Top 10 Smartest Dogs

The top 10 Smartest Dogs!
What makes a dog breed Smart? If   Your dog happens to be one of the breeds 
in this list, then the chances are they   Are amongst the brightest dogs out there. While they may not be able to do algebra,   The dogs in this list all show 
remarkable learning abilities.
  Pretty much all the dogs on this list are 
descended directly from working dogs. This   Makes sense because breeders would select 
the best dogs performing their jobs. That   Usually means the smartest and most 
trainable ones. In doing so, they   Created breeds with above-average intelligence 
who thrive with good training and exercise.
  These sorts of dogs can be a lot of work. You 
need to ensure they don't get bored with plenty of   Mental stimulation like games, work, training, and 
challenges alongside their regular walks.   Our video today showcases 10 dogs who 
demonstrate the brain power to perform   A wide variety of tasks.
Dog number 1: The Australian cattle dog!
  There's a good reason that people are devoted 
to this rugged breed! These interesting dogs   Are a unique crossbreed of English blue merle 
shepherds and the native Australian dingo.   They are high-energy and hard-working; these 
intelligent dogs thrive in an active home,   Especially when doing intensive sports like 
agility, rally obedience, and herding trials.
  Like other working dogs, heelers are bright and 
motivated. They also need plenty of training and   Exercise to channel all that intelligence.
An Australian cattle dog named Skidboot was   Known for being able to take out the trash, lead 
a horse by a rope, and even perform at rodeos.
  In general, these dogs have an incredible 
work drive, so much so that it is recommended   Owners keep their dogs engaged in work, 
sport, or exercise as they can be quite   Mischievous. These dogs are famous for their 
intelligence and are known to even outsmart   Their owners on occasion!
Dog number 2: The Rottweiler!
  Ancient Roman cattle herders, cart pullers, 
and family guardians, rottweilers are well   Renowned for their gentleness with family 
and friends, as well as for their strength   And bravery in defending them. Yet despite 
their hulking appearance, these dogs also   Have incredible adaptive intelligence. They 
can easily watch you or other dogs to pick   Up on commands or situations. Likewise, 
they can problem-solve and learn from their   Own past to solve difficult problems at hand.
They were one of the first breeds used as guide   Dogs and are still used in some search and rescue 
missions. When it comes to brains and brawn,   Nothing beats the Rottweiler!
Dog number 3: The English Springer Spaniel!
  When it comes to dogs with endless 
reserves of energy, smarts, enthusiasm,   And a genuine desire to please, the springer 
spaniel may just tick all the right boxes.   This busy and jovial breed has a constantly 
wagging tail and loves having a job to do. They  

Also have excellent retrieval skills 
and an incredibly sensitive nose.   It's their natural instincts and 
ability to follow directions that   Gets them the job as drug and bomb-sniffing 
dogs and ensure they excel in dog sports.   This breed does have a slightly crazy 
streak though, and is best suited   To an active household where they'll get 
plenty of exercise and mental stimulation;   Otherwise they can get destructive. Dog number 4: The Labrador retriever!
  The Labrador retriever has been the most 
popular dog breed in the U.S. for a long   Time and it's easy to see why. Named for the 
cold waters off Newfoundland where they were   First bred. This dog has a short thick coat, 
webbed feet, and a heavy tail paired with   Great intelligence to help them swim long 
distances in cold water to track down water   Birds and predict where they will land.
This friendly family member really excels   At his ancestral duty: retrieving 
ducks. Retrieving is a complex job;   It's more than just fetch and requires many 
weeks of training before a dog can even begin.
  At breed field trials the world over, it's the 
Labrador who comes away with the top scores.   Labrador retrievers share many characteristics 
with golden retrievers and are often trained   As service dogs because of their smarts, 
enthusiasm, and calm and gentle nature.
  In addition to their hunting prowess, Labs 
are popular favorites for canine water rescue,   Therapy work, and assistance dog training and 
excel in the canine sport of dock jumping.
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  Dog number 5: The Shetland sheepdog!
The Shetland sheepdog may look just like a   Miniature collie, but they started out as a local 
variant of the Icelandic sheepdog found in the   Shetland Islands. These small dogs were then bred 
into rough collies to create this unique breed.
  Playful and energetic, the sheltie is equally 
at home working on the farm or in the 'burbs,   Showing off in agility, flyball, and 
obedience. Their herding skill is undeniable,   But they are also good guard dogs as they 
bark and are wary of strangers. These dogs   Are well-known for their intelligence and seem 
more attached to their owners than to their jobs,   And that gives them a significant edge over 
most other herding breeds as it means they   Are unlikely to just go off and do their own 
thing. Always eager to please, the Sheltie can   Happily handle any job you give them.
Dog number 6: The Doberman pinscher!
  The noble looking Doberman was initially bred by a 
German tax collector for protection on his rounds.   In WWII, they were trained to guard sleeping 
troops, lead soldiers through the jungle, and give  

