Training a dog that is not food motivated and has behavioural issues

So you may have a dog that is driving You crazy and has behavioral issues and On top of that is not food motivated and You're using treats to train it and is Not responding to it and you think That's about it I can't do anything with This dog this dog is not trainable Because the only way that you can train A dog is using treats wrong that's the Wrong way of approaching this issue First of all understand that there is Nothing wrong with your dog and there's Nothing wrong with you That is natural and that is normal for a Dog to be not food motivated let's talk About it 99 of dogs are not food Motivated and most dog owners and most Dog trainers and professionals do use Treats because they believe that's the Only way to train dogs and the natural And normal way of training those is Using Treats but natural and normal way Of training dogs is not using treats dog Training using treats has been a Man-made solution it's not that Something that naturally was made and Dogs naturally are not training each Other using treats or food so man-made Solutions are not usually the ideal Solution for something that is natural Your dog is a natural being And you need to approach it naturally What I want to emphasize is the brain Response is not directly to hot dogs

It's to the hand signal that means hot Dogs And you may think well that's not a big Deal it's still hot dogs right and it's No surprise that dogs like hot dogs But it is a big deal because we train This signal it's a symbolic Representation of a hot dog that the dog Has learned and has learned to recognize This meaning now I'm not saying that all Dogs cannot benefit from treats or using Food to train them there are certain Dogs that they usually do well with Treats and there are people who really Enjoy using treats to train these kinds Of dogs so you can go ahead and use Those if you are that type of person and You have a dog who's really food Motivated there is a great Channel Zach George that you can go ahead and watch His videos I'm gonna Link in that Channel in the description but if you're Here because your dog is not food Motivated Let's talk about that so first of all Understand that your dog is a natural Well-being and it's very natural that Your dog is not responding to treats or Food Consider yourself a lucky person a lucky Dog owner who has a natural dog who Wants to connect with you naturally a Real dog owner who has a natural dog who Doesn't respond to treats has a real

Connection with their dogs that's the Key now there are three parts that you Have to consider yourself learning about Dogs and how it affects the training and The behavior of your doubt first of all Is you accepting the fact that there's Nothing wrong with you and your dog Second of all there are two things that You have to improve first is Relationship and second is reward in the Next video I'm gonna dive in deeper and We're going to understand how to improve Those two parts and get into training Your dog without the use of trains so if You are interested and you're getting Value from content like this and you Want to learn more make sure to Subscribe to the channel and hit the Bell icon as well so you will get Notified as soon as I post my next video And for time being watch this video and When that video is ready I'm going to be Posting it right here [Music]

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