Training Dog From Wheelchair – Able and Disable Dog Owner Training

In this video I want to show you how you Can train your dog even when you're Sitting at home or if you are let's say If you're disabled and you're not able To physically get involved with training Your dog so I have her favorite toy and Also I have her on a very long leash so Let's say I want to teach my dog to Bring the toy to me honey Yeah Good girl nope nope First of all the key here is to teach All the basics yes and no so when for Example she has the toy in her mouth and I say no she lets it Go and second of All I want to be able to communicate to Her that that was a good move or just Not a good move don't do it again and All that if I'm sitting I'm gonna have The leash loose and I'm gonna play with Her I'm gonna start the training with Olivia PlayStation so just have the Leash loose just let it go around and Any here Nope Nope Get it here Here good girl so first of all we have To teach the dog that to bring it up for Us and second of all we have to teach The dog to let go so nope Good girl so as soon as I say no she Lets it go I can pet her we can or I can Just verbally praise her good girl then

We're just going to continue on playing And this play is just to get her a Little bit drained out any here Here any here so I'm not picking the the Ball from the floor and I'm asking her To bring here and when she brings it I Said if I have to say no this time She'll let go automatically so I'm gonna Praise her for that good girl go get it So for the first five minutes or so you Are just playing right so any here any Here Nope I need grab it here good girl oh that Was even extra help so nope Nope Nope good girl yes and no here and all That so that we have to address the Basics first of all to make sure that You know our dog knows the basics Any Sit Stay So there's my command of sit and stay And the reward for that would be the Play ball You can use either Play or praise depending on whichever Your dog prefers the most being praised Or played so she likes both of them so I'm going to use both good girl The leash is long enough for her to be Able to go all the way to the end of This room if I throw the ball good girl

Yes she actually figured out that this Is a different position and we are Playing sitting down and she brought it Actually high up to me that was pretty Good good girl and then I can send her Back Sit We can practice it or I can practice lie Down any down Stay There is lie down and stay she's staying Good good girl I'm giving the verbal Praise and I'm gonna do a little bit of Player as well good girl go kitty So again I have the leash nope Good girl yes you see now she got the Point she's bringing it up here Dogs are smart very smart Be underestimate their their ability to Communicate to us clearly good girl if I Have to correct physically in our dog Training system we use both verbal and Physical cues or Corrections or rewards To make sure that our dog learns faster But when it comes to physical correction I'm not saying to get into a boxing Match with your dog it's just using the Leash to correct your dog so usually a Light Correction like that will fix nope Good girl so there you go right so just A physical verbal correction corrected Her in this situation she chose to be Sitting right which is a good option

That she chose I don't mind that you Know automatic said she could have lied Down she could have done anything as Long as she corrects herself good girl Yes Now if I wanna teach heal I'll say Annie Over here heal stay Good girl and then when you're actually Moving or walking you can practice on Hillcrest we're practicing Sit Stay lie Down heal and I'm gonna practice calm as Well so I'm gonna throw the ball and he Go get it Go get it And he come Good girl so on the way back or as They're heading towards the ball or the Toy and you know Good girl ask your dog to come Honeycomb Good girl because their goal is to bring The ball back to you so you can take Advantage of those moments and practice Calm command now I'm gonna put the ball Away and we're gonna practice a little Bit of all these without me moving again And without the ball Any over there Good girl sit Any down stay so there's a Sit down and stay and you come good come On yes good come you can either Encourage this or you can encourage uh The other way any heal

Good girl yes So you can practice heal in here as well You can do a lot of things obviously You're not doing the usual forms of Training because you're in stationery Position things are not going to go Exactly the way you want it but you can At least practice the command and then If you are able to move whether you know By walking or will using your wheelchair Then you can move forward sit Stay so let's pretend that I was on a Wheelchair And I moved forward and I asked my dog To sit and stay over there so I there I Can practice also lying down so this is A distance type of like that any damn Good girl good down yes so we can Practice this can practice come so Annie Come Sit so as soon as she comes instead of Allowing her to jump on me I'm gonna ask Her to sit right away So things like that you can practice Just because I don't have a wheelchair I'm just gonna physically move over There and position her to different Place so any over here Sit Stay but I still have her on leash nope Correction there for moving And breaking the steak man so again I Have put her in the sit and stay Position and then I come back with the

Wheelchair to a different location I Have her on leash and it come Sit Stay so as soon as she comes I ask her To sit and stay obviously I don't have a Wheelchair I'm not able to glide back And forth to move around with this chair So I'm just physically moving you can Place your dog somewhere else and you Can still practice various commands Start the training we play bring that Energy level down and then train it with The toy or the game or the praise that Your dog really loves and then practice Them without the toy being around I hope You enjoyed this video this was my first Time I was trying this I hope it gives You some ideas of what you are capable Of doing actually and what your dog is Capable of doing as well feel free to Ask any questions that you have Regarding this topic if you enjoyed this Video give it a like share as well and Please subscribe to the channel if you Haven't yet until next time have fun With you though [Music] Thank you [Music]

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