Warning barks if enemies were hiding close by.
This is a very serious yet sensitive and   Intelligent dog who always wants to please 
its owner. Modern Dobermans are far less   Aggressive than their ancestors and make 
excellent family dogs that love to play.   They still have a powerful build and are renowned 
for their loyalty, fearlessness, and ability to   Tell friends from foes. This all makes them 
one of the most recognized guard dogs. Their   Intelligence also means they are very trainable, 
and a well-conditioned Doberman on patrol will   Obediently follow commands to effortlessly deter 
all but the most foolish intruder.
  Dog number 7: The Golden retriever!
Don't let their goofiness trick you;   These dogs are easy to train and quickly pick 
up on human emotions. You might be surprised   To know that according to recent studies, they're 
actually about as smart as a 2 and half-year-old   Human and can learn over 165 words! Originally 
hailing from Scotland, this popular dog breed   Was started in 1865 from a lone yellow pup 
in a litter of black wavy-coated retrievers,   Crossbred with a local water spaniel by Lord 
Tweedmouth of Guisachan. Like the Labradores we   Looked at earlier, this gorgeous, friendly breed 
still excels in retrieving, as well as agility,   Obedience, and as service dogs. But their 
favorite job is being the family pet. Many   People love this dog breed because they're highly 
trainable and have loving personalities.
  Dog number 8: The German shepherd!
The German shepherd was standardized by   Breeder Captain Max von Stephanitz in 1889 
with a goal of "utility and intelligence."   The modern German shepherd dog is well-known 
for its ability to learn commands for many   Different tasks—which is one reason why these 
beloved dogs rate so high in intelligence.
  German shepherds are known for athleticism, 
loyalty, and confidence and can be   Wonderful family dogs, skilled herders, 
military canines, and assistance dogs.
  These dogs can learn new behavior 
with just a few repetitions.   What's more, they have a legendary desire to 
cooperate and work with humans, a trait many see   As a wish to please their owners. It is no wonder 
this breed excels at so many activities and is   Often a top Obedience competitor. ===
  What breed of dog do you think is the smartest? Let us know in the comments and share your   Thoughts with other enthusiasts!
  Dog number 9: The Poodle!
More than just a foofoo haircut,   Poodles consistently land on the list of 
smartest dog breeds. This intelligent dog   Was originally bred in Germany for bird hunting 
and water retrieving. Their history includes many   Occupations and locales, from herding sheep to 
crossing the battlefield to bringing supplies to   The wounded to the performing arts. These hunting 
dogs are remarkable for their loving nature,   Trainable intelligence, and sense of humor. 
The standard, miniature, and toy poodles are  

All highly athletic, intelligent, and trainable 
dogs. Their great intelligence and eagerness   To please make them fantastic service dogs. Poodles are often also employed as guide dogs,   Assistance dogs for people with other 
physical disabilities, and therapy dogs.   Additionally, they've even been utilized 
as truffle hunters due to their keen noses   And as circus performers thanks to their 
quickness at learning tricks.   Dog number 10: The Border collie!
And finally, no list of the smartest   Dog breeds would be complete without a mention 
of this smart and handsome dog. Originally known   As the "Scotch sheepdog," the border collie hails 
from the highland border of England and Scotland.
  Bred to think independently and at long 
distances from human shepherds, they   Have the problem-solving intelligence and strong 
working drive to maintain control of the flock.   In fact, this trait is so instinctive even 
untrained border collies will attempt to   Herd other animals and children if left 
to their own devices. There's even a   Story of one young pup herding a flock 
of sheep into their owner's kitchen!
  Now that not all owners are shepherds with huge 
flocks to manage, the Border Collie has turned   Its eye toward excelling at agility, obedience, 
and other all-around smart cookie activities.   Border collies are often viewed as one of the 
most intelligent dog breeds. Their smarts,   Combined with the fact that they are quick 
to learn and very in tune with their humans,   Make them extremely adaptable dogs. They also have 
a strong work ethic and thrive when given a job to   Do. But while they can be easy to train, they need 
lots of mental enrichment to prevent boredom.   Chaser, the dog who knows 1,022 toys by name, 
is a fantastic example of the intelligence of   Her breed. But just go to any sheep farm 
and watch one of these dogs expertly herd   A flock of hundreds through a gateway and 
you'll quickly see just how smart they are.

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