Training 3 Things: Come When Called, Leash Walking and Fetch!

Submissive Urination And How To Stop It

Submissive peeing can be an actual issue for numerous dog proprietors and they would like to know exactly how to stop it. You normally see it more in young puppies than older pets and my experience has actually shown that it occurs a lot more frequently with female pups than males.

My Rescue Dog Was Great for Two Weeks

If you have ever before saved a canine you might have claimed this specific same point after you had it 10 – 15 days. Nevertheless don’t be distressed it’s actually normal as well as it does not mean that you got a bad canine, it merely indicates that it is time to start some training.

My Dog Doesn’t Need To Go For Walks

I hear this a bunch. Unfortunately a lot of pet proprietors think because they have a BIG lawn their pet does not require to choose walks. They make sure incorrect in their reasoning. In this article I am going to attempt to dispel that misconception and offer you some responses and also the reasons why it is a myth.

Mommy, Can We Have A Puppy?

If you have a child or youngsters you have heard this concern before unless they are as well young then you will certainly hear it soon. Yep, all kids desire a pet dog yet the inquiry always is when is the correct time to obtain the children a dog. Let’s discuss that here today.

How To Make Sure You Are The Alpha With Your Pack

Being the alpha with your pack does not simply occur by accident it must be prepared. That’s right in order to be the alpha, the pack leader or whatever else you intend to call it is something that you prepare and prepare for. Let’s speak about a few of things that you require to do in order to be the alpha.

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