Using TREATS to train your dog might be a HUGE MISTAKE!

If you're using treats to train your dog You're making a huge mistake if your dog Loves to play and you're not using play You're likely missing out on one of the Most effective ways to train your dog Play is a natural and instinctive Behavior for so many dogs and for these Dogs it's essential for their mental Physical and emotional well-being dogs Must be free to behave in ways like this That are natural to them in ways we find Acceptable it's an excellent way to see How your dog expresses emotions as that Information comes in very handy Throughout their life and then you can Use things like a five second game of Tug with your dog where you might Otherwise have been using treats my dog Inertia really likes to play fetch and Frisbee and I've used play to really Teach her how to heal and stay by my Side when you're using play to reinforce Good behavior you're making training Extra fun for your dog the two of you Start to build communication together And even more importantly you build Trust and it is the opposite of other More stressful types of training methods That rely on Force okay Training Retreats is also okay too

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