makes 
them so suited to the task of search and rescue;   They have a way of calming people down with 
just their presence which is a good trait   To have in any would-be rescuer. With their 
excellent temperament, intelligence, and pure   Willingness to help, this breed is commonly 
used in water rescue and disaster recovery.
  In fact, the most famous example of this was all 
the Labradores that helped search for survivors   After the 9/11 tragedy. So while they may be 
goofy family pets, these dogs can also be serious   Search and rescue aficionados! Dog number 4: The Border Collie
  Famous around the globe for their unmatched sheep 
herding skills, the Border Collie also makes a   Masterful search and rescue dog. With endless 
buckets of energy and an unrelenting work drive,   Border Collies are brilliant search and 
rescue dogs. They are also incredibly   Intelligent and quick-witted dogs, capable of 
puzzle-solving and extreme feats of endurance,   Making them further suited to the task.
Additionally, this medium-sized breed has   A strong, agile body on a lean frame which 
enables them to go places many other breeds   Simply can't reach, such as when they were 
used to help search for survivors beneath   The rubble following hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
When you need a dog that can think independently   And be let off a lead to seek out injured people 
in dangerous environments, the Border Collie is   The go-to dog. ===
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Dog number 5: The Coonhound
  The humble yet courageous Coonhound was first bred 
for fox hunting in the colonial period. This is   Why they are known as such excellent trackers 
capable of following their quarry on land and   Up in trees. This scenting ability, combined 
with a high level of alertness and paired with   Their quick pace, make them brilliant at finding 
people. These dogs can easily pick up a specific   Scent and follow the trail right to its end. There are several different types of Coonhounds,   Yet they are all tremendous scenting dogs 
that are built for both endurance and speed;  

This breed also has the capability to learn 
quickly and follow directions flawlessly. So   Whether you've got a Bluetick or a Redbone 
Coonhound, you will surely have a great   Sniffer on your hands that could make an 
excellent search and rescue dog!
  Dog number 6: The Newfoundland These dogs are arguably the best swimmers   In the canine world and are surprisingly elegant 
and acrobatic in the water despite their large   Size. "Newfies" are really sweet and gentle 
goliaths that were initially bred on their   Native Island of Newfoundland. They were named 
in 1775 by the trader George Cartwright. These   Dogs were bred to work, they were often 
used to help haul fishermen's nets and   Cart wood through the ports, and even back 
then, they served as water rescue dogs.   The Newfoundland is renowned for its incredible 
strength, unwavering loyalty, and love of all   People, particularly children. What's more, 
their webbed feet, almost waterproof coat,   And astonishing endurance make them unmatched 
for water search and rescue operations.   A Newfoundland named Bilbo, that lives in 
Cornwall, England, even works as a lifeguard that   Actively saves swimmers in distress.
Dog number 7: The Springer Spaniel
  Originally bred as a hunting dog, this 
breed has an excellent nose, is obedient,   And is full of boundless energy. This is 
why the Springer Spaniel is often seen   Donning a jacket in search of people or drugs. Because they were initially bred for hunting,   These hounds have endless endurance and 
will happily track and search for hours.
  They are also smart and easy to train, which is 
why you will often see them on the news, working   In the background whenever a disaster occurs, 
as well as in war zones as bomb-sniffing dogs.
  In fact, the International Search And Rescue Team 
has even recognized the bravery of a 10-year-old   Springer Spaniel named Diesel, who traveled 
from the UK to New Zealand in 2011 after a   Devastating earthquake struck Christchurch. 
Diesel was named the Animal of the Year and   Given the accolade at the International Fund 
for Animal Welfare awards for all his work   During the disaster. Dog number 8: The German Shepherd
  Initially bred to be a working dog for herding 
sheep, the versatile German Shepherd has become a   Staple in modern search and rescue. They are often 
deployed as the K9 unit of the police force and   Used for protection and detection in the military. 
The German Shepherd is both brave and fiercely   Loyal, and their intelligence and physical prowess 
allow them to be exemplary urban search and rescue   Dogs. Commonly deployed for cadaver searches, 
many German Shepherds were on ground zero on   9/11. Two famous German Shepherd search and rescue 
dogs that helped recover bodies were Appollo and   Tracker. The German Shepherd may not have as 
many smell sensors as the hounds and hunters,   But they can still quickly scent out a victim and 
have been working with the military and police   For centuries, so they know how to follow 
directions perfectly. Their adaptability,  

Physical prowess, and amazing work ethic are what 
make these dogs such outstanding search and rescue   Canines. ===
  What breed of dog do you think is 
the best at Search and Rescue?   Let us know in the comments and share 
your thoughts with other enthusiasts!
Dog number 9: The Beagle   The smallest of the hound-type dogs, the Beagle, 
is even shorter than a Basset hound yet has just   As many scent receptors and is generally 
more agile. This brave pooch is instantly   Recognizable and has many talents as a working 
dog, including in drug detection. They actually   Have a 90% success rate in detecting contraband, 
so you know their noses are fantastic. One of the   Reasons they do so great in search and rescue 
is because of their desire to please and their   Endurance. The Beagle is able to track and locate 
missing people while covering miles of ground. It   Was a Beagle that found a person trapped under 
rubble for 100 hours in the Haiti earthquake   Disaster of 2010. Beagles also have a unique 
howling bark that's audible over long distances,   Making it easier for human search teams 
to zone in on a location when a survivor   Is found. They may not have the strength of a 
Saint Bernard or the brains of a Border Collie,   But they are undoubtedly one of the best 
search and rescue dogs in the world.
  Dog number 10: The Bloodhound In terms of their natural-born talent,   The Bloodhound is always on top. They 
have the most scent receptors of any dog,   With over 300 million packed into their snouts; 
that's 50 million more than the next best sniffer!   While related to the Basset hound, they are built 
for scenting with a long head, big nostrils,   And long ears to scoop up the scents. In addition, 
they are loyal, intelligent, and easy to train,   As well as persistent with energy that lasts for 
days. These long-faced dogs have actually been   Used to track people since the Middle Ages! 
So it's really no surprise that they make   Absolutely incredible search and rescue dogs.
These friendly and affectionate dogs are always   Willing to follow a scent, no matter how many 
miles it covers. They are amazingly effective   At sniffing out missing people, drugs, and 
even corpses. A Bloodhound named Inspector   Gadget is a well-known and very seasoned search 
and rescue dog that has been awarded the American   Kennel Club Humane Funds Award for all his 
work. He has been deployed dozens of times   In the past decade, assisting in locating 
missing persons all across the Southwest.
  So if you ever find yourself 
lost or in a dangerous situation,   Just know there are plenty of amazing dogs 
out there ready to help find and rescue you!

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