Tosa Inu Dog Breed Information


Beautiful fearless and courageous Tosa Inu dog breed is perfect for experienced owners who want to own a fighting dog. The Tosa Inu can be aggressive as well as friendly, dangerous, yet harmless, really unique in its way. Are you considering to buy a Tosa Inu? In this article you will learn everything about the breed based on 8 topics, so you can find out if this dog suits you.

Tosa Inu Dog Breed Origin

Number 1 is origin. It is said that the Tosa Inu was originated in the second half of the 19th century. This rare, beautiful dog is a breed of dog which are of Japanese origin. It was first bred in Tosa Shikoku as a fighting dog. This is the only breed that is legally used in Japan as a fighting dog because it is considered to be a dangerous breed.

In some countries its ownership is restricted, although it is considered a dangerous breed. The origin of this dog makes it very attractive to dog owners in Japan. They are considered an equivalent of sumo wrestlers and are treated with great integrity.

Tosa Inu Dog Breed Character

Number 2 is personality. This is a very self-aware smart and brave dog when it comes to his owner and his family. The Tosa Inu is faithful, affectionate and gentile. His adorable nature makes everyone instantly fall in love with him, but we must say that this breed is not for people who are inexperienced when it comes to dog ownership.

Remember that this dog was bred to be a fighting dog, and because of that it has some aggressive features. You should never keep a Tosa Inu with another dog of the same sex, especially you should keep this type of breed far from cats, as they tend to be predatory towards cats. When it comes to you as an owner, he is gentle and calm, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be predatory towards other pets. You should also be careful when you’re in public spaces with this breed as it can sometimes get aggressive towards strangers.

Tosa Inu Dog Breed Look

Number 3 is the appearance. Inu was bred to be a fighting dog, so one can expect him to be bold, fearless and courageous breed. A Tosa Inu can grow up to 26 inches, which is 63 centimeters and weighs up to 130 pounds, which is 59 kilograms, and even more. The Tosa Inu’s coat has some very attractive features. His coat is short, but at the same time has a smooth appearance. As the coat is tight short and close to the body, this makes it somehow weather resistant for the dog. The colors are usually brindle red or form, but in some cases they can also have a dull black coat.


Number 4 is trainability. This intelligent dog can be easily trained. It only requires dedication and effort from your side. Not only is he intelligent, but he is also eager to learn. The Tosa Inu does remarkably, when it comes to working sports and obedience. As this dog requires a lot of control, it is only suggested for experienced owners. It is okay, if you don’t take your Tosa into obedience classes, but you should look into it in the early stages to avoid any future hardships.

If you notice a strange behavior, then you should take him to obedience and good behavior classes. Requiring assistance from a professional trainer can be invaluable. When it comes to train a young fighting Tosa, you should also consider introducing Tosa to other members of the family by taking them for walks, offering treats and praise.

Time Investment

Number 5 is time investment. If you want to own this type of breed, a large yard would be lovely for it. This type of breed enjoys running and a lot of activity during the day. If you want to have it in your apartment, then you should train it properly. For such a space, you also have to give it a proper space for exercise, as Tosa often can be hyperactive.

If you’re looking to have a companion for your daily jogging or long walk, the Tosa Inu makes a perfect fit, although it needs a good deal of daily exercise, it also loves spending a large number of hours relaxing when talking about grooming. It doesn’t take too much for you to maintain the coat of this dog. only bathing when necessary.

Tosa Inu Dog Breed Best Home

Number 6 sis the best home. These dogs are generally very quiet and obedient they’re well suited for experienced owners, families with children and due to their love for a spacious environment, they’re well suited for the houses with a backyard or a lawn.

They are very loyal and intelligent and are very gentle with the children. But you should not leave your child with them alone or without anyone’s supervision, as they have a fighting nature and it could be triggered if they’re treated roughly. They have a very playful nature and can form a bond with the family members.

Tosa Inu Dog Breed Health

Number 7 is health. They’re generally very healthy dogs. As far as health is concerned, as they are a mortal being and they are also prone to some health issues. They are prone to developing hip dysplasia, gastric torsion or bloat.

The owner should generally take care of its breeding. It should be bred with the correct match if one has to keep them in their natural health, and their genetic condition should be passed on to the proper match in order to avoid the health issues. In order to avoid any other health issues, you should take them for their regular health checkups. The average lifespan of this breed is between 10 to 12 years.

Tosa Inu Dog Breed Cost

Number 8 is cost. The average price of a Tosa Inu puppy varies from 1 800 to two thousand two hundred dollars when it comes to its cost. You should also consider the annual cost of owning such a dog. When you estimate all the money you need to spend on food, toys, grooming, dental care, vaccines, etc. The annual cost varies from five hundred dollars to two thousand dollars for the first year and five hundred to one thousand dollars or more for any other year.

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