TOP 5 Best Wireless Dog Fences to own in 2023

The PePetSafe Stay and Play?! The SportDOG Brand SDF-100C or Pet Control
HQ Pet Containment System? Perhaps the Extreme Dog Fence Ultimate or
the Wagz Freedom? Which one should you buy?! In this video, we are going to look at the
top Wireless Dog Fences available on the market Today and tell you which one is best for you! We made this list based on our own opinions,
research, and customer reviews. We've considered their quality, features,
and values when narrowing down the best choices Possible. If you want more information and updated pricing
on the products mentioned, be sure to check The links in the description box below. So, here are the top Wireless Dog Fences
The fifth product on this list is the Pet Control HQ Pet Containment System. No dog owner ever wants to get home after
a stressful day only to discover that their Furry friend has run away. Being a pet parent to dog breeds that are
most likely to run away or get lost demands That you take utmost precautions to ensure
they don't wander off while you are not there. One way to achieve this is by investing in
a wireless dog fence like the Pet Control HQ Pet containment system. This product acts as a training solution to
keep your dog safe and stop them from digging Up plants or disturbing the neighbors, as
it provides custom coverage both above and Under the ground. You can choose whether or not you want the
wired electric fence system to be visible By installing it above or under the ground
in your yard. Irrespective of where you install it, the
wire is durable and can withstand different Weather conditions. Paired with this wired fence is a vibration
and shock collar system that you wear on your Dog. As the name states, this collar provides humane
vibration to your dog when they wander close To the fence system, alerting them to stay
away. Using the included wireless remote, you can
choose from ten levels of vibration and shock Intensity, according to the size of your dog,
to call them to order. The vibrations last for less than 10 seconds
so that they don't harm the dog in any way. Not only does this keep your dog in your yard,
but it also serves as a training system to

Stop their stubborn and nuisance behavior. Some pet parents are even using it as bark
training to stop their dogs from barking constantly. Like the normal dog collar, this unit is lightweight
and has an adjustable design to fit different Dog neck sizes ranging between 8 and 27 inches. We like that the remote can control up to
three separate collars so if you have three Dogs, you can just buy two extra collars and
use the remote to control all three. Furthermore, the collar operates on rechargeable
batteries, which last for about 3 to 7 days- Depending on how frequently the shock and
vibration features are used- and takes less Than four hours to recharge fully. Its pros are:
* It can be installed above or under the ground * The included remote can control up to three
collars independently; and * The collar has an adjustable design. However,
* The vibration may be too mild and short For stubborn dogs. * The Pet Control HQ Pet containment system
is recommended for pet parents who want to Train their dogs better and keep them safe. Up next in fourth place is the Wagz Freedom. Knowing how busy life gets, the last thing
you want to do is wonder whether or not your Dog will be home when you get back from work
or wherever. Thankfully, solutions like the Wagz Freedom
smart dog collar makes this possible. This is a shock-free collar that uses audible,
ultrasonic, and vibrations corrections to Contain and train your dog. Instead of a wired fence, you can create geofences
and keep-out zones for your dog via the Wagz App. This means you get a lot of customization
power to limit your dog's movement wherever You both go, and we like this because it is
not limited to use in your home alone. To customize the geofence and off-limits feature,
you must have a strong Wi-Fi signal; preferably, You should use this in areas with sufficient
cell service to ensure consistent connectivity. More impressively, like your smartwatch, this
product is equipped with a GPS tracker which Allows you conveniently track the location
of your dog within 10 feet via the app on Your mobile. On top of that, you can monitor your pets'
activity and wellness, notifying you when Your pets' temperature is too high or low;
however, you need to subscribe to access these Features on the app.

We particularly liked that this product is
water resistant for up to 30 minutes of complete Water immersion. Plus, this unit comes with a boost battery
and an extra removable rechargeable battery, Which when combined gives about 33 to 66 hours
of battery life for indoor pups, 16 to 33 Hours for medium-activity pups, and 11 to
16 hours for outdoor dogs. Its pros are:
* You can customize multiple geofences * The battery lasts longer than a standard
battery; and * It uses vibrations and sounds to bring your
dog to order instead of an electric shock. However,
* The corrections are sometimes delayed, so They may get further than you like, which
can be an issue if your yard is near a road. The Wagz Freedom is perfect for pet parents
committed to training their pups to understand The boundaries. Still haven't found a Wireless Dog Fence that
meets your needs? Well, keep watching because we have more lined
up for you. Meanwhile, if this is your first time visiting
our channel, be sure to subscribe and hit The bell icon to receive notifications of
our next videos. The third product on this list is the PetSafe
Stay and Play. From keeping your pet contained in your yard
to training them, the PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless dog fence is a highly functional
solution that we believe every pet parent Should consider investing in. This unit is designed for stubborn and persistent
dogs that barely listen to or make corrections. Unlike the other three we already discussed,
this product has a tone-only mode and a static Shock intensity in five adjustable levels,
delivering more charge as you increase the Level. So, if you discover that your pet isn't responding
to low shock intensity, you can increase it And bring them back to their senses. Thankfully, despite having more shock intensity,
it remains humane to the dog and wouldn't Cause them harm in any way. It is simply uncomfortable enough to provide
a consequence for undesirable actions. The package comes with a wireless transmitter
which you can install in your home to create A secure barrier around your yard without
digging or burying wires. The transmitter creates a circular boundary
that adjusts up to 3/4 acres that cover up To four acres from where it is installed. Because of its portability, you can easily
carry the transmitter anywhere with access

