Try These Snow Day Indoor Mental Exercises!

[Music] Welcome to theory of pets I'm a Passionate pet owner with a drive to Help others like me uncover the truth About the pet industry and what goes on Behind the scenes so let's say there's a Blizzard or some really cold storm that Comes in and people get snowed in for a Few days and they can't walk their dog Because it is too cold outside Uh what would you say that They should do to keep their dogs Physically and mentally active Yeah so that can be a tough one Um One To note is that physical activity is Super important but mental stimulation Can wear a dog out just as quickly as Physical stimulation so Um you know if you're stuck in a Position where you can't take your dog Out on a walk so you guys can't go to The park is a great opportunity to Freshen up on sit stays and place you Know you can get online and look at some Different tricks you can teach your dog And how to do it Getting different things like puzzle Bowls and puzzle toys instead of just Throwing their food in a bowl making Them work for it Um Uh other things like getting Kong toys

And you know filling them with different Things and then throwing them in the Freezer so they have that kind of mental Stimulation of of working it out Um you know that's that's not going to Completely replace needing that physical Uh outlet but it's definitely gonna help Got it and I I just want to know this Because I use the Kong toy I use the Frozen peanut butter and Kong toy trick Is that the same kind of mental Stimulation as a dog playing with a Puzzle Is that or is that like because to me it Seems like I don't know I I do it because I know She'll be there and she'll just be Really interested because she's very Like unbelievably food driven I'm sure We all are like oh my God my dog's the Most food driven Um but uh so anything with food you know What I was like gonna ask is is the Kong Toy like just kind of lazy mental Stimulation should you be doing treat And reward training versus licking a Kong toy or like kind of putting a Puzzle together yeah no I I would Utilize both Um with the like you mentioned the kind Of treat and reward Um training so working on sits breaking On Downs working on downstairs working On shutting the door or you know what

Have you I didn't not beer there you go Get me beer Um I actually had an Australian Shepherd That I taught to do that and realized it Was a horrible idea because then she Just raided the fridge so she's a little Too smart Um but yeah all of these little toys are Sorry all these little tricks are are Great but Um dogs have a pretty short bandwidth so We typically only recommend you know Five to maybe 10 minute sessions at a Time that's really pushing it before Giving them a little bit of a mental Break Um so having just these short little Sessions throughout the day it's going To keep your dog you know really into The exercise it's gonna help them digest What you're working on uh but it's still Going to give them that mental Stimulation without getting frustrated Got it and you would say that the you Said If you're going to Do some form of mental stimulation mix It up don't just do just don't don't Just do the lazy I mean not it's not Lazy I do it but like don't always just Do don't always default to the Frozen Peanut butter Kong toy yeah do some Reward and treat training do a puzzle Is that what you're saying exactly yep

And I mean the one way to look at it is The the Frozen Kong toy would be like us Sitting down and doing a puzzle you know It's kind of uh passive mental Stimulation but it's entertaining right Like we're we're not bored per se but Then the actual you know let's work on Um capturing different behaviors that Would be like us sitting down and taking A test you know it's a lot more you get Done with it you're like oh man I just Need to go I need to go have a beer I Need to go take a nap you know like You're tired even though you haven't Done anything you haven't picked up a Weight Um and then kind of mixing those two Together will really help keep your dog In a good spot [Music] Thank you Foreign

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