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If you have children and desire a best dog breed as a pet, you may wonder which dog breed to buy or adopt. It is important to keep in mind both your children’s age and temperament when doing this.

As well as being the best playmates anyone could ask for, dogs can teach children responsibility, compassion, and collaboration. Well. Today, you will have a deep understanding of the top 15 best dog breeds for kids.

You and your youngster will also benefit from learning how to engage with animals safely and courteously, so make sure you read to the end.

15 – Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Although they are not the bravest guard dogs, labradors are dedicated sociable and intelligent, always willing to assist and incredibly easy to train because of their capacity to learn fast.

Labs are ideal for dealing with adults with special needs and tiny children, whom other more aggressive breeds may not regard as a gentle pack. Members who need to be cared for and played with as labs do.

Labrador Retrievers are happy-go-lucky canines, who, like children, will love you and your family unconditionally.

14 – German Shepherd

German Shepherd

German shepherds may not be as childish as labrador retrievers, which seldom mature, but these dogs offer something else to the table: they’re incredibly loyal and wonderful protection dogs. You can rely on your German shepherd to keep an eye on your youngster and tell you if any danger approaches.

A German shepherd, especially if the two were puppies together might help an older youngster feel comfortable while they walk their dog around the park.

13 – Beagle


Beagles may have only lately hit the mainstream compared to some of the other dogs on our list, but they are still wonderful dogs to have around youngsters.

Beagles, who are maintained as family pets, rather than hunting dogs like playing with other members of their pack, such as your family.

Beagles are incredibly sociable and gregarious, which is why they make excellent companions for youngsters. They consider everyone to be their best friend and because they’re little and good-natured they may be maintained in small areas if they have their people to adore them.

12 – Golden retriever

Golden retriever

Despite their size, Golden retrievers like some of the other dogs you will see here, are exceptionally patient and forgiving of smaller creatures, such as other pets in the house or little children.

Your golden retriever loves you so much that, even if you bring a kid into the house who swiftly grows up and starts riding the dog bouncing twice off his robber’s body, your canine won’t mind and will consider them as a family too.

A golden retriever will be your child’s closest companion, guardian and playmate, as they grow up.

11 – Newfoundland


A Newfoundland is simply a large, loving ball of fur eager to play with youngsters and serve as a nature’s nanny as they’re equaly known. Although Newfoundland is a huge breed that demands plenty of open space, they like to follow their owners everywhere, displaying love and dedication to their owners.

They do shed a lot which may create allergies in youngsters. But if that isn’t an issue they’re just a loving pet, that will keep a careful eye on its pack members, especially if the pap members are tiny children who need a buddy.

10 – Poodle


Poodles are one of the smartest canine breeds. They’re quite easy to train and will obey commands making them appropriate for use around little children. Poodles are loyal, well-natured dogs, who don’t shed as much as other breeds and can be wonderful furry buddies for allergy-prone children.

It should be mentioned that the standard poodle makes an excellent family dog. However, tiny and toy poodles may not be the greatest choice owing to their restless and tense personalities.

9 – Collie


Although today’s youngsters may not be as acquainted with lassie as their parents, it Collie makes a fantastic family pet due to its protective instincts, combined with a lively demeanor that will keep children safe and delighted.

Collies are obedient, clever and readily trained and they are eager to please so even tiny children may train them.

Collies are always attentive, ready to meet danger if necessary, and maybe an excellent kid defender.

8 – Pug


Pugs, like beagles, are incredibly gregarious dogs, who feel everyone is their best buddy. Pugs adore all humans, huge or tiny, just as they don’t distinguish between small and large canines and would attempt to play with a toy dog just as they would with a great dane. Pugs are highly devoted and will follow their owners wherever they go and do anything they do, including their offspring.

7 – Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards, another fuzzy bundle of boundless joy and excitement, are an excellent family pet and friend for youngsters since they love to play, get messy, get wet and just be active because they are so large.

Saint Bernards require a lot of areas; they also need to be trained, staying idle, Bernards aren’t and they enjoy being the center of attention, so they will keep youngsters engaged if they want to play in the first place.

One thing to keep in mind is that Saint Bernards aren’t very mindful of their size, so they may not be the greatest dog for very little children, but school-age children will find this breed attractive.

6 – Basset hound

Basset hound

Basset hound may appear to be another interloper on our list, but due to their kind disposition, these dogs are excellent with youngsters. Basset hounds will never be aggressive or try to control their group.

To put it another way, whatever you want to do, your basset hound is up for it. This dog breed is extremely dedicated to its people, particularly to youngsters with whom it grows up and spends a lot of time.

5 – Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

These little canines are extremely gregarious and like human contact of all shapes and sizes. The Bichon Frise has lots of energy to keep up with the youngster, and they don’t shed much something that parents will love.

These dogs are polite and tolerant of the people. They love it and they will also welcome and accept their pals as their own. So your youngster will have plenty of playdates due to this tiny puppy.

The Bichon Frise likes to please you and make you happy. Therefore, he will frequently behave like a fool to keep you and your children entertained.

4 – Shar Pei

Shar Pei

This is a large-breasted dog that makes an excellent family dog. They are slick like playing and have a sense of how to behave.

Chinese Shar Pei if socialized at a young age enjoys being a devoted companion to his family and is exceedingly loyal. While Shar Pei has distinct barking patterns and may appear to be menacing, it does not fall into the group of aggressive dogs.

They have difficulty trusting others and proprietors must not be shocked if Shar Pei does not approach their friends.

3 – Irish setter

Irish setter

Irish setters get along well with youngsters and other dogs, and they will eagerly greet guests. Although they get along well with home pets, small animals may pose a difficulty for this species because it is a hunting breed.

This dog breed isn’t widely recognized in some parts of the world, yet it is excellent, and this is a good choice for the family dog. This breed has a long hair coat a lot of energy and a lot of loyalty.

2 – Bobtail


Bobtail is one of the canine breeds which may be chosen as a companion for your children. They’re naturally cool and well-natured and they’re capable of surprising others.

These canines demand additional attention. They get along nicely with youngsters, as well as other pets. They make great household cats, since they are sociable and energetic. American Bobtails tend to get friendly with their members right away.

1- Bulldog


One of the most agreeable low support canine varieties for youngsters the bulldog is quiet, kind and cordial.

You know a bulldog when you see one and despite their size, this family canine may attempt to snuggle in your lap. Bulldogs were appropriate to live in the city or in suburbia.

So, what is your take on the top 15 best dog breeds for kids?

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