To a power outlet and use it to create a secure
boundary to keep your pet close to your home. Like the others, the receiver collar also
uses a rechargeable battery that lasts for About three weeks on a single charge and recharges
in two to three hours. Apart from the fact that the collar is rechargeable,
it is waterproof and has an adjustable design To fit different dog neck sizes from 6 to
28 inches. More importantly, you can connect an unlimited
number of collars to the fence system and Adjust their settings individually according
to your dogs' personalities. Its pros are:
* It has more static shock intensity for stubborn And persistent dogs
* You can connect an unlimited number of collars To the fence system; and
* It is portable to carry and use anywhere With a power outlet. However,
* The transmitter has a fairly limited range, So there may be better choices for those with
very large backyards. The PetSafe Stay and Play is suitable for
stubborn dogs who don't respond to the mild Corrections of other fence systems. The second product on this list is the Extreme
Dog Fence Ultimate This next unit provides coverage for up to
10 acres or more, which is better than what Many of its counterparts on this list provide. Aside from the digital transmitter and waterproof
collar, it comes with a heavy-duty boundary Wire, which you bury underground, install
above the ground, add to an existing fence, Or submerge under water. Whatever installation method you opt for,
the wire is durable enough to withstand all Weather. In addition, the package comes with everything
you need to install the system on your own Without hiring a professional. Even though you can connect multiple collars
to the transmitter and adjust their settings Independently, we discovered that the more
collars you connect the lesser the secure Barrier coverage it provides. So if you have a lot of dogs, just be aware
the effectiveness may be reduced. However, we do like that the collar can be
submerged in water up to 10 inches deep for Some minutes without affecting its functionality. And for versatility, the collar has 7 correction
levels and a beep-only level to accommodate A wide range of dog sizes, breeds, personalities,
and temperaments. Its pros are:
* The boundary wire and collar are made from

Heavy-duty materials
* It has a vast coverage area; and * It comes with the necessary tools and hardware
required to install the wired system. However,
* The more collars connected to the fence, The less effective it seems to be The Extreme Dog Fence Ultimate is recommended
for pet owners who want a wireless dog fence System with a larger coverage area. Before we reveal number one, be sure to check
out the description below for the newest deals On each of these items. And, be sure to subscribe if you want to stay
up to date on the best products on the market. Finally, the top Wireless Dog Fence is the
SportDOG SDF-100C. If you have a dog that is determined to chase
critters running into your neighbor's yard Or one that will wander off without looking
back, the SportDog Brand SDF-100C is what You need. As the name implies, this unit is designed
for sports dogs and features three correction Types- static, tone, and vibration. It uses tone and vibration to warn your dog
as it approaches the barrier, and if the dog Continues toward the boundary, it uses static
stimulation to correct it. This unit provides comprehensive coverage,
and the in-ground fence system comes with Enough wires to cover one acre of land but
is expandable to cover up to 100 acres with Additional wires and flags. The collar, which is rechargeable, waterproof,
and submersible up to 25 feet, can fit dogs That weigh 10 pounds and above; plus the fence
system can accommodate an unlimited number Of collars, making this product versatile. Furthermore, the collar uses a rechargeable
battery that reaches full charge in 2 hours And lasts up to two months on a single charge. Also, we like the Anti-linger feature on the
collar that prevents dogs from standing in The warning zone and draining the collar's
battery. So if you want a sleek, high-quality product
to help you keep your dog safe, secure, and Well-behaved, this is the unit for you! Its pros are:
* It comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty * You can add unlimited numbers of the collar
to the system * It is easy to install and can be expanded
to cover 100 acres; and * Both the collar and boundary system can
withstand the toughest weather conditions. However,
* While the collar has quite a lot of adjustment,

It may still be too big for some breeds and
puppies. * The SportDog SDF-100 C is ideal for dog
owners who want a highly effective way to Train and remind their pets to stay close
to home even while they are away. That's all for now. Thanks for watching! If we helped you out in any way, please hit
the like and subscribe button. We'll see you guys in the next videos!